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Profit Booking is expected in the Indian stock market

Profit Booking is expected in the Indian stock market

Why we may see profile booking in the Indian stock market

 I hope you all are doing very well. I would like to share my view  on India stock market. We have seen huge upside run up in the past few months. Many stocks Have given multibagger returns too. Few of them I published on my blog.

I am expecting profit booking in the Indian stock market in the coming few days. I feel that it will be good opportunity for buying good companies stocks.Many people are talking about 60k level in the Sensex but who knows which level will come first 45k, 35k or 60k level ? It is very difficult to answer. But Market is going up due to inflow of big funds. I personally feel that Big investors of the market will take profit from the market. Profit booking into the market is always good sign because if traders will book profit on higher levels only then they will buy at lowers levels. This all about the stock market.But a innocent retail investor always wait for the lowers levels to invest which is very difficult to predict.

A smart trader and investors always use dip for buy or upside for booking profit  in their stocks.

Stay alert in the market before making new investment. I will recommend to the small traders to keep stop losses into their traders and try to book profit on every rise of the market and buy at lower level.

In this bull run of the market many retail investors could not participate , the only reason was they were trying to find out the bottom of the market which is not an easy task for a retail investor.

Use every dip as a buying opportunity and it is advisable to all retail investors that invest for long term instead of short term. The history of the stock market proved that only long term investors earn profit from the stock market if he/she invested in the right stock.

Indian economy will come back on to the right track after covid. Try to find out good number of shares in which you want to invest.


Few Lines on Profit booking:

Benefit booking; otherwise called benefit taking is when people or organizations exchange their possessions to cash out the benefits that they have made. It should be perceived that for a circumstance to be called benefit booking there must be a benefit included. In the event that stocks are exchanged and changed out to keep away from misfortunes, such a circumstance can't be called benefit booking.

Each individual has an alternate view on booking benefit. That is the reason we consider it a Market. Somebody purchases, and others sell.  It relies on individual to person that for how much addition he has contributed for. There are no rules for booking benefit.  However, rather have three focuses for your exchange, on each target accomplished lower your openness or begin booking a few benefits. This will assist with bringing down openness at expanding cost and furthermore would ensure you didn't miss out of exchange when cost expanded.


 It is my personal view on the market. Please do your own research too. My view may differ or from other person. I publish a post onto my blog as per my own knowledge.

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