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Kotak Mahindra bank stock: buy, sell or hold

 Kotak Mahindra bank stock has given moderate returns in the past few months and many investors are still holding this stock but one question is coming up in the mind of everyone that when Kotak Mahindra bank stock will give good returns? Bank nifty have been making new life time highs from last couple of months and After the Lok sabha elections 2024, Exit poll, Bank nifty is expected to give another big up move from Monday 3rd June & on and after 4th June 2024 when final outcome date of Lok sabha elections results will come out because as per expectations Modi Government is again coming into the power in India and people are expecting another phase of development in India.

Even Indian stock market is trading at very higher valuations & profit is also expected at the higher levels so Traders should also stay alert in the market.

Many analysts are expected 24,000 levels in nifty very soon but we would like to say that it can be achieved if NDA Government will come up with 400+ seats but as per all Exit polls 345 to 353 seats NDA can win which is meeting our expectations as well because we had also published report on outcome of lok sabha elections 2024 on our website couple of few back . It is important to note that 300+ seats of NDA was already expected into the market Therefore if Exit polls turn into the reality then we may see some up move in the market but at the same time profit booking will also come.

What will be the short term Targets of Kotak Mahindra bank?

 Kotak Mahindra bank is a portfolio stock but many people do trading in this stock so we have tried our level best to find of best short term price levels in Kotak Mahindra bank stock

As per the Technical charts of Kotak Mahindra bank stock,

Upside Price Targets of Kotak Mahindra bank is 1693rs, 1705rs

If Kotak Mahindra bank stock gives close above 1710rs then we will see price targets of Kotak Mahindra stock above 1729rs, 1737rs, 1745rs, 1755rs, 1775rsrs+

Downside price Targets of Kotak Mahindra Bank stock is: 1642rs, 1655rs, 1635rs, 1625rs, 1610rs, 1590rs

If Kotak Mahindra Bank gives close below 1590rs then more downside will be opened which can take this stock to 1550rs, or 1530rs of below.

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What is the long term price Targets of Kotak Mahindra bank stock?

As discussed above that Indian stock market is trading at higher valuations so we can see profit booking into the market anytime therefore we may see more selling pressure on bank nifty too. Therefore, In this situation in the mid-term, We can see price of Kotak Mahindra bank up to 1525 to 1490rsbut that downtrend will only start if stock will give close below 1590rs or 1580rs.

Upside long-term price targets of Kotak Mahindra bank stock:

Kotak Mahindra bank stock is a long term investment stock therefore any correction in this stock will be the best opportunity for adding into your portfolio.

In Long term, Kotak Mahindra bank stock can reach up to the price level of 1900rs to 2080rs+

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