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Should you apply for the IPO or not ?


Should you apply for  the IPO  or not

Hello friends,

Many people ask this question

IPO stock or existing stocks which are good?

One question always comes into the mind of investors or traders that whether they apply for IPO of the company? Let’s discuss the facts in very simple words or in easy way.


Before we go to the discus, we should know that what is IPO & why companies bring IPO into the Stock market. The full form of the IPO is Initial public offering. It is the stage, when the management of the company has decided for selling the shares to the public. How much percentage of the shares holding company promoters want to sell that all depends upon the company management. It is fund raising process adopted by the companies when it required.

Management Motive:

Most of the small companies want to generate capital from the market by selling their shares. The funds generated by the company may use for Growth purpose or for many other purposes related to company like pay off existing debt or bank loan, for expansion of the company, for Research & development. Some companies bring IPO's into the market to gain market shares. The most important step is to take permission from the Security & exchange board of India.

Different type of investor can apply IPO


SEBI supports the dynamic interest of retail financial backers by an extraordinarily planned allocation strategy, which empowered greatest designation to singular financial backers.

This is done to guarantee high liquidity and a benefit making road for people by exchanging shares in the optional business sectors.


The portion of offers in an IPO issue is relative.


The allocation technique according to SEBI is optional.

Type of IPO’s:

Fresh Offer

In the event that an organization is raising capital interestingly from the essential market and getting the organization stock recorded on the stock trade, such an IPO is known as another offer. This grows the investor base of the organization and infusion of capital into the organization.


In such a case, the organization is now recorded in the stock trade with organization shares being exchanged the market. Be that as it may, the organization is quick to raise extra assets through the IPO course. Such an issue is called follow-on offer.

Purchase on Available offer

If there should be an occurrence of a proposal available to be purchased, the current advertisers and anchor financial backers sell a piece of their shareholdings by means of an IPO. If there should arise an occurrence of Government substances, the greater part of the disinvestment are through proposal available to be purchased. In this manner, while the offer capital doesn't develop, the offer brief delay goes through a change. The proposal available to be purchased course may likewise be utilized by a firmly held organization to list in the stock trade.

Why we should Consider IPO

In an IPO issue, financial backers can purchase portions of the responsible organization by putting away cash and become investors of the organization. Contingent upon their shareholding, investors are qualified for profits, extra offers and so forth dependent on the income of the organization and announcement by the administration of profits or reward issue. Generally, value has created better yields than other resource classes.  In this manner, it is reasonable for financial backers to hold a specific part of value in their portfolio. Nonetheless, value is additionally viewed as hazardous as the offer costs are inclined to visit change dependent on monetary and non-financial occasions and frequently, with no specific explanation.

Over the long haul, be that as it may, putting resources into the offer market can help in abundance creation by putting resources into significant supplies of rumoured organisations with a hearty plan of action and monetary execution. An IPO is a chance to pick winning stocks and put at a serious cost in the portions of future industry pioneers that give important income via stock appreciation.

Because of the sensible value, one can purchase numerous portions of the guarantor organization at a sensible cost. After the organisation has effectively settled itself, it would be over the top expensive to purchase various portions of the organisation as the current market cost would be high.

Another Option, Should we Apply for IPO or Not:

Whether to Apply for IPO, this decision may differ from person to person. There are many people in the market those had good experience with the Past IPO' of the companies like Reliance Industries, Infosys, Mahindra & Mahindra, TCS if they got allotment of the shares. But in many cases if the IPO gets over subscribe or multiple times subscribe then retail investor get nothing. In such cases it looks like at lottery. If the Company IPO is showing more premium in the stock market then it will attract many retail investors but at the end most of the investor get nothing in the form of IPO allotment of the shares. I am not against the IPO market but it requires luck for getting allotment & also required deep research before apply the IPO application. 

There are many listed stock into the Indian stock market & we all know the past performances of those companies as well as price movement of company share prices. So it is better to buy listed stocks with one click from your operating system rather than try your luck just to get allotment of shares or not.


If a person apply for an IPO of the having share price is 100 rs per share & the lot size is 200 shares. It means if you apply IPO by using internet banking the your bank will lien the amount of 20,000 rs. IF you will get allotment then you are lucky otherwise you lost the opportunity in the secondary market for buying other listed shares.

In nutshell, the secondary market is better than to try your luck in the primary market. You never know that how IPO share price will be listed into the secondary market or whether you will get the opportunity to take a exit on the opening day of IPO listing.



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