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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 Outcome: Can disappoint Stock Market

 Lok Sabha Elections 2024, It is not going to be easy for BJP Government as Modi government is taking it. There are many concerns which will distract Voters from the Slogan of “Ab Ki Bar 400 ke paar”. There is not any question that Modi government had made India name at world level but Internal situation of the country is not good, especially the higher employment rate,  Farmers Protest, No control Indian Private sector, Higher Inflation rate, More benefits to Business Houses, Less benefits to Central government employees especially “There is no Benefits to Centre government retired employees”as compared with State government employees.

The outcome of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 might disappoint the Modi government due to several factors highlighted in the sources provided:

Market Expectations:

Stock Market analysts warn of a potential correction if Modi's win disappoints, as the markets have priced in a victory for Modi and the BJP, expecting a strong mandate. Shri Narendra Modi  Slogan “Ab ki Bar 400 ke paar” is also looking above the expectations. Therefore,  victory below the expected consensus could trigger a market correction. At this time Expectations in Indian stock market are very high from BJP Government from Lok sabha elections, Therefore slightly below expectations result of Lok Sabha Election 2024 can disappoint Indian stock market badly. It is best to book profit in the Indian stock market on every rise before Lok Sabha Elections outcome

Voter Interest is changing:

The initial phase of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections witnessed a decline in voter participation compared to previous elections, especially in Hindi-speaking states where the BJP traditionally has a strong presence. This decline in turnout, particularly in areas where the BJP has been historically strong, could be a cause for concern

Economic Challenges:

 Despite India economic growth under Narendra Modi  leadership, concerns persist regarding issues like unemployment and uneven economic growth. The government's support for a significant portion of the population with free food rations indicates underlying economic challenges that could impact voter sentiment.

Unfulfilled Promises:

Narendra  Modi's promises to create jobs and double farm income have faced challenges, with rising unemployment rates and unmet agricultural targets. The inability to deliver on these promises could lead to dissatisfaction among voters and impact the election outcome.

Opposition Coordination:

The opposition parties have shown a determination to coordinate better in the face of the BJP dominance. Improved opposition coordination could pose a challenge to the BJP's electoral success, potentially affecting the election results.

These factors collectively suggest that if the Lok Sabha elections in 2024 do not meet the expectations set by market analysts, voter turnout trends, economic challenges, unfulfilled promises, and improved opposition coordination, the outcome could disappoint the Modi government.

What were the key issues in the 2024 lok sabha elections?

Economic Development and Inflation:

The Indian economy is expected to have grown by about 7% to 8% in the last fiscal year, making it one of the fastest-growing major economies. However, retail inflation has been a concern, with annual retail inflation increased to nearly 7% in 2022/23. The BJP government has highlighted India's rising global stature, backed by its economy, as a key achievement.

Welfare Policies:

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the government has been giving free food rations to nearly 800 million of India's 1.42 billion people. The fact that the government feels the need to support nearly 58% of India's population with free cereal is seen as a sign of uneven economic growth in the country.

Higher Unemployment rate:

The unemployment rate rose to more than 7% in February, according to the privately held Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy. According to government estimates, the unemployment rate rose to more than  6% in the fiscal year ended March 2023, from 5% in 2013/14 before Modi took over.

Farmers Protest:

The BJP had promised to double farm income by 2022 in its manifesto for the last election, but there is no sign of that. Protesting farmers, especially from the northern state of Punjab, forced Modi in 2021 to roll back three farm reform laws, a rare policy reversal by him.

Global Stature:

The BJP often highlights India's rising global stature, backed by its economy, as a key achievement of Modi, especially after hosting the G20 summit last year and successfully evacuating its citizens stuck in Ukraine after Russia's attack.


A government agency that investigates suspected money laundering has summoned, questioned, raided, or arrested nearly 150 opposition politicians in the past decade. In the same period, it has investigated only about half a dozen ruling party politicians.

High GST Rates and MSP:

Opposition parties have highlighted high GST rates, MSP, inflation, and unemployment as key issues of concern for the voters.

Education system:

The quality of education, particularly in government schools, has been a concern, with reports of poor infrastructure, lack of teachers, and low learning outcomes.

Healthcare services:

 Access to affordable and quality healthcare, particularly in rural areas, has been a challenge. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for a robust public health system.These issues are likely to shape the discourse and outcome of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

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