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List of Multibagger stocks of my blog

                       List of Multibagger stocks

 Before I discuss about my past performances I would like to discuss with you what is multibagger stocks:

Eminent financial backer Peter Lynch begat the term 'multibagger' to allude to value portions of an organization which were equipped for making returns a few times higher than their related expense of securing. To be exact, such value stocks give their financial backers an arrival of more than 100%. Incredible speculation choices, multibagger stocks are found in high-development businesses and their extension for development is tremendous. Having solid basics set up, multibagger shares will in general be underestimated which makes them ideal venture alternatives. Such organizations are in control of magnificent creation procedures and show sound administration. Intelligent of prevalent innovative work abilities of an organization, such offers can drive exorbitant interest in a market. Organizations that have such offers are versatile inside a brief time frame.

The Best Multibagger Stocks are known for producing tremendous wraps of abundance as the profits they give are huge. Be that as it may, putting resources into such offers requires mass buys to be made to produce riches. This implies that should they cause misfortunes; they can possibly be amazingly impeding. Such stocks can likewise get momentarily caught in a financial air pocket. At the point when this air pocket pops, nonetheless, financial backers can bring about outrageous misfortunes. For laymen who have as of late began playing the financial exchange and have restricted assets to save, multibagger stocks probably won't be the most shrewd speculation.

Earlier execution of the organization should be considered as it can demonstrate whether its income has ability to increment consistently or not. In the event that the tasks of an organization can be scaled easily, its offers could possibly become multibaggers. Understanding the income digits and its types of revenue can be enlightening. In addition, monitoring all significant changes – relating to its plan of action or construction and the executives can affect an organization's tasks.

My Past Performances: 

My today post is to discuss about the some of my recent past performances. When due to Covid 19, the markets ware going doing or there was a panic into the world markets as well as in the India markets then I suggested some stocks for my blog readers.

On that there was a fear in the mind of everyone including me but stock market is all about how you take it.

India has strong growth story ahead. I will not be surprised if Indian economy will come into the first 5 countries in coming years. The consumption theory of India will play vital role in the growth story of the India.

The stocks I suggested on my blog at that time the all stocks were trading at lowest valuations and after the recovery of the market all suggested stocks have given multiple returns to my blog readers.

Today, I shared only few examples of my recent Multibagger stock list. I will always try to find more & more stocks for my blog readers in coming months & years. 

The following stocks suggested on my blog :

 Butterly @ 925rs, Made 52 weeks high, I recommended this stock Around 125rs into my blog

  Schenider Electric@141rs Made 52 weeks high . Nearly 80% returns from recommended price.

Shalimar Paints@ 126rs Made high. Made 52 weeks high . Nearly 80% returns from recommended price.

Novartis India@887rs Made 52 Weeks High, Made high . Nearly 50% returns from recommended price.

Friends, I Always feel happy if my blog readers earn good profit from my stock ideas. Your love and regard for me give confidence of me for posting more stocks ideas on my blog. 

There was few logic behind the recommendations of these stocks. Only lowest levels valuation has not level good returns in these stocks. Otherwise there are many other stocks into the market those have not given returns even in the recovery of the market. 

Deep research is required before publishing any stock on to the blog.

Disclaimer : 

 I had interest in all these recommended stocks . Always do your own research too before making any investment into the stock market. Some Data is collected from the internet but the view is personal.

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