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Best 5 cryptocurrencies which may give multiple returns

 In today's time, people in India are also showing a lot of interest for investing in cryptocurrency. But the confusion remains in everyone's mind which cryptocurrency to invest in. Today we will talk about top 5 cryptocurrencies in this article. Before writing further on this article, I would like to mention one thing that investing in cryptocurrency is more risky because till now no regulation has been passed by the financial market regulators in this. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that you can store in a digital wallet. So far there are very few companies that are accepting cryptocurrencies. You must have heard the names of many such cryptocurrencies in the market, in which many people talk about investing. But it will be very important for you to do research on each cryptocurrency before investing and buying it. Today we have brought the top 5 cryptocurrencies for the viewers of our website, which have been researched. Nevertheless, every cryptocurrency carries some risk. We have selected the top 5 cryptocurrencies we discuss today based on data from the last few months.

1)Bitcoin cryptocurrency:

Bitcoin is one such cryptocurrency which became the most famous in the world and all traders & investors know about this crypto. Bitcoin was launched in the market in 2009 by a group and we can say that the entry of bitcoin in the crypto market was in 2009. Bitcoin was created by a group called Satoshi Nakamoto. Then perhaps this group would not even have thought that one day the name of bitcoin would be on everyone's tongue. Bitcoin is also a Blockchain itself. Which is run through networking? No middlemen have been given place in this; it can be bought and sold online. There is no news of fraud and misuse of the Blockchain in bitcoin so far, so bitcoin is considered safe. The basis of proof-of-work is included in bitcoin.

 At the end of August, the market cap of Bitcoin was recorded to exceed $850 billion. If we talk about it, today it is at $44,000, which represents an incredible multiple of these gains from $500 per Bitcoin five years ago. Current Market cap of Bitcoin is more than $798,703,732,170

As of the writing of today's article, the rate of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is nearly trading around $42,,359 per Bitcoin and in the morning session Bitcoin cryptocurrency is trading with negative (-) 4.1%  in last 24 hours.

Best 5 cryptocurrencies which may give multiple returns

2)Ethereum cryptocurrency:

Ethereum is also a Blockchain itself. Which consists of a native token called Ether or ETH, commonly known as a cryptocurrency. Almost all cryptocurrencies sold digitally are processed on the same blockchain. The Ethereum cryptocurrency is also considered a stable platform like the bitcoin blockchain. Which is constantly striving to upgrade without a break to stay at the forefront of the trend, with its latest venture to significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels?

If we talk about the Ethereum cryptocurrency, then the journey from the level of $ 11 to the level of $ 3,000 has been completed in the last more than five years. You might imagine that the Ethereum cryptocurrency has experienced multibagger returns from investors over the years. The market cap of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is more than $355 billion. Experts in the cryptocurrency market are currently seeing more upsides in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. But there can be volatility in the crypto market.

As of the writing of today's article, the rate of Ethereum cryptocurrency is nearly trading around  $2933per coin and in the morning session Ethereum cryptocurrency is trading with negative (-) 2.6% in last 24 hours.

 3)Binance Crypto Coin:

Binance Coin is considered to be the 3rd most popular and trusted cryptocurrency in the world. Now some companies have also started accepting this cryptocurrency, which includes trading companies, travel booking companies, etc. As of the writing of today's article, the rate of Binance crypto coin is running around $338 and is registering a decline of more than 5% in last 24 hours.


Cardano is not that much popular cryptocurrency right now but Cardano is also running in lime light due to multipay returns coming in crypto market in last few months. Cardano has a current market cap of over $69,035,122,470. Crypto traders are considering Cardano's coin as the best option in the near future. The currency price of the Cardano ADA is USD 2. 5 is going on. Cardano ADA is known for using a new proof-of-stake method to verify transactions that use less energy than the larger cryptocurrencies. Cardano ADA could also be a good option from a risk point of view.

5)Tether Cryptocurrency:

Very few people would have heard the name of Tether crypto. If we talk about the market cap of Tether Crypto, then the market cap of Tether Cryptocurrency is above $68,582,478,940 and the correct price of Tether Cryptocurrency is running at $1. Small investors always want low prices and high returns. Those KK Tether cryptocurrency could prove to be a right choice. But the risk involved is the highest in small price cryptocurrencies. But there will be $1 foot crypto to lose in Tether cryptocurrency and multiples can come if return A. So do your own research before taking any risk.

Truth about cryptocurrencies at current situation:

Cryptocurrencies are available in other markets such as XRP, Dogecoin, Polkadot, USD coin, Solana assets. But some of these unexpected similes in one of the cryptocurrencies have arrived in a very short time. That's why the top 5 cryptocurrencies that we think are good are still discussed from us. Remind once again that investing and trading in the cryptocurrency market can be risky, discuss with your financial advisor and start investing in it. So far no government has passed any bill on cryptocurrencies and no government in the world has control over it.

Just last week, we all told on our website that the China Central Bank & China Government had made a ban on the cryptocurrency and all the cryptocurrencies that came in the market of this news had also registered a lot of fall.

 Disclaimer: The above discussion on different cryptocurrencies is my personal view. Please do your own research before making any investment in the cryptocurrencies. My view may differ from other experts of cryptocurrency market. 

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