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Tanfac Industries @ 241.90rs. stock for Investment

Tanfac Industries @ 241.90rs. stock for Investment


 Tanfac industries ltd

BSE Code : 506854

Sector : Chemical 

Business group: Aditya Birla Group Holding 

Company Profile:  

 Tanfac's products include anhydrous hydrofluoric acid, sulphuric acid, oleum, aluminum fluoride, potassium fluoride, potassium bifluoride, boron trifluoride complexes, calcium sulphate (gypsum) Iso butyl acetophenone, acetic acid, peracetic acid and poly aluminum chloride to name a few. Tanfac Industries Ltd situated in chennai could be a joint endeavor mutually with Aditya Birla Group and TIDCO. Creation began in Mar.'85 and before long found 100% energy utilization The organization produces aluminum fluoride (ins. Cap .: 9000 tpa) from its plant in Cuddalore Tamil Nadu. It likewise creates disdain oleum anhydrous corrosive cryolite and different fluorides. the organization gets specialized help from M/s Kvaemer Buss Switzerland M/s. CHENCO. Germany. The organization's division interaction for the production of Organo Fluorine Chemicals was finished in 1998-99. Organo Fluorine Chemicals 24 Dichloro fluorobenzene Acetophenone and so on are utilized as middle of the road synthetics in the creation of the most recent age anti-microbials (various medications) called Ciprofloxacin Enrofloxacin and so forth The innovation is sourced from Dalian F Chem China. In 2000-01 the execution of the new development organization DFCA project was suspended on the grounds that it was not cash to control the yield at this deteriorating market esteem. The Company's R&D group has fostered a shiny new interaction for the creation of Inorganic Fluorine synthetics inside the current plant by introducing basically some hardware.

Personal view on stock:

The Aditya Birla group of company with Tamil Nadu govt holding is giving me confidence to put this stock into my blog. The aditya birla group has strong management. This stock is also in the eye of big investors of the market. From the lower levels, this stocks has given huge recovery but in the bull phase of the market, Tanfac industries stocks is still need to participate as per its brand value and demand of its products in almost every sector. I am putting some targets into this post. Please book profit as per your requirements. But buy this stock after booking profit on higher levels is recommended. I am bullish on this stock. Chemical sector will be in the focus. At the higher levels of the market, it is good to pick strong management companies having potential  for giving good returns.

 Short term Target:  290 rs +

Medium Term Target: 390 rs +

Long Term Target : A Big  multibagger Stock 

 Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making investment. My view may differ from others views on this stock. Company profile data is sourced from company website. The view on the company stock is personal.

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  1. Tanfac Industries @338rs , today morning day high with good volume. short term investors may book profit and add on dip. medium term investors may hold for next targets of 385rs to 450rs + in coming weeks

  2. Tanfac Industries@378rs, Today morning it was in Upper lock. Huge profit in this recommendation. Medium term target is 390rs, it is trading near to the targte. Try to book small profit on every rise. I will publish New stock on my website very soon.

  3. Tanfac Industries@440rs at day high, today it is again 15% up. Alomost double from my recommended levels. you may book profit

  4. Tanfac Industries@511rs, at day high, I hope you all are enjoying good profit


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