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Delhi Politics: AAP Party Ambitious Goal for 2024 Lok Sabha Elections

"2024 Lok Sabha Elections: Can AAP Sweep All Seven Seats in Delhi?"

 In the upcoming 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is eyeing victory in all seven seats in Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, voiced this confidence, stating that the people of Delhi are determined to give all seven seats to the AAP this time around. However, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has raised doubts, accusing the AAP of deceit and questioning Kejriwal's credibility.

"Arvind Kejriwal's Political Journey: From Anti-Congress to Alliance Partner”

To some extent, it appears justified because Delhi Chief Minister has done nothing except deliver emotional speeches in the media for voting. According to sources, Arvind Kejriwal has focused solely on the expansion of his party, which was established after deceiving "Anna Hazare." Now, Arvind Kejriwal has made an alliance with the Congress Party for the Delhi elections. From this step, we can understand that Arvind Kejriwal's sole motive is to win elections and make his party famous. Thirteen years ago, Arvind Kejriwal was against the Congress Party, and now he has shown friendship with the Congress Party.

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Suggestion to AAP Party: 

"AAP's Focus for 2024: Balancing Criticism with Ground Realities for Success"

AAP party Leader Arvind Kejriwal should more focus on ground reality instead of all the time blaming to Modi Government because People have elected him CM of Delhi and also people have appreciated his Party in the State Punjab. If Arvind Kejriwal will more focus on work then people will appreciate them. Arvind Kejriwal should understand that People want result from him. In the Punjab State, Arvind Kejriwal was has a golden chance to prove his Party by bringing Industry  and offering employment to youngsters. In the Punjab State many youngsters have been moving to other countries due to unemployment and because of lack of industries. If small industries are running their businesses in the Punjab then they are not offering good salary packages to their employees. At this time AAP Party is in Power in the Punjab state therefore they have to make strict Laws or rules for exiting industries in the Punjab so that these industries could not only focus for their on profit but also offer employment to the people.

Suggestions for BJP Party:

If we talk about the BJP Party, then to some extent, the Modi government has also failed to meet the expectations of youngsters as per their previous promises made before coming into power. Unemployment data in India shows that there are no jobs for youngsters, which is the reason many youngsters are moving to other countries like Australia, the USA, and Canada, etc. The Modi Government also needs to address this concern if they truly want to rule India for the long term. Otherwise, we all have to see the end result of the Congress Party, which was the favorite party in India a few years ago. Now, the Congress Party is struggling in almost all states of India. The Modi Government needs to be strict with private sector companies. The BJP Government has to keep an eye on private sector companies that are earning profits but exploiting their employees by offering less salary packages and ignoring many youngsters' careers by not offering them jobs. There should be minimum salary packages in India, and labor laws should be strict. BJP Government should also understand that People want them to prove on ground reality instead of prove yourself on Media channels. Giving Benefits to Big Corporate’s  is not a problem but take benefits from Business house by forcing them to offer more employment to youngsters and middle age people will be a good strategy.  

Modi Government has to strict for Private sector companies:

BJP Government has to keep eye on the private sector companies those are earning profit but doing exploitation of their employees by offer less salary packages as well as ignore many youngsters career by not offering jobs to them. There should be minimum salary packages in India and Labour law should be Strict in India.

Anna hazare Andolan at Jantar Mantar 2011:

Anna Hazare became famous for leading the anti-corruption movement in Delhi, known as the Anna Andolan. This movement, which started in 2011, aimed to push for the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill, a law to establish an anti-corruption ombudsman. Anna Hazare hunger strike at Jantar Mantar in Delhi drew widespread support from various segments of society and led to significant nationwide protests in support of his cause. The movement was instrumental in pressuring the government to address key demands related to anti-corruption legislation

BJP Party Demand on Split Voting in Delhi:

The BJP suggests a potential split in voting patterns, where voters might support the BJP in national elections while favoring the AAP in state elections. Despite an alliance between the AAP and Congress for the Delhi Lok Sabha seats, concerns linger regarding the pace of seat-sharing negotiations between the two parties. The AAP has already unveiled candidates for four of the seven seats, indicating optimism in its electoral prospects.

Analysis Delhi Elections 2024:

The AAP's optimism stems partly from a perceived sympathy wave following Kejriwal's recent arrest. Conversely, the BJP aims to replicate its 2019 Lok Sabha success in Delhi by capitalizing on split voting tendencies. While the AAP-Congress alliance could consolidate the anti-BJP vote, unresolved seat-sharing talks pose a challenge. The "Kejriwal factor," credited with around 29% of AAP's vote share in the 2020 Delhi Assembly elections, could influence outcomes. However, the Lok Sabha elections often pivot on a Modi versus Kejriwal dynamic, where the impact of Kejriwal's arrest might differ from its effect on the AAP's base outside Delhi.

Chances of AAP Winning in Delhi in 2024:

The AAP stands a reasonable chance of securing a majority of the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi, although uncertainties persist:

  • The party's confidence in winning all seven seats is buoyed by a potential sympathy wave for Kejriwal post-arrest.
  • The BJP anticipates replicating its 2019 success, capitalizing on split voting behaviors.
  • The AAP alliance with Congress could bolster the anti-BJP vote, yet unresolved seat-sharing discussions pose a hurdle.
  • The "Kejriwal factor," pivotal in the 2020 Assembly elections, may influence outcomes.

However, Lok Sabha elections often hinge on a Modi versus Kejriwal narrative, and the impact of Kejriwal's arrest on the AAP's base outside Delhi is uncertain.


The outcome of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Delhi hinges on the AAP  ability to retain its 2020 state election supporters and the BJP's capacity to reclaim them through national appeal. While Kejriwal's arrest may sway sentiments, its actual impact remains uncertain. Given these intricate dynamics, predicting the AAP Party success in national elections remains challenging.

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