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SHRENUJ & CO.LTD, Good Buying Opportunity


Company profile: 

 Shrenuj Company Ltd is one of Good Company having very good track record for their share holders. this Industry is under pressure due to govt. actions for this company but in coming days there is new in the market that this Govt. can give some relaxations for this industry in coming festivals. Shrenuj & Company Limited manufactures and exports diamonds and jewelery. The company exports diamonds and gemstones to many global markets, receiving more than 80 percent of its revenue from Polished Diamonds while the remaining balance is donated by Studded Jewelery. Company may start sale by E-commerce Business Tie Up with any other company. if it happens then this company is going to be a multibagger  in coming months.

 History of the company yearly wise:

 1982, The company was merged as a private company on the thirteenth

In April, he also transformed into a Limited Community Company on Thursday

 September, 1986. The organization's main focus is Perform imports, cuts, cleaning and unwanted handling Gemstones and sending refined gems. 1986, The organization began its business operations in January. TheAdvertisers have long lived on gemstones getting back into business for quite a while. Organization is one of not many "Visual Managers" in India are not allowed by Diamond Trading

 Organization Ltd, London.

 1988 - Ensuring the yield of large gemstones with better spaces 1988 - Ensuring the yield of high quality gemstones with better spaces in addition, scientists, the organization submitted a request for laser import hardware. It set up a cutting board with loads harvesting equipment for various fossil fuels.  10,00,000 offers taken by advertisers; acne, and so on

 40,00,000 No. of stock prices are given where they come from 15,50,000 specials were seized and distributed to Indian citizens chiefs, their friends and family members  Of the more than 24,50,000 corresponding donations available held on special assignment: 2,00,000 grants to representatives, including Indian employment chiefs and employees of the organization and advertisers organizations (only 5,000 offers taken) and  9,80,000 offers to a non-resident Indian when bringing a place home, 12,70,000 equity offers, along with 1,95,000 offers taken by representatives and granted public membership on time

 February, 1989 6,00,000 special offers for seizures Excessive membership (2,32,500 given to chiefs, their friends what else, family members, 1,47,000 grants to non-residential Indians 2,20,500 offerings to the public.

 1989, Despite difficult exchanges, the results remained the same much better than in the past. Emkay Drilling Equipment Ltd., an assistant was included and the organization for impact from the first April.

 1990, The organizational structure of the effort was resolved to establish offices SEEPZ, Mumbai, a gemstone collection of a remarkable international goldsmith company. 1991, Although the ban on banquets was very high due to kisses new, improved usability and weight of board in expanding markets and focusing on more expensive stones.

 Shares of 1992,  28,00,000 Rights Equity allocated (prop. 1: 2, Prem. Rs.50). An additional 1,40,000 grants donated (Prem. Rs. 50) to employees (only 6150 offers taken). 1994, 25,00,000 No. of stock prices allocated to a group advertiser in Before. kaRs. 65 for each offer. 1995, Due to declining demand, exports of business units such as Japan and Europe were slim. In any case, the US market has brought us back. Ask of gemstones produced by Seepz are growing steadily due to the high quality of the world aimed at the premium segment in overseas business sectors. 2003, Shrenuj and Co Ltd have fully decided and fully selected Rs 24.50 each for a premium record of 25,00,000 shares allocated to advertisers on a special basis.

 2004, the company sent another product to its customers using the same concept of flexibility in the system.

 2005, The company has raised a profit of 30%.  The company has divided its face shares from Rs 10 to Rs 2

 2006, the company has raised a profit of 35%.

 2007, Company through Astral Holdings Inc. its 100%, acquired by Simon Golub and Sons Inc., valuable retailers in the USA.  The company has raised a profit of 40%. Mr. Vishal Shreyas Doshi, the Executive President of the Group has been appointed as the Company's Additional Director and therefore becomes the Company's Director General. 2008, The company has raised a profit of 40%. The organization has appointed Mr. Keki M Mistry as the Executive Director (Independent Director) of the Company.

 2009,The company has raised profits by 18%. Shri Shreyas K. Doshi, Deputy Chairman and CEO of the Company has been re-appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CMD). 2010,The company raises Re profits. 0.50 per share (@ 25%).2011, The company has raised a profit of 30%. 2012, The company has raised profits of 32.50%.  Mr. Hatchling Gontebanye Mogae, former President of the Republic of Botswana as Executive Director (Independent Director) of the Company. 2013, The Board has proposed a 30% split (Re 0.60 per share for a portion of the amount of Rs. 2 each).  Shrenuj and Co - Shipping another valuable stone cutting and cleaning unit in Patna, Bihar. 2014, Compnay has approved the issuance of Stock Bonuses in a ratio of 1: 1 and in addition the Board proposed a final split for the financial year ended March 31, 2014, @ 60 paise for each rand value. 2.00 each for a pre-Equity Shares salary.

 Financials of the company: 

Company has strong fundamental according to the industry in which it operates, Company EPS is about 1.72 with book Value of 36.52 and P/E 34.10 .Company has already given Bonus 1:1 to their shareholders this year  with 30% dividend yearly . it is investor friendly stock for very good returns in medium term.

This company has very good brand name in Jewellery segment Some popular Brand Names are :
Amante, Arisia Bhavya,Caro 74, Hot Diamond Etc .

Company is in Hand of very strong management have over 100 years past experience. According to Company website Data these are some interesting words company management has discussed on their website about their history and work.

 The company share price is trading at average valuation. The demand for the product of the company will increase. The growth story of the India is good. Especially in Jewellery  consumption sector. Due to the modernization in India will give better opportunities to companies in their expansion plans. The govt has also focus on modernization of India.. The Jewellery sector will be more in focus in India for coming many years. There is no any question that the competition in the market will increase. In such scenario, The Company having strong products and strong management will win the race. Because the strong management know how to set brand positioning of their products into the mind of the customers.

Disclaimer:  Please do your own research before making any investment decision. My View may differ from others views. The company profile Data has sourced from company website but the view on company stock is personal.


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