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EVEREST INDSUTRY multibagger Stock 2014

Company profile:

Everest is one of the leading driving and development providers in India. Compiled in 1934, Everest has a rich history in the integration of pre-engineering materials and metal structures. With product assurance of power transfer, speed and safety in development, Everest today offers a full range of old building materials, roofing, partitions, light fixtures and construction and in addition makes Metal Premises for Mechanical, commercial and private applications. Its architecture and layout are available in more than 1,00,000 cities and 600 urban areas in India and moreover in more than 35 countries worldwide. Everest planned, designed and enlarged more than 2,000 Pre-Engineered Steel buildings in 275 urban areas of India. Supported by development, the Company has been presenting the latest developments and arrangements in the last eighty years to meet the modern needs of the development business.

 Everest offers a wide range of private, business and modern items. Everest materials are presented in more than 1 million SQMs on the modern and private roof of India. Two out of 3 Indians have a Everest roof over their heads. With 7 plants for nation building and spreading access to more than 1 lakh cities and 600 cities, Everest today is a product that is inseparable from Indian commodities. The Everest Fiber Cement material sheets are manufactured using standard quality concrete and imported fiber using amazing fiber network technology. It is used by clients nationwide for their independent residential needs. Everest Fiber Cement Sheets are widely used in poultry farming, schools, community centers, residential areas, hobbies etc. Everest has introduced sheets of new Fiber Cement materials - Everest Super Color, which combines unique water repellent and anti-infectious properties. . The result of the organisation's broad R&D efforts - Everest Hi-tech India's first sheet of Non-asbestos Fiber Cement, approved as a suitable solution for industrial buildings, stocks, stadiums, recreational areas, and so on .Everest is a precursor to the design, assembly, and construction of pre-engineering steel buildings. Metal structures are the fastest frameworks of development today and are gaining worldwide anonymity as well as very quickly. At Everest, we make things extremely easy by providing a far-reaching arrangement from work instructions to the nearest final building, ensuring that once you reach us, we will all make it from there onwards. It combines solid structures quickly and securely. Everest Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings is a model of a completely straightforward, structured and balanced operating system. From the basic structure to establishing redid our ERP works on the SAPR3 platform which gives you the ability to track the situation by engaging at any time. Easy execution, fun support and making a quick response time helps us by following our commitment to "No More Cost, No Delay. At the moment you can relax!" Everest offers Pre-Built Buildings and Modern Storage; Light Gauge Steel Frame (LGSF) based in Smart Steel Buildings for low-level buildings such as private and commercial buildings; and Primasteel Roofing solutions for Industrial Roof and Cladding.

 He has been faithful since 1934

 A fully trained program with a collection team

 All suspension circuit connections, junctions, connections and location are found together

 Top notch program and design system includes Everest MBS, STAAD Pro V8i and TEKLA

 Complete Project Management including construction

 Fast and timely delivery

 High-impact steel (345 MPa)

Personal view on the company stock price:

  Everest Industries is the one of the best company in India. The company is a complete building  solution provider. The list of building solution providing as follow:

 1) Steel Buildings

2) Roofing Solutions

3) Ceiling Solutions

4) Wall Solutions 

5)Floor Solutions

6) Cladding Solutions

7) Door Solutions

 The company building products & Solutions are available in more than 1 lakhs villages of India including more 600 cities. The company has also presence in more than 35 countries. Pre - engineered steel buildings erected by this company across 200 cities. The company has more than 6000 dealer network across India. the fibre cement roofing sheets, fiber cement boards, stone cladding are the few products of the company. These all products are in more demand in the modern era. Even In Industrial roofing this company is expert. If I will talk about the financials of the company then Company have more than 200 cr reserves . The share holding of promoters is above 50%. The company is also reducing its debt from books. Manish sanghi is the Managing director of the company. It is a good pedigree of the company. It may become good investment idea in coming few years. .Expect that the company surplus scenario is likely to continue for the next forthcoming years, will keep its growth story in the coming quarters also.


BSE Code :508906

Face Value of the company is 10.00

52wk. High / Low is 188.8/121.80 

Volume (2wk. Avg ) trading volume is 7976.00 

 Market cap of the company is 226.

 Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making any investment decision. It is my personal view on the company. The data of the company profile may have collected from the company website but the view on the company stock price is personal.



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