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LUDLOW JUTE & SPECIALITIES LTD Multibagger Stock Idea for 2015

Ludlow jute & specialities  

Company Profile:

Company Formerly known by name of ÄEKTA LTD and some website it is with same name But As per BSE official website Name is "Ludlow jute". The kanoria the group of company trading at lowest valuation.

New Indian Government need to take steps to promote this textile sector of Jute. New Govt. may announce some good news for Jute Packaging sector in company months. Company has very strong presence for their products in countries Like, USA, Canada, and Australia ETC. Company Product is also Eco Friendly as company with Plastic Industrial packaging .The govt is very much in Favor in this Jut Industry. Company Book Value is 40rs (aprxy) with 5.5% dividend yield. Now I would not say more about this company, in Simple Words I will say it is my new multibagger stock for my followers. I have thousand numbers of shares of this company and i would like to add more at Current market price @27rs. Bse code 526179


Ludlow Jute Mills was founded in 1921 by Ludlow Corp. of Ludlow, Massachusetts, United States. In 1977, it was acquired by the Kanoria family and continued to be a mainstay in the development of jute products and the jute industry in India.


In Ludlow, we are proud to invent new things. In addition to traditional jute applications, such as packaging fabrics, we have created and manufactured products such as special yarn, scrim, and jute soil retainer. Ludlow's new design, "soil conservation," a registered trademark, is now a common term for soil erosion control. Our chairman, R. Kanoria was the Chairman of the Indian Jute Mill Association from 1982 to 1984, and worked closely with the Indian government to create appropriate pricing systems for jute products that ultimately benefit jute farmers. The policies introduced during his time are still relevant today. The cold Ludlow campus has been on the Hooghly River for almost a century. With many production facilities, offices, residences, medical and educational facilities, our campus has more than 100 buildings as well as roads and railways. Production facilities include water dams and power plants, in addition to storage, as well as plants of selection and measurement. At the heart of all of this is one of India's most modern jute mills, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and capable of producing the highest quality rolls.  Jute bags, which are non-functional, last longer, and are a flexible form of rot that can be placed in plastic.

Product List: 

  Jute life products

  A garden twin made of rot and many other ropes.

  Geo jute, another natural method of making synthetic ropes, has also been used in road construction.

  Agro fabric, a weatherproof fabric blended with a rubber solution and used to control weeds.

  Hydrocarbon-free food packaging, suitable for packing food products such as coffee, cocoa and nuts.

  Leno net fabric, which protects the soil surface from wind and water erosion while providing partial shade and heat retention to accelerate vegetable growth.

 My View on Company Stock:

 I am also holding some shares of this company & I will try to some add more if any dip comes in the price. Good Dividend Yield make this stock investor friendly.  Bags of jute will be more in demand due to ban on plastic bags in some states like himachal pardesh. Also demand from the industrial bags will increase once economy will be improved in the coming years. Company has not debt on books. Balance sheet seems good. Management is promising. I am bullish on this stock for long term point of view. The company share price is trading at average valuation. The demand for the product of the company will increase as the industry demand will increase for bags. The growth story of the India is good. Especially in Jute sector. Due to the modernization in India will give better opportunities to companies in their expansion plans. The govt has also focus on modernization of India. The Jute bags will be more in focus in India instead of Plastic bags for coming many years. There is no any question that the competition in the market will increase. In such scenario, The Company having strong products and strong management will win the race. Because the strong management know how to set brand positioning of their products into the mind of the customers.

Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before making any investment decision. My View may differ from others views. The company profile Data has sourced from company website but the view on company stock is personal.



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  1. Ludlow Jute@64.50rs ,Another multibagger returns for my Blog readers


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