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Creators of associate exquisite array of amber elixir, we tend to at Jay Shree tea are synonymous  with Luxury Tea within the Wholesale Tea marketplace for near to seventy years. shaped on twenty seventh Oct, 1945, Jay Shree could be a heterogeneous conglomerate of the documented Birla empire. Having enticed the Wholesale Tea Market with our premium tea for seven Decades, we tend to ar currently set to stimulate connoisseurs with aromatic and Delaware tote beaute beverages that go with the abjection of luxury living, drawing haute connoisseurs to its aromatic and amber murky depths of wealth. Our creations not solely impart a variety of distinctive flavours that play with the style buds however conjointly bait the roof of the mouth and introduces gourmands to an entire new world of flavours and sensations.

What sets our endeavours at Jay Shree apart is our personal dedication towards internal control once it involves the merchandise that's grownup at our estates. The ordinal Largest tea producers in Asian nation, Jay Shree’s expansive gardens turn out a number of the best drink within the world. The proud owner of lavish tea estates, {including|as we tend toll as|together with} the historical Puttabong —the 1st garden in Asian nation — we, at Jay Shree conjointly boast of getting tea gardens in each tea manufacturing region among India’s generous boundaries. The leaves that ar created in these varied estates continue to become a number of the best hand crafted golden liquid that provide a representative essence of magnificence and grandeur that symbolise a high living and abjection adore royalty delivered right to your step.

From the misty rolling mountains of Darjeeling, recent bedewed tea shrubs begin their mornings. The style of the mountain soil and also the skinny crisp air entwines with the plant' lives and infuse them with the charming aroma and flavour that sets them apart. Jay Shree Tea makes positive you do not lose out on any little perfumed of this whole expertise. So, they take the utmost care in conserving each detail from the garden, to your teacup. Set in exquisite packages, the creation speak volumes regarding India’s made cultural diversity set in modest hues, whereas containing scintillating leaves that are moulded just right. The parcels ar an ideal illustration of the serenity that a cup of Jay Shree tea encompasses.

At Jay Shree we tend to believe job to a high finish patronage United Nations agency will appreciate the fine crafts that the estates turn out. an establishment in itself that boasts of getting the Indian royalty in business as its initiators, stylers at Jay Shree rigorously taste choose|and choose} the best blends to travel into the marketplace for select patronage and heavy tea enthusiasts United Nations agency will savour and treasure the magnificence that we've got come back to symbolise. What makes our creations stand out is that the complete elimination of the middlemen. With our store like treatment, our turn out reaches the connoisseurs doorsill right once harvest and process, recent and Straight from the Garden. With exports that vary to over forty Countries across the world, the Darjeeling Tea Gardens of Jay Shree ar a number of the foremost wanted Tea estates in Asian nation that ar known  for his or her stunning, aromatic and chic turn out. Our try at reaching intent on aficionados directly remains unmatched by the other concern within the market at the moment, giving connoisseurs premium tea at the most effective worth


 Total assets of the company is  746cr ,   share capital = 14.4 cr, eps= 1.16,

  Book value of the company is 135.52,  Price/book is  0.78, Market cap of the company is 305.67

 Current market price of the company is 105.85rs (closing price as  on 6-june-2014)

  My Personal view on the company: 

 This company have very strong management. Due to bad weather there is not good crop of Tea so, management has already declared in price hike of tea, this is Great benefit for company like Jayshree tea. It will help to show good number of profit .The bad time for this company has been over. The consumption story behind company Products give boost to company sale. Company has presence   in other sectors like Sugar, chemical, Education. These all sectors is beneficiary by New Govt. I am Personally expecting very good announcements for this sector in This Coming Budget.  CMP@105.80rs. it is looking very undervalued stock. I have vast interest in this company . I have Number of Shares of this company and will hold for Medium to Long term for Multibagger returns.

Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before making any investment decision. Company profile data is sourced from company website but view on the company is personal.


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