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RK Swamy: What is the fair value of the stock

RK Swamy, also known as R K SWAMY Hansa Group, stands as a prominent force in the Indian marketing landscape, offering a diverse range of integrated marketing services. With a foundation laid in 1973 by RK Swamy, the company has matured over five decades, excelling in areas such as creative solutions, media planning, data analytics, and market research.

Under the leadership of Srinivasan K Swamy, Chairman & Managing Director, RK Swamy has become a key player, delivering comprehensive services that include media planning and buying, market research, brand activation, data analytics, branding and designing, brand consulting, and advertising creative services

RK Swamy Company Leadership:

The company is currently led by Srinivasan K Swamy, Chairman & Managing Director; Narasimhan K Swamy, Group CEO & Whole-time Director; Sangeetha Narasimhan, Whole-time Director & National Creative Head; Dr. Pattabhi Kothandapani Raman, Nominee Director; and Nalini Padmanabhan, Independent Director.


RK Swamy Limited provides services such as media planning and buying, market research, brand activation, data analytics, branding and designing, brand consulting, and advertising creative services.

Financial Performance:

In terms of financials, RK Swamy has exhibited substantial growth, with total income reaching ₹299 crore in FY23, up from ₹183.2 crore in FY21. The net profit has also seen a positive trend.


The Initial Public Offering (IPO) is priced at a reasonable price-to-earnings multiple of 46 to 47 times based on FY23 financials, in line with industry averages. We can say that IPO price was highly Overpriced.


RK Swamy boasts deep-rooted customer relationships, a robust dividend payout history, and a scalable business model, contributing to consistent revenue and profit growth.


However, there are risks to consider, including underperformance in the first half of FY24, customer dependency on a small group of clients, and negative cash flows from investing and financing activities.

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Analysis & Recommendation on R K Swamy: Buy, Sell, or Hold:

Considering the potential risks and overvaluation in the IPO, our analysis suggests that long-term investors should adopt caution approach in RK Swamy stock. The company heavy depends on a few clients and the cyclicality of its business makes it less appealing for both long-term and short-term investors. It is better to invest in another stocks listed into the Indian Stock market having valuations are still attractive.

Fair Value Assessment: RK Swamy Share

Based on our calculations, the fair value of RK Swamy stock is estimated to be in the range of ₹120 to ₹150. Long-term investors are advised to wait for better valuations before considering investments in RK Swamy stock, taking into account the company's valuation and associated risks. It is Important to note that In the Stock market, Many Stock Operators, manipulate the stock price, So Long term Investors should stay alert in this type of Stock price movement .

In conclusion, RK Swamy's journey has been marked by significant growth and evolution in the marketing services sector. The leadership, led by Srinivasan K Swamy, has successfully navigated the company through various challenges, resulting in substantial financial performance, as evidenced by a total income of ₹299 crore in FY23.

While the Initial Public Offering (IPO) has been priced reasonably, there are concerns about potential overvaluation, dependence on a few clients, and certain risks associated with the business cycle. Consequently, our analysis recommends a cautious approach for long-term investors, suggesting a wait for better valuations before considering RK Swamy stock. It is crucial for investors to delve into the company's financial health, strengths, and potential risks before making investment decisions, ensuring alignment with their long-term financial goals and risk tolerance.


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