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State bank of India, Should you buy or sell SBI share?

 Brief Discussion on State bank of India, SBI stock price:

State Bank of India is the largest and oldest bank in India. If we talk about India Government Banks, then State Bank of India is considered to have the best balance sheet. State Bank of India is always considered the favourite stock of investors in the Indian stock market. A few years ago, it became a trend when any investor was about to invest in the Indian stock market, first of all in the banking sector, he/she used to say to buy the stock of State Bank of India. But this trend has also changed in the last few years. Now the inclination of traders and investors has shifted towards PSU Banks. In the PSU bank, the NPA's remains a big question. Once upon a time the stock of State Bank of India used to trade at a price of 2000rs and 2500rs also. These are things from 2008 and 2010. But after that the interest of investors and traders for PSU Banks has decreased. Earlier DIIs & FIIs also used to invest in PSU Banks Now in the last few years the outlook of DIIs & FIIs has been negative for the Indian PSU Banking Sector. But even after all these problems, the interest of investors in the stock of State Bank of India remained and time to time investment has been seen in SBI.

State bank of India, Should you buy or sell SBI share

SBI Stock analysis:  SBI Stock buy or sell?

Fundamentals of State Bank of India are very strong as compared to other PSU banks. Let us discuss a little about the stock of SBI. State Bank of India stock with face value 1rs is currently trading at 453rs per share. 453rs is the closing price as of 30-Sep- 2021. SBI earnings per Share is of Rs 28 and Book Value is above Rs 293. SBI stock is trading at price to book value of 1.6 as of now. Industry's P/E ratio is around 19 and SBI’s is trading at P/E ratio of near 17. The Share Price of SBI is trading at a reasonable value of the IT Means psu Banking Sector performance. talking about 52 week high, SBI has 471. 90rs 52 week high and 182. 40rs had adjusted 52 week low. SBI's market share is above 404,280. Nov 2014, all stock was split from face value 10rs to face value 1rs. It has become a matter of stock performance of SBI. Now let's discuss a little bit about all of financials. SBI Stock Price trading in both exchanges NSE & BSE India. 

SBI Fundamental Analysis:

In last couple of years, State bank  of India has entered into  new businesses  segments with partnership tie ups  in Mobile Banking, Advisory Services, Pension Funds, General Insurance, Private Equity, Point of Sale Merchant Acquisition, Custodial Services,

Talking about the revenue of SBI, in the year 2021, more than 278, 110 have been registered, which was near 26,9850 in 2020, if we talk about the net profit of State Bank of India, then the net profit of SBI in 2021 is 22, 912cr and had a net profit of 12,395cr in 2020. Accordingly, in the year 2021, the net profit has almost doubled. If we will check the SBI financial report then we will see more than 70 Mutual fund schemes have invested in the SBI stock & more than 940 FPI/FII are invested into the SBI Stock. It is also a good sign for SBI Stock. Till March 2020, SBI had total deposit more than  3,274,150 but In the march 2021 Deposit was nearly 3,715,330. IF we will check the Financials then Bank is still in strong position and has recovered from past few loss making years in regard of net profit in the years of 2017 & 2018.  SBI Is investor’s friendly stock but the stock has already given good run up in last 18 months if we will compare the March 2020 low which was nearly 150rs per share. Now in September 2021 SBI stock price is trading around 453rs & made 52 weeks high of 471.90rs it is much interesting. In the last 18 months market rally , SBI stock price has already given 3 multiple returns . Now it is the time to take some profit and wait for the lower levels to come. For long term investors, SBI is a Portfolio stock.

Technical levels in SBI Stock price:  Should you buy SBI share for short term?

If we will discuss the technical levels of SBI stock then In this article We will try to find best Buying or selling levels for SBI Stock price. On technical charts SBI Stock is in up trend. But The SBI Price may see some profit booking from the current levels. Please follow the price levels which We will discuss for buying or selling.

Buy SBI share:

SBI Stock is only Buy If it cross the Price level of 470rs and  IF SBI Stock Gives Closing above 470rs then Target are open we may see 490rs, 500rs , 510, 525rs, 540rs, 550rs+ levels but in this case We have applied the condition you must have to follow it. In this case the Stop loss of SBI Stock will be around 430rs on closing basis. The given price levels in SBI Stock is only for traders.

Sell SBI Stock Below these price levels:

In any case if we see the profit booking in the market then traders have to follow strict stop loss in the buying positions in SBI Stock. IF any traders like to play on short sell side will be opened  then SBI Stock may show  lower price levels  of 428rs, 422rs, 415rs, 408rs 405rs If SBI Stock gives closing below 405rs price levels then Another short trade will be opened & It may take SBI Stock price till 386rs level.  Here traders also have to follow strict condition as discussed Short sell will be opened only below 430rs levels and Need to follow strict stop loss of 400rs or 442rs.

In nutshell, we can say that In today article we have discuss the technical levels of SBI Stock As well as Fundamental analysis of SBI.  The technical analysis is only for traders. For long term investors its recommended that Hold the SBI Stock with the stop loss of 432rs. IF SBI Stock price show upside movement then Trail your Stop loss accordingly.

Disclaimer: The above discussion on SBI Stock price is my personal view on particular stock. My View point may differ from from experts of the market. Please do your own research too. 




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