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Aptus Value Housing finance IPO, Should you buy sell or hold on Listing ?

                                  Aptus Value Housing finance IPO, Should you buy sell or hold on Listing

What an investor or traders should do in Aptus value housing finance stock after IPO Listing:

Step 1

Check your IPO allotment for by following simple steps:

First way to Check Allotment:

1) Visit to BSE India website

2) Then Select the name of the company . Select Aptus ipo

3) Fill the application number of Aptus value Housing finance

4) Fill your Pan Card details

5) Tick on “not Robot” option

6) At the end press “Submit” button

Step 2

Second way to check Allotment:

1) Visit to Kfintech website, you may search in Google.

2) Select name of the IPO company i.e Aptus.

3) Fill the application number of Aptus IPO or you can select the option of filling DP ID.

4) Enter the security code mentioned on your screen

5) At the end press “Submit” button to get you allotment status


Step 3

Date of refund & date of credit of allotment shares of Aptus Value Housing Finance IPO:

The credit date of allotment IPO shares of Aptus Value housing finance is 23 August 2021. Listing date is 24th August 2021. The refund will be initiated into the bank accounts of the investors those had not received IPO allotments. The refund initiated date is 20th August 2021.

Step 4:

Buy, Sell Or hold this Stock?

Aptus Value Housing Finance, Should you Buy, Hold or Sell after listing of IPO?

Aptus Value Housing Finance is going to be high risk & moderate return IPO Listing. Many investors must be wondering that if they have got allotment in IPO then what should they do now. APTUS is a housing finance company targeting middle class and lower middle class customers. There has been a slowdown in the demand for housing finance loans in the last few years. Talking about REPCO finance & CAN FIN homes both these companies have not recorded such a good performance. The business of APUS Value Housing Finance is more than 50% Tamil Nadu based. This is also a risk factor because the business of the company has not spread much in other states of the country. If we talk about the performance of the company, then in the last 3 to 4 years, the growth of the company has been shown, which has registered almost 30%. If we will talk about the Return on Assets and Return on Equity then Company registers nearly 6% ROA & nearly 13% ROE in the financial year of 2021. IPO price range 346rs to 356rs with the face value of 2rs h. It looks a bit expansive, but if we look at the current situation of the Indian stock market, the market is giving thumbs up to a good management company. If we listen to the gray market of IPO, then 15rs and 25rs premium is also being heard, this premium also seems reasonable. Looking at all these things, a good listing can be expected, but investors should not miss the listing gains and must book some profit. If one has a long term point and view then it can be held but risks are also involved in this because the segment in which the company does business, middle class and lower middle class customers are targeted in that recovery of economy is good. If the demand for the housing sector is to be seen, if there are no signs of recovery in the economy, then its impact will be negative for the companies of the housing finance sector in the short to medium term.

The future of Indian housing finance companies looks bright in the long term as India's population is high and every person wants to build his own house, so the demand for housing finance in rural areas and in urban areas can be expected to increase. There is risk involved in housing finance companies which can be the risk of non-performing assets. If the loan repayments of the company have been good, then the profits will also be good. Therefore, this company will be for high risk and moderate returns investors. This can be a good stock for traders.

Aptus Value Housing finance IPO Subscription Rate:

With the strong response from investors, Aptus value Housing finance was subscribed more than 17 times with more than Rs 2700crore public issue. This IPO issue was opening from 10 August to to 12th August 2021. The qualified institutional buyer’s portion was subscribed more than 32 times. If we will talk about non-institutional investors then it was subscribed more than 33 times but retail segment was only confirmed by more than 1times.

The fresh issue of this IPO was nearly Rs 500cr, where offer for sale was of nearly Rs 2,280 cr which was by shareholders. The company management will use this IPO raised Capital for meeting the future capital requirements.

Company Business profile:

With increase of Population the interest for the houses is additionally expanding. Presently it will be greatest test for lodging finance organizations to offer lodging finance loans at serious rates.

Each one fantasies about possessing a home. House is outstanding amongst other venture individuals make with their well deserved cash during their lifetime. The lodging finance organizations satisfy the fantasies of individuals, seeking to claim their first home and add to the development of the lodging area. Developing Indian economy, rising pay, urbanizing populace, government charge motivating forces, throughout the long term, has prompted a lively lodging finance market. The vast majority of the lodging finance Institutions today obliges the requirements of upper center and big time salary clients having a place with the proper fragment. Accessibility of IT returns, compensation endorsements and pay evidences have made the credit appraisal to this section somewhat simple. This throughout the years has prompted a circumstance of finance and lodging stock being made accessible fundamentally to the formal and major league salary portion while the lodging request stays with the casual, low pay and centre pay fragment. In this way the motivational first home till date stays a fantasy for the greater part of the Indians from lower/middle pay class. Absence of finance accessibility has forestalled the perfect satisfaction for long.

This section of independently employed, Low, middle pay clients have a place and perform distinctive nature of work. The monetary strength and pay age ability of every client is unique. It is hard to club these clients, who are inclined to the ideas of the economy, under any homogenous gathering. Understanding their monetary necessities require an undeniable degree of compassion and attention to the effect of the financial changes in their way of life.

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Please do your own research before taking any decision of Buy, hold or sell. Above mentioned view is my personal view. Company business profile data is may have been collected from the company website but the View on the IPo listing is personal.


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