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Can Indian stock market fall after Lok Sabha elections 2024

The Impact of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 on the Indian Stock Market: A Comprehensive Analysis:

 There is a one question has been coming into the mind of every  trader and investors that what will be the direction of Indian stock market after Lok Sabha Elections results in 2024. It is getting very difficult for investors to take final decision whether to invest into the Indian stock market or to take exit from the Indian stock market before Lok Sabha elections results. Today, in this article we will try to find of the best answer of your question.

Why Nifty can touch new life time highs are Lok sabha elections results in 2024?

There is one most popular slogan is going on into the India i.e “Ab ki Bar 400 ke paar” but is it possible ? What is the ground reality? Many People are talking about 420 seats of BJP Government in the Lok Sabha 2024 elections. 

There are many factors which goes in favour of BJP Government like:

  • Digital India
  • 370 articles
  • Growth into the Manufacturing sector
  • Increased competition with  economically strong countries like China, US etc
  • Ayodhaya shri Ram Mandir

As per Our research, Expectations are very high in the Indian stock market from Modi Government to perform in the Lok Sabha Elections. Majority of people are expecting 370 to 400 seats of BJP Government in the Lok sabha elections 2024 which islooking very difficult but it is also not impossible.

IF BJP government win 370 to 400 seats then we may see ne life time highs into the Indian stock market. After Lok sabha elections results, we can see nifty above 24000 & Ban nifty nay trade above 50800 levels in 2024. If this will happen then There are following sectors stocks can perform well:

  • Capital goods
  •  Oil & gas
  • Infra
  •  Power
  • Auto
  • FMCG
  • Banking
  • Railway
  • PSU sector
  • Telecome

But in Case BJP Government could not win seat above 400 or 370 then scenario of the Indian stock market will be completely different. Let us discuss the another scenario.

What will be Nifty Targets if BJP Government could not win 400 seats in Lok Sabha elections 2024?

We all know that nothing is impossible in the Politics. We are not political analysts but we have to think about the Indian stock market because we are investors.

There are many factors which are going against the BJP Government like:

  • Higher Inflation rate
  • Higher Unemployment rate
  • Corruption into the Private sector
  • More benefits to Business Houses
  • No benefits to Middle class families
  • Demonetisation
  • Agriculture bill
  • Farmer protest in India
  • More focus on Media channels

Above the few factors, we have discussed can reduce the seats of BJP Government in the Lok Sabha elections 2024. Unemployment & higher inflation, both are the biggest factors. Modi Government has not done anything to reduce these. Opposition party like Congress is improving its voting bank in the different states like Punjab, Gujarat, Himachal pardesh and few more states.

"Navigating the Indian Stock Market: Strategies for Traders and Investors amidst Lok Sabha Elections 2024"

The reality is that most the Youngsters and middle aged people are leaving the India because of higher unemployment rate in India. It is a biggest concern.

BJP Government had made promise with Indian voters for more employment opportunities to generate in India but at Employment front BJP Government is completely fail. The main reason of higher unemployment is that “No control on Private companies” because Private sector companies are earning huge profit but these companies are offering no jobs & Compelling youngsters to start work at very lower salary packages which is very bad.

BJP Government should give benefits to Middle class families too but it is unfortunate that BJP government had main focus on big business groups only.

In Conclusion, If BJP Government wants to rule in India for long time then their political leaders has to work on ground reality otherwise everyone knows how badly Indian voter had punished “Congress party” in the past. Indian people are expecting good leadership from Shri Narendra Modi & Youngsters wants more employment opportunities in India.

At the end of the article, We would like to say that Indian stock market is trading at very higher valuations. Therefore, even if BJP government will win the Lok sabha elections with higher seats then we can see short term rally in the Indian stock market and Investors should use that rally for taking exit from the market otherwise if BJP government will not meet the higher expectations of Indian investors in term of 370 or 400 seats in Lok Sabha elections 2024 then we may see fall in the market.

Big fall in the Indian stock market can only be come if BJP Government will win seat near to 300 or below 300 seats in the Lok sabha elections 2024 which can drag nifty at lower levels to 19000 or 20000.

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