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Maruti Suzuki Share should Buy, sell or Hold

 Maruti  Suzuki Share ,  should Buy, sell or Hold:

Brief Intro About Maruti Suzuki:

 Maruti Suzuki is such a name in Indian that lives on everyone's tongue. Every class of people live in Indian low income, middle sized income, and high income class all types of families are living in India. This can also be considered a reason for Maruti cars to be successful in India because the price of Maruti cars is in everyone's approach. There was a time when everyone in India did not even have a bicycle, then after some time the era of scooters came and having a scooter in every house became a common thing. When the modern time came, two wheeler companies entered the bikes in the Indian market and today we all know that the bike is with every person and really want to buy expensive bikes. Four wheelers have been in high demand in India since the beginning, but due to low income, two wheelers were away from the approach of many people. Maruti 800 car, everyone will remember there was a time when the model of Maruti 800 car was also with some people in India, then with time the Maruti zen car came and people at that time also had given the name of maruti  zen car as a luxury car.

 If we compare the last few years with today's time, then we will feel that India will lead in the world. There was a time when every person used to think many times before buying a car because repayment of bank installations and having low income was a reason. Getting the car financed was also very difficult. Today in the year 2021, if we look, it seems that the world has changed, in today's time people in India have luxury cars and from Maruti Alto 800 car to luxury car in people's homes. This has become possible because the source of Indian is also big and Salaries has also increased. In today's time people want to start their own business. It has become very easy to get loan financed from banks and other financial insights.


Maruti  Suzuki Share ,  should Buy, sell or Hold

From Last Many Days Maruti Suzuki Shareholders are thinking following questions:

  •  Should Maruti hold or Sell
  • Should Maruti Suzuki Share Buy or Sell
  • Should you buy Maruti Share at current price?
  • What are the short term Targets for Maruti share?
  • What are the long term Targets for Maruti share ?
  • You will get all the answer of your question
  • Maruti Suzuki Company Fundamental Analysis:

The demand for Maruti cars ranges from rural areas to urban areas. Covid 19 has put an impact on the sale of every company but it will be for short term. Shareholders of Maruti have made multiple returns. If we talk about 2008-09, then Maruti stock used to trade around 700rs and today from 2008 to 2021, the share price of Maruti has travelled from 700rs to 10,000rs and has made the shareholders of his company rich. Shareholders of Maruti suzuki get a dividend of 60rs to 80rspar share in between per year. The investor who has invested in Maruti stock trading with face value of 5 has got a multiple of the amount. More than 207,750 Market cap belongs to the Maruti Company. If we talk about Earning Foot Share, then the EPS of 170RS belongs to Maruti Suzuki Company. The stock of Maruti, which trades on the PE of Nearly 40, can be expected to remain investor friendly in the near future. If we talk about Financials, there is a reserve in the balance sheet of the company around 53,000cr. The net loss in June 2020 was 247cr, which is a profit of 439k in June 2021, if we talk about the March 2021 quarter, then the net profit of Maruti was more than 1160k but in June 2021 the profit has decreased and in June 2021 The net profit of the company has been reduced to 439cr. On the other hand, if we talk about Maruti's sales then Maruti's company which sold more than 24,000cr in the March 2021 quarter, has sold 17,776cr in June 2021. If we compare the March quarter with the June 2021 quarter results, then there has been a decline in the sales and net profit of Maruti. If the company has a debit, then look at the equity ratio. 01's. The revenue of Maruti Suzuki was 68,085cr in 2017 and the revenue of Maruti Suzuki is more than 70,370cr in 2021.


If the company has a debit, then look at the equity ratio. 01's. The revenue of Maruti Suzuki was 68,085k in 2017 and the revenue of Maruti Suzuki is more than 70,370 in 2021. Maruti company has EBIT of 583Cr in June 2021 quarter while Ebit was 1342Cr in March 2021 quarter results. The reason for the drop in the share price of the company can also be the results of the previous quarter. But a company like Maruti suzuki  recovers the losses very soon, if we remember, in 2008, when the world recession came, there was a lot of drop in the share price of the company and after that regression, at what rate did the share of Maruti company trade? We all know this. The management of Maruti Suzuki is very strong and has always been well thought out for the shareholders; hence the share of Maruti Suzuki has given multibagger returns.

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 Technical Analysis of Maruti Suzuki share Price & Maruti Suzuki share price Target:

 As of today's date till afternoon session on 13-Sept-2021, Today Maruti's suzuki share price is trading in the price range of 6805rs to 6872rs which is well below these 10,000rs high levels. If we do not see further downside in the share price of Maruti, then once again a good run up can be seen in the share price of Maruti. If Maruti stock price doesn't break the 6200 level till a few months like Anne's on closing basis then we can see again the price levels of 7600rs to 7800rs. If the share price of Maruti share price trades above the price level of 7800rs then we can also see Maruti share price levels up to 81,00rs. But the condition will be that the 6200rs do not break the level of Anne in the weeks and months.

 In nutshell, they can from under Maruti Suzuki Shares is a Portfolio Investment Share. It is investor friendly stocks. Profit booking is the part of the stock market but fundamentally strong companies should always be in the portfolio of investors. Rest take your own decision.

 Disclaimer: Above discussion on Maruti Suzuki share, it is my personal view. Please do your own research before taking any decision.


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