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Post Elections 2024: Forecasting the Impact on the Indian Stock Market

Indian stock market investors are feeling very stressed before the outcome of Lok sabha Elections 2024. Different people have different view on it. Many 60% to 70% of People are expecting that BJP Government will come up with Majority but 20% to 30% or more people are also expecting that BJP government will not come up with majority in 2024. 

In the Today, article, we will discuss different scenarios in which Indian stock market investors may get clue that what they should do ahead or after Lok sabha elections results.

Please keep this thing in your mind that we are trying to predict that how many seats of BJP Party can win Independently.


 if BJP party will win seats between 304 to 340 seats:

If this happens, then we may see positive opening on and after  4th June after the election outcome, but still, we can say that it will be good to book profit on the higher levels. The reasons I have already mentioned a few times on my website as well as into the Whats-app groups.


if BJP party will win seats between  less than 303 seats of BJP:

In any case, BJP could not win seats above 303, then we may see Flat to slightly positive open, and after that, again, profit booking.


if BJP party will win seats between 340 to 350+:

In any case, if BJP will win independently  win seats above 341 or 350 + then we may see sharp rally into the market till mid or end of the June month and that rally will be the last opportunity  for short to medium term investors for booking profit in the market.

Worst Scenario(4): 

if BJP party will win seats less than 270 seats of BJP:

In this case, we will see sharp selling into the Indian stock market, i.e., 10% to 15% correction or may be more than 15%.

Which factors will go against BJP government in Lok Sabha election 2024 Results?

In 2024 lok sabha elections, people have given their voting on the basis of last 10 years of performance of Modi government. Many factors like 

  1. Agriculture bill,
  2. Higher inflation
  3. Higher percentage of Unemployment
  4. Extra benefits to few Business houses in India
  5. No benefits to Central government employees

 these all factors may go against to BJP Party and it may reduce their voting percentage & reduce the seats in many states. Therefore, we can say that lok sabha election 2024, it is not going to easy win for Modi Government. Still if Modi Government win this election then They have to focus more on these issues and try their level best to resolve these issues. It is very important to keep in your mind that if BJP+ NDA makes government in India then it is going to be 3rd time when shri Naredra Modi will become Indian prime minister.

What should investors & traders do after Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Results?

It is very difficult to give 100% advice before elections outcome but still we will try to give clear view to our website viewers that what Investors should do in the Indian stock market with their portfolio's 

One may carry 30% to 40% positions for 4th June if he/she has risk-taking ability. Instead, to carry 0  stock in your portfolio, it's better to carry 2 or 3 Max  fundamentally stocks into your portfolio.

Lok sabha Elections 2024 outcome is not the end of the Indian stock market. Don't forget this thing. In this year 2024, we will get many chances to take entry into the stocks at better valuations, so it's better to keep yourself calm and keep your portfolio light.

In which Sectors we will see more volatility after Lok Sabha elections Results 2024?

Traders and Investors should stay alert in the following sectors:

  • Infrastructure & Railway
  • Hotel & tourism Sector
  • Telecom sector
  • Real estate & metals

In conclusion, in any scenario, We will see profit booking into the Indian stock market on the higher levels. Indian stock market is trading at very higher valuations and Market has already assume BJP government to win Lok sabha elections 2024 due to this reason Indian stock market already have made new life time high and could not sustain at those higher levels. Any type of Investors should stay alert into the Indian stock market before and after Lok sabha elections outcome 2024. 

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