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JG Chemicals share: is it a long term buy for investors

 JG Chemicals, an integral part of the esteemed BDJ Group, has been a global leader since its establishment in 1975. Specializing in the production of Zinc Oxide under the renowned brand "LUXMI," the company employs the widely accepted French process technology. With a rich history and a commitment to quality, JG Chemicals has successfully carved a niche in various industries, including rubber, ceramics, paints, pharmaceuticals, electronics, agrochemicals, and more.

IPO Success and Strategic Investments:

Recently, JG Chemicals witnessed remarkable success with its IPO, which was oversubscribed 27 times on the final days of the offering. The company raised a substantial amount, with Rs 91 crore allocated for its subsidiary BDJ Oxides and an additional Rs 30 crore earmarked for long-term working capital requirements. This strategic move indicates JG Chemicals' dedication to expansion and innovation in the chemical market.

Diverse Product Demand:

JG Chemicals serves a wide array of industries, including tyre and rubber products, ceramics, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, electronics and batteries, agro-chemicals and fertilizers, specialty chemicals, and lubricants. The growing demand for their products emphasizes the company's pivotal role in supporting various sectors.

Financial Performance and Growth:

In the fiscal year ending March 2022, JG Chemicals reported a revenue of Rs 267 crore, showcasing its robust presence in the market. Notably, for the nine months ending December 2023, the company's total income reached nearly Rs 492 crore, with a profit after tax of aprox. Rs 18 crore. The fiscal year 2023 demonstrated impressive growth, with a total income of Rs 794 crore and a profit of closer to Rs 57 crore, marking a significant aprox. 32% increase from the previous financial year.

Should you Buy JG Chemicals share for long term investment?

JG Chemical stock is creating confusion in the mind of Investors because many factors are going in against of the company but few points are in going in favour of the JG Chemcials. If any investor has long term investment point of view in JG Chemicals stock then these factors will give them some confidence.

“JG Chemicals' Extraordinary Net Profit Surge in FY23"

Let's look at JG Chemicals' money situation. Many things came together to make the company do really well last year. The ups and downs in the money they made tell a interesting story. It's like a special mix of smart choices and how the market works. Now, let's check out what made JG Chemicals so successful.

Past Revenue Growth of JG Chemicals:

JG Chemicals embarked on a triumphant journey with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of nearly 22% in revenue between FY21 and FY23. This formidable surge not only solidified the company's market presence but also laid the foundation for a robust financial stance.

Volume growth:

Fueling this financial triumph is the company's commendable ability to amplify volumes at a CAGR of aprox. 12%. This impressive feat signals not only increased sales but also a finely tuned production engine, driving efficiency across the board.

Operational Efficiency:

At the heart of JG Chemicals' success lies operational efficiency and meticulous cost management. The net profit soared at an impressive CAGR of close to 26% during the FY21-FY23 period, underscoring the company's adeptness at converting operational prowess into tangible financial gains.

Product Prowess and Market Dynamics:

JG Chemicals strategically positioned itself in sectors experiencing sustained growth, such as tyres, ceramics, paints, cosmetics, and batteries. This foresight translated into an uptick in product demand, playing a pivotal role in the company's overall revenue surge.

Financial management by JG Chemicals:

A judicious approach to financial management has been a cornerstone of JG Chemicals' success. Notably, the company pruned its debt, impressively reducing the debt-to-equity ratio from 0.6x in 2021 to a commendable 0.1x recently. This strengthened financial position has acted as a catalyst for improved profitability.

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In JG Chemicals financial success story, every aspect plays a vital role, like instruments in an orchestra. The combination of revenue growth, volume expansion, operational finesse, strategic market positioning, and smart financial management led to a significant increase in net profit last year. As JG Chemicals keeps succeeding, its journey showcases a thoughtful mix of foresight, efficiency, and strategic skills in the ever-changing chemical industry.

Our Final Analysis and Recommendation: JG Chemicals

While JG Chemicals operates in a promising sector, the company's growth prospects post-IPO raise concerns. It is crucial to monitor the financial performance after the listing to analysis its impact on profitability. The sale of equity shares worth Rs 86.19 crore by promoters raises eyebrows, signaling a potential risk for the company.

JG Chemicals has positive prospects due to strategic partnerships with global and Indian tyres manufacturers. Long-term investors looking for stable returns may find holding onto JG Chemicals stock advisable. However, short-term investors should be cautious during price surges and consider booking profits. It might be wise for them to accumulate JG Chemicals shares at lower levels after profit booking for potential long-term gains.


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