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Can Algorand and Solana cryptocurrencies become next Bitcoin

 Latest News on Cryptocurrencies:

Cryptocurrency once again delighted investors on Wednesday. We has discusses on our website a few days ago that bitcoin is looking at profit booking and bitcoin can bounce back from lower price levels.

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Bitcoin has bounced back from the price levels we mentioned on our website and today the bitcoin rate is back at $54,772. Such a surge in bitcoin was seen a few months ago in May. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and SEC Chairman Gary Gensler on a business channel said that nothing has yet been considered to impose restrictions on cryptocurrency trading. Weekly regulatory apprehensions regarding this news have subsided. Bill Baruch, president of Blue Line Capital, also planned to add more bitcoin to bitcoin at lower price levels. According to Bill Baruch, if bitcoin was found near $33,000, he would have added more, but this did not happen. He discussed more about two cryptocurrencies in his media statement. The names of those two cryptocurrencies are Solana and Algorand, ALGO.

Technical View on Solana Cryptocurrency & Algorand Cryptocurrency :

Solana Crypto has given investors original returns over the past few months. We have already discussed some cryptocurrencies on our website which can give multiple returns.First, we discuss the technical levels of the Algorand cryptocurrency.

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Should you sell Algorand cryptocurrency:  Sell if

if in the coming few days and weeks the price of Algorand cryptocurrency Starts trading below$1. 45 or $1.42 then the technical trend on charts of Algorand coin will change and in this case,  we can see profit booking in ALGO.  If the Algorand cryptocurrency  trade below $1.42 to $1.40 on closing basis then  in coming days, we may see these price levels in Algorand cryptocurrency  $1.32, $1.28, $1.22, $1.17, $1.10 and $ 1.05. The Algorand cryptocurrency, ALGO, was currently trading at $1.82.

Should you invest in Algorand cryptocurrency:  Buy if

As long as the Algorand coin trades above $1.48, it will remain in a buy zone. Current price of Algorand cryptocurrency is at $ 1.82. If we will check on technical charts then in last 7 days, Algorand cryptocurrency , ALGO has given more than 11.90% returns which is good for investors. But the question arise here that Should you invest in Algorand cryptocurrency, ALGO at currenct price of $1.82 then We may say that It will be a buy until it trades above $ 1.48 levels . Investors may accumulate Algorand coin in small sets. We may see price targets in Algorand cryptocurrency in coming days nearly , $1.90, $1.98, $ 2.05, $ 2.10, $2.18, $ 2.22, $2.28, $ 2.35, $ 2.41, $ 2.48, $2.55 ++ in the coming weeks or months. But traders we keep stop loss as above mentioned. The stop loss has given above is on closing basis.

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Can  Algorand and Solana cryptocurrencies become next Bitcoin

Solana Cryptocurrency.

Should you sell Solana Cryptocurrency: Sell If

Solana cryptocurrency has given tremendous up move in the last couple of months but should investors buy Solana crypto at current price levels? We try to discuss the Technical charts of Solana cryptocurrency & what will the lower levels targets of Solana crypto in the coming weeks or months.

Solana crypto. SOL is trading at $156.54. If we will check 7 days returns of Solana Crypto then it has given more than 12% returns which look good. IF we will talk about the few months’ price movements then in August 2021, Solana cryptocurrency price was nearly $35.12 but today on 07-Oct-2021 Solana crypto is trading above $156.50 price levels. It has already made high of  $211 on 9th Aug-2021. Therefore it has already given good more from lower levels & after that we have see more $60 correction from higher levels.

If Solana crypto price gives closing below $152.80 or $152.20 price levels then we may see $151.70, $150.80, $150, $149.50, $148.80, $148, $147.50 $146.80, $145.40. Profit book in Solana Cryptocurrency should stop around these levels and we may see bounce back from these price levels but if Solana crypto could take support from $145.20 or $144.80 on closing basis then we may see more down fall which may takes it to the levels of $142 to 139.50 or below. But for these levels it has to break $ 145.20 or $144.80 levels on closing basis. Otherwise we will see sharp up move again.

Should you invest in Solana Cryptocurrency: buy SOL If

Solana Crypto, SOL  is in profit booking mood from last few weeks or days but it is very obvious after huge run up. Should you buy Solana Crypto at current price levels? Here is very important question.

Solana Crypto is buy only above $158.20 with the stoploss of #152.50 on closing basis. If Solana Crypto gives close above #158.20 then we may new up move in this cryptocurrency which may take Solana Cryptocurrency up to the price levels of $ 159.20, $160.80, $161.80, $162.80, $164.20, $166.80, $168.20, $170.20, $172.50, $173.80 in the coming weeks or months.

IF Solana Crypto, SOL gives close above $175.35 levels then another up move will start in Solana Crypto which may take this currency for new price levels of $180 to $200+ levels in the coming months and we may see new life time highs in the Solana Crypto . but for these levels to come Solana Crypto price  has to give closing above  $175.35 or $175.50 price levels with good volume.

In nutshell, we can say that Solana cryptocurrency , SOL &  Algorand cryptocurrency, ALGO both may the good investment options for the crypto investors for long term point of view with risk taking ability. Many Cryptocurrency market experts are also expected multiple returns in Algorand cryptocurrency, ALGO & Solana Crypto, SOL . We have given both side price levels for our website viewer. Please follow the strict stoploss if you are looking for trading only. We would like to say that Many crypto currency market experts had same view on Bitcoin few years back and it ha given multiple returns to the investors. Always mind it that there is no regulation came on cryptocurrency market and it is a digital currency. Please check your risk taking ability before taking any investment decision in any cryptocurrency.

Disclaimer: The above discussion on both cryptocurrencies is my personal view. My view may differ from the other experts of the cryptocurrency market

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