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Tata consultancy services, Should you buy or sell TCS share?

Brief Introduction of Tata Consultancy services Ltd:

 Tata consultancy services ltd, a company that is known to all in the world. TCS is also known as the best service provider in the corporate world. Tata Consultancy Services Company offers a consulting-led, integrated portfolio of IT and IT-enabled services and these services are offered globally. Let us now also see which industries the company offers by making its services more and more. Tata Consultancy Services covers business from different segments; they include business of Telecom, Retail, Distribution, Insurance, Banking, and Financial Services. Apart from this, the company also deals in government projects, among them "e-passport and “passport seva project” has become very famous. Passport Seva project has eased the passport making process for the people. This project was earlier done by Tata Consultancy Services. The subsidiary used to be with CMC Ltd. Later on CMC Ltd. was merged with Tata Consultancy Services Company.

 Recruiting & Staffing, Supply Chain, Computing Applications & Data all this is done by Tata Consultancy Services. In today's article, we will talk about the company's business model in brief. Whatever is told about the Tata group of companies that will be very less, it is a best business group of India? The Tata brand Isis is a trusted brand in India and the Tata Group has made its name proud at the global level. Let us now discuss about TCS stock.

Tata consultancy services, Should you buy or sell TCS share

 TCS Share Analysis:

 With the face value of 1, tcs share price is trading around 3751rs till today morning, 01-oct-2021 when we had written this article. TCS share made 3981.75rs, 52 week of high & 2492.30rs adjusted 52 week low . If we will talk about the TCS book value then it is 236 and stock price of tcs is trading around 16 to price to book value. Industry P/E ratio is nearly 41 and Tcs stock is trading with P/E ratio of 40.40. Which is reasonable priced at this moment. Tcs Company is reporting earnings per share, EPS is around 93 and Market cap of the TCS is more than 1,387,135. 3 times, TCS has issued bonus shares to its company shareholder with the bonus ratio of 1:1 in the following years April 2006, April 2009, and April 2018. TCS company also offers dividend if we will calculate from July 2020 to July 2021 then TCS has offered 45rs per share of dividend to its company shareholders.  to its shareholder.  In one line we can say that Tcs is investor friendly stock.

 Fundamental analysis of TCS stock:

 Should you invest in TCS stock for long term?

 The total sale of the TCS in the June 2020, it was more than 38,320cr if we will compare this sale with June 2021 then it increases and company records total sale more than 45, 400 cr. Similarly if we will discuss th Net profit of Tcs in the June 2020 then it was more than 7040 cr which reached to more than 9030 cr in June 2021. Tcs has shown good growth in the past few years.  Till June 2021 more than 20 Mutual funds are holding stock o TCS & More than 1440 FPI/FIIs are holding tcs stock. It is a good sign. Company Promoters hold more than 72% shares of TCS. Fundamentals of the TCS looks very stron and management is very promising for the long term investors is a portfolio stock and Long term investors should accumulate TCS stock in very dip of the market.

 Technical Analysis of TCS Share:

  Should you hold or sell TCS share?

 Should you buy TCS share at current price levels? What are the short term 7 Medium term price targets in the TCS Stock? As Indian market is trading at higher and & market is in the grip of the bulls but We had given alert on the Indian stock market few days back in our website. 

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Now we will try to  find out best price sells for buying TCS share & We will also find best price for selling TCS share.

 Buy TCS share if:

 What are the long term targets of TCS share?

 If we will check the technical charts then it is clearly showing at bullish trend in TCS but The stock of TCS had made new 52 week highs at 3981.75rs. From 52 weeks high price levels, we had seen good profit booking in TCS stock & stock price came to the price level of 3741rs. Which is a sign of profit booking on higher levels & it is a good sign too in the language of traders.

 If in the coming days or weeks TCS stock price trade above 3778rs levels and gives closing above this price level then we may see short to medium term price target in TCS share, 3800, 3820, 3835, 3850, 3870, 3890, 3905, 3922,to 3958rs or may reach to new 52 week high if TCS gives close above  3778rs ot 3780rs and sustain above these price levels then we may say upside targets are open.  Long term investors should also keep stop loss to protect its invested money therefore for long term investors TCS stock structure will only change if TCS stock breaks the price levels of 3330rs. It is very deep from current levels till then nothing for worry in the tcs stock for long term investors.

 Sell TCS share:

  What are the short term & medium term targets of TCS stock?

 If TCS stock breaks the level of 3750rs then with the stop loss of 3775 traders may sell tcs stock for the price targets of 3740, 3730, 3715, 3702, 3685, If TCS stock breaks the price level of 3780rs and gives closing below this price level then we may see further down fall in the tcs share which may drag the stock price of tcs up to the level of 3650 to 3615rs or below these price levels up to 3552rs. But the conditions will be applied. These levels will only come if above given price levels will break. These levels are only for traders & traders should follow strict stop loss and book profit as per there requirement.

 In nutshell, we can say that TCS is a portfolio stock.  Long term investors may keep tcs share into their portfolio with given targets & Stop loss levels. Buy on dip strategy will be good for the long term investors. For short term or medium term traders above target has given with recommended stop losses. If you want to make position in TCS share then follow strict stop losses and book profit as per your comfort levels.

 Disclaimer: The above discuss on tcs share price, it is my personal view. My view may differ from other experts of the market. Please do your own research too.

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