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list of multibagger stock 2014


Few of my blog Past performances:

 1) Sanghi Industry =  11rs per share Profit 

2) Everest Industry =  66rs Per Share Profit 

3) PTC Financial services =  28rs Per Share Profit ( Multibagger Returns )

4) IFB Industry    =  65rs Per Share ( Multibagger Returns)

5) Whirlpool India =  100rs Per Share Profit 

6) APM Industry = 20rs per Share Profit ( Multibagger returns )

7) OBC = 300rs Per Share Profit ( Multibagger returns )

8) Technofab engineering = 36rs per share profit 

9) fsl ltd = 23rs per share profit ((multibagger returns)

 10) canra bank = 200rs per share profit 

 11) Gulf oil = multibagger 

 12) jk tyer = multibagger 

  Must Read it:

  Today, I would like to update the performance of my blog. I hope that you all have enjoyed the good profit in my all multibagger stock ideas. I would like to continue to post my more multibagger stock ideas on my blog. Your all appreciation emails give me confidence to research more stocks. The multibagger stock Ideas blog is always ready to share knowledge on the stock market. Picking up the multibagger idea is not an easy task. It requires skills and time investment. There thousands of companies listed into the stock market, out of those we have to find out the best which can give good returns in the coming years. I always find the fundamentally strong shares. But sometimes few stocks never give good retruns of may give some loss, it happens with everyone in the stock market. No one is pefect in the stock market. Always keep in the mind the stock market is a king. We cant beat the stock market. The promoters of the companies are the better judge of their companies. I can do research on the basis of basis [published on company websites or with the help of financials. The strong management companies always provide right information about their companies because they don’t want any kind of negative comment on their image. I always try to find out those companies having good fundamentals. In some cases if any stock had not performed then I had always given exit call. With the 90% accuracy my all stock ideas have given multiple returns. In Coming days, I will publish some articles which will give knowledge of the stock market to my blog readers. I will try to find of some good ideas which could help the investors. Many people ask about the financial topics to publish on my blog. But it is not an easy to discuss about the financials of the stock market in few posts but I will try my level best to publish good articles. As I always say that when I publish any of my stock view then please do your own research too. If you will follow this advice then you will learn that how to find of the multibagger stocks.

Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before making any investment decision. Company profile data is sourced from company website but view on the company is personal.


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