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Why ITC ltd share price is not moving

 Itc ltd share buy or sell

 ITC ltd Business Profile: 

ITC's hold in the FMCG sector is becoming very strong and has overtaken the company's brands in the last few years. The market demand is even bigger than everyone else in the company's products market. Apart from the FMCG sector, the incorporated company also does business in the Hotels, Paper Boards and Packaging, Agri Business and Information Technology segments. The result of the company is declared by aggregating the results of all the segments. ITC Ltd. has good brands in FMCG sector like Aashirvaad Atta, Sunfeast Biscuits, Yippee, Bingo!, B Natural, , Fabelle, Sunbean, Fiama, , Paperkraft, Mangaldeep Dhoop & Agarbatti , Engage, Vivel, Savlon, Classmate,ITC Master Chef. Despite such a strong brand presence, the question of why the company's stock is not increasing is in everyone's mind.

                                Why ITC ltd share price is not moving

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Today we will discuss the few questions that come to the minds of the ITC Ltd shareholders everyday:

  • Why ITC ltd share is not moving?
  • When ITC ltd share will move up?
  • Can ITC ltd give multibagger returns?
  • What are the reasons the ITC ltd stock is not moving?
  • When stock price of ITC ltd will move up?
  • what happened to itc ltd stock?

ITC ltd Share Price movement from March 2020 to Auguest 2021:

While the Indian stock market is making new life time highs, India's FMCG giant ITC is making addiction investors cry. Many investors had invested in ITC with the hope that one day it would prove to be a multibagger stock. When covid 19 came in India, there was a lot of correction in the Indian stock market. Nifty had reached 7511 levels. The stock of ITC ltd was then trading near 170rs. Then the Institution Investors felt that the share of ITC ltd was like a gold mine and many Mutual fund companies invested money in ITC Ltd. But in result they have got sub side movement up to 50rs last 1. If seen over the years, investors who would have invested in ticks in March 2020 have not received any return other than dividend. If we check the dividend record from 2017 to 2021, then ITC Ltd has given a dividend of 45rs (+/-) per share. 03 - As of Sept. 2021 the share of ITC Ltd is trading at 210.Rus. If the calculations are to be done, ITC ltd has given a profit of about 85rs per share to the shareholders in the last 4 years. On the other hand, Hindustan Unilever Company has given multibagger returns. We all must have seen and heard that Big Financial Institutions have bought shares of ITC in 2021 as well. The frozen brokerage houses have increased the targets of ITC Ltd many times but still there is no movement in this stock. If you search because of this, you will not find some good reasons.

Discussion on ITC Ltd Financials & expansion plans:

If we talk, then the CMD of ITC Ltd. mr. There was also a statement in the media house that the company is going to invest up to $ 2 billion, after this statement some movement was also seen in the stock of ITC. But after going up to 218rs and 220rs, the ITC share price again came down in the month of August. ITC is likewise set to dispatch a super application for farmers during the year. ITC-MAARS or Meta market for Advanced Agriculture and Rural Services will give a scope of agrarian arrangement, for example, hyperlocal administrations, AI-based customized warnings just as an online commercial centre. he organization additionally demonstrated that there could be inorganic development inside the FMCG space as it intends to go further and tap into working class families who actually purchase unbranded products.ITC sells items across classes and arrives at 150 million families through brands, for example, Bingo chips, Sunfeast treats and Nimyle floor cleaners

ITC Ltd Fundamentals: ITC ltd share hold or sell

If you check the fundamentals of the company, then the balance sheet looks very strong, then the company has reserves of more than ITC 5,000 cr. Talking about the profit, then ITC in June 2020 net profit was more than 2560 cr and in June 2021 ITC Ltd. has shown net profit of more than 3340k. The company also distributes some part of the profit to the shareholders. If we do the calculations, then ITC ltd big price movement may not have come but the company has also allowed its shareholders to go into losses. If seen, it has increased its presence in the last few years. The market cap of ITC Ltd is more than 259,300. Earnings per share are approximately 11 per share. If you look at the financials, ITC Ltd looks very good. Etc. has net debt also nil or we can say that net debt is zero.

But have the shareholders and investors ever thought that how much share bonus has ITC Ltd in given in the last few 20 years? So let's check this too.


Ex bonus date of ITC LTD

Bonus Ratio

01 Jul, 2016   


03 Aug 2010   


21Sep , 2005   


12 Sep, 1994   


12 Dec, 1991   



We keep hearing on the channels in the media that the management of ITC td may take an exit from the hotel segment business, but till all this news is not confirmed, it will be difficult to say anything. If someone has invested in ITC Ltd, then he must have kept it. ITC shares are investor friendly shares. Big up move on daily basis is rarely seen for the traders in ITC ltd. There is no question that many othe stocks of other sectors like chemical sector, IT sector, Auto sector et had given multibagger returns in the past 1.5 years but ITC shareholders had not see big price movement in the stock from last couple of years but had got good dividend.

In nutshell, we can say that ITC lt is good stock only for long term investors. For short term trading it is better to take a chance in other stocks.  If we will see the history of ITC ltd share price movement as discussed above then it is very slow mover but safe investment in the stock market.

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Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making any investment on ITC ltd company share. My view may differ  from other stock market experts. Image of ITC ltd products has taken from company website. 


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