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What is technical analysis & why it is important in the stock market ?

                        What is technical analysis & why it is important in the stock market

The technical analysis is becoming the choice of almost everyone in the stock market. Especially, the youngsters want to trader into the stock market for intraday, short term or medium term point of view. In this case, technical analysis is one of the best tool to predict the stock price buying or selling level and exit level too.  Let us learn about the technical analysis in very simple way.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is a way of predicting or analyzing the price movement of stocks in the stock market. This analysis provides an estimate of something that is based on the behavior and movement of stocks compared to market present and past movements in relation to a given period. This analysis is based on market trends and is a very important concept considered by active investors in the financial markets.

 Who is a technical analyst or expert?

 The person who is considered an expert in this technical analysis is called a technical analyst and can advise investors on stock price movements in the stock market. These technical analysts will be SEBI registered analysts.

 Why Technical analysis is important in the Stock Market?

 Stock market is very volatile in nature. It is not an easy task to predict the volatility of the stock market. It requires skills to know the buying or selling price level of a particular stock. In this Technical analysis plays very important role. By studying technical analysis, one can help investors by suggesting when and where they will invest their money to get a better profit.

   One can be successful as an analyst in a dynamic market only if he follows certain basic charts, volumes and price scales that can set the market trend. The charts are the easiest way to predict the trend of the stocks or stock market. It is easy to pick the support level of the stock from where one stock price may give bounce or if stock price breaks that support level then how much it may go down to another support level.  At the same time if the stock is in uptrend then it is easy to find out the resistance level from where the stock price may come down as a part of profit booking or if the same resistance level a particular stock breaks and trade above then we call it stock price breakout and new trend will be set up into the stock.

 Technical analysis serves as a security analysis to understand the movement of stock prices and thus supports investors to invest in a timely manner to obtain a significant return on their investment. As the price of the stock market fluctuates, some positive predictions allow investors to invest in the stock market even under inflation. In this case, the only predictions that make up the analyst are important. Technical analysis  is a vital to realize securities exchange pattern, breath, strength of pattern same apply for singular stock too. To bring in a major cash in the financial exchange it is important to realize securities exchange pattern and strength of the pattern and strength that have a huge effect in your exchanging approach. Specialized pointers mirror within identical representation of securities exchange stocks. Subsequent to doing great investigation of specialized pointers you can undoubtedly recognize stock market trend, pattern inversion, and significant top or major down. Technical analysis resembles whether forecast. Whenever today there is more possibility for downpour then before we go out from house we get ready for downpour. Same way specialized examination gives that aide for stock trading, Intra-day exchanging, or long haul speculation.

 Market decides costs; changes in organic market cause changes in costs; costs can be projected with graphs and other specialized apparatuses.

 This field of study utilises the information produced from the market like value, volume, and so on, which is regularly graphically shown, in dynamic. The previously recorded utilization of specialised examination was in Japan during the 1700s, where it was utilized to investigate exchanging the rice market. However this is the most seasoned device being utilized by the Japanese, these apparatuses were interpreted and generally comprehended external Japan just during the 1980s.

 Technical approach determines the worth, exclusively from cost and volume information produced from the market. Technical examination accepts that there isn't a lot of legitimacy in attempting to distinguish multi-baggers on the lookout. Since business sectors are irregular, past examples will rehash the same thing later on. The most ideal approach to anticipate future value designs is to comprehend and decipher past designs.

 With a mix of Analyst markers like backings, protections, oscillators, energy and scattering of diagrams conceivable to distinguish one of a kind examples can feature some novel part of a stock value design. At whatever point a stock shows such exceptional patterns it is really demonstrative of some bigger pattern arising. Technical examination is that the costs mirror the accessible data that can leave a significant effect available. It prompts no necessity of investigating significant, financial or most recent advancements since they would as of now be valued into the security. By and large, specialized investigators accept that costs will in general move in patterns and history has higher shots at rehashing the same thing to the extent the over the brain science of the market is concerned.

 How you can become technical analyst

 For those who are willing to stay in touch with the stock market and enjoy a career in the financial sector, many colleges and institutions offer a wide range of stock market courses. These courses are very useful for active traders or even for investors and students who aim to become technical analysts. The study of these subjects can help in many ways. After the completion of such study anyone may become financial expert in the stock market. It is easy to get a job with brokerage houses. Even one can start his/her business after completion of technical analysis courses. There is NSE academy with offer few courses for more detail you can visit to the website of the NSE.


In nutshell, The technical analysis is a back bone of the traders for predicting the market trend as well as stock trend. With the use of the stock market trader can earn profit in short term or may reduce his/her profit by using technical tools like charts.

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