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Can Vodafone Idea stock prove to be a multibagger stock?

 Should you invest in Vodafone Idea share at current price?

The share price of Vodafone Idea Ltd has become an enigma for all investors. Retail investors have been buying Vodafone Idea stock because one day it will generate profits. From last more than 2 years Vodafone Idea stock has become news base stock. On Vodafone Idea, I had published the report on my website few months earlier also and after that there was good sub side movement in the stock. I had also said in that report that Aditya Birla Group's company Idea is one of those who give up so quickly. Strong Management Companies do not get insolvent so quickly. There is no doubt that Vodafone Idea has a lot of debits on the company and the requirement of working capital is also very high, but there has been no decrease in the demand for the company's product and we all know about the network of Idea Ltd. From rural areas to urban areas, the company's products have a demand and network presence. The company's sales in June 2020 were 10,659cr, which was reduced to 9,152cr in June 2021. Vodafone Idea's company, which is struggling with financial crisis, got some support when the management team of Yes Bank, State Bank of India said that they want to save Vodafone Idea Company. We must have also seen that in From Last Few Days and in Few Weeks Vodafone Idea share lower levels 6 to 9.30rs Is back to the price levels. Now understand that if everything is fine then this too will be a mistake.

Can Vodafone Idea stock prove to be a multibagger stock

Today we will try to find out the Answers of few question which comes into the mind of Vodafone idea shareholders:

  • Should you buy Vodafone idea share?
  • Can Vodafone idea share become multibagger stock?
  • Is Vodafone idea stock good for long term investment ?
  • Vodafone idea hold or sell?
  • Vodafone idea share buy or sell?

Vodafone Idea company Balance sheet analysis:

The net loss of Vodafone Idea Company was -25,548cr in June 2020 that in June 2021 the net loss has been reduced to -7,319cr. The management of the company has said many times in the media that they are doing a lot of efforts for the survival of the company. Some good steps are also being taken by the Indian Government to give relief to the telecom sector companies. Along with this, the telecom companies have also understood that the companies like Airtel are also making every effort to reduce the debt from the balance sheet of the company.

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Can Vodafone idea stock become Multibagger stock?

Talking about the latest update, 100% Foreign Direct Investment has been approved in the telecom sector. This latest news has come in the media houses a few minutes ago. This news is being considered as a big relief for the telecom sector.

If you check the balance sheet of Vodafone Idea, the company has a debt of more than 157,480cr, in such a situation it was difficult for the company to survive but the company is in the hands of a strong management. That's why I wrote in the last article published on my website that the management of the company can be trusted and risky investors can take buying positions in it. If any investor wants to invest in Vodafone Idea shares, then do it thinking that the investment is risky, but if the management and product of the company are satisfied, then Vodafone Idea's stock can also become a multibagger stock, but parties will have to be kept for this. And it is very important to have risk taking ability, so investors should invest as much as they can bear the loss.

Shareholders & Investors of Vodafone ideas showing trust On Company:

Vodafone Idea has in the reserve negative on the boss sheet which is close to 66,440 kr. Earning per share, EPS is also in negative 15rs per share. Talking about EBIT, the EBIT on the balance sheet of Vodafone Idea is also in negative value of more than -2,070. Viewed this way, the poor balance sheet looks factored into Vodafone Idea's current share price. The promoters of Vodafone Idea have kept their shareholding at 72%, the promoters of the company have never reduced the shareholding even in such bad times. Therefore, the confidence of the shareholders and investors of the company remains in the company till now.

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Short to medium term target for Vodafone Idea share:

If we look at the efforts being made by the management of the company, then the management of Aditya Birla Group and the management of Vodafone have to be praised. Indian Government is also coming up with good policies by the Telecom Minister to improve the performance of the telecom sector companies. The focus of the companies is now on redecorating the debit. In this way, the share of Vodafone Idea can be seen in some weeks and months with 12rs, 18s and 20s+ targets as well. But here I would like to say once again that the share of Vodafone Idea is a risky investment option. If seen, there is a risk in the stock market and other financial market products. Personally, it seems to me that Vodafone Idea stock can prove to be a small multibagger stock. But for this it is very important to have risk taking ability.

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