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Job opportunities in Singapore 2024: Top websites, Industries

 “Singapore Job Market in 2024: Top Job Platforms, In-Demand Industries, and Popular Job Categories”

 In 2024, finding jobs in Singapore has become more accessible and efficient with the help of various job portals catering to diverse needs and preferences. 

To streamline your job search, explore the following
top websites:


Singapore's largest job portal with detailed candidate profiles and company branding options.


A leading Southeast Asian portal with an active candidate database of 8 million job seekers.


A government-supported portal prioritizing local job seekers and offering salary benchmarking data.


Owned by the Straits Times, covering over 700 industry segments and offering career fair participations.


Provides free and sponsored job postings with mobile recruiting features and resume searches.


Specializes in tech and business roles, offering a professional user base of over 1 million.


With over 2 million users in Singapore alone, it provides advanced candidate search and tailored packages for small businesses.

Freelance Zone:

Ideal for posting freelance jobs with partnerships to maximize ad visibility.

Monster Singapore:

Offers global reach with a focus on the local job market and real-time analytics for job posts.

StartUp Jobs Asia:

Exclusively for startup jobs, catering to early-stage SMBs with a quality talent pool.


Specializes in non-executive and part-time roles, providing applicant tracking and chat features for immediate interaction with candidates.

These platforms offer a diverse range of job opportunities, catering to different industries, experience levels, and preferences, making it easier for individuals to find suitable employment opportunities in Singapore in 2024.

Top Industries Hiring in Singapore in 2024:

Several industries are actively hiring professionals across various job categories in Singapore. Based on recent data, here are the top industries:

Information and Communications:

Top Jobs:

Software, web, and multimedia developers, data scientists, systems analysts.

Key Roles:

Reflecting the demand for tech-savvy professionals in the digital age.

Financial and Insurance Services:

Top Jobs:

Financial and investment advisers, budgeting and financial accounting managers, financial services managers.

Key Roles:

Highlighting the need for financial expertise and advisory services.

Real Estate Services:

Top Jobs:

 Premises and facilities maintenance managers, receptionists, private security officers.

Key Roles:

Reflecting the demand for property management and customer service roles.

Professional Services:

Top Jobs:

Commercial and marketing sales executives, tax associate professionals, transport and vehicle engineers.

Key Roles:

 Emphasizing roles in sales, taxation, and engineering within professional services.

Administrative and Support Services:

Top Jobs:

 Private security officers, office cleaners, construction managers.

Key Roles:

Highlighting the need for support staff in various administrative functions.

Wholesale and Retail Trade:

Top Jobs:

 Shop sales assistants, sales managers, general office clerks.

Key Roles:

 Reflecting the demand for retail sales staff and managerial positions in the trade sector.

Health and Social Services:

Top Jobs:

Registered nurses, healthcare assistants, pre-primary education teachers.

Key Roles:

 Showing the demand for healthcare professionals and educators in the health sector.

These industries offer a wide range of job opportunities across different sectors, catering to professionals with diverse skills and expertise in Singapore's dynamic job market in 2024.


Most Popular Job Categories in Singapore in 2024:

The job market in Singapore in 2024 is dynamic, with various industries actively seeking professionals. Based on recent data and surveys, here are some of the top job categories in high demand:

Technology and IT Roles:

Software engineers, data scientists, quantitative developers, security operations center analysts, and infrastructure engineers.

Finance and Business Management:

Tax managers, procurement managers, business development managers, budgeting and financial accounting managers, and sales development representatives.


A significant portion of the top jobs list comprises engineering roles.


Sustainability consultants focusing on green initiatives and sustainable practices.

Real Estate:

Real estate agents playing a crucial role in property transactions.

Sales and Marketing:

Sales development representatives and business development representatives establishing connections and generating new business.

Recruitment Manager:

Professionals managing recruitment processes for companies.

Senior Mechanical Engineer:

Reflecting the demand for engineering expertise across sectors.

Procurement Manager:

Essential for managing supply chains and vendor relationships.

In conslusion, These job categories reflect the evolving landscape of the Singaporean job market in 2024, highlighting the demand for professionals with expertise in technology, finance, engineering, sustainability, real estate, sales, and marketing. Job seekers can leverage this information to tailor their search and enhance their chances of securing suitable employment opportunities in Singapore.


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