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Latest news on Australia international borders reopening

 Australian Prime minister Scott Morrison Statement on International Students & Skilled Migrants: 

Australian Prime Monitor Scott Morrison said in a press conference held in Canberra on Tuesday, 05-oct 2021, that he is going to open the international borders, 80% of the population in Australia, who are 16 years ahead and above have taken corona vaccine.  That's why Australia should now open international borders. Last week Scott Morrison said in the media that he would allow the first fully vaccinated Australian citizens & permanent residents to travel to any country in November 2021. But in yesterday's press conference, Scott Morrison said that he is going to give higher priority to Skilled Migrants Visa holders & International Students as well. Let us tell you that we had published two articles on our website, in which it was told that Australia International Borders are going to open in November and December 2021.

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Tourist visa holders are not allowed for travelling Australia:

Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said that he is not allowing international tourists until 2022. No plans have been made on this yet. Let us tell you that Australia is the first country that has not been able to open the international borders since the start of the corona pandemic.

When International Students Can Travel to Australia: 

International students and 485 visa holders, 491 visa holders and other skilled migrants visa holders have good news from Australia. Australia's prime minister has said that he will first welcome skilled migrants and then international students, followed by Australian citizens & permanent residents.

According to the Australia Immigration Department, the lowest migration rate has been registered since World War 11. With this, Australian universities have suffered a lot of losses. We can say according to an estimate that the travel of international students can start in the end of December 2021 and life in the middle of 2002 and 485 visa holders can also get permission in Australia by December 2021.

 Australia has taken the decision to reopen the international border too late, countries like Canada, UK, Germany, USA had opened their international borders and international students started travelling in these countries long ago. Sot Morrison in his statement on the Australian news channel "Seven Network Television" stated that Skilled Migrants and International Students are important for Australia.

Latest news on Australia international borders reopening

When international visitors can travel to Australia:

According to the Australian Tourism Export Council, Australia's tourism sector had done business worth more than $ 30 billion before the Corona pandemic. The Australian Tourism Export Council is expecting international tourist travel to Australia until March 2022. Corona virus is going on in many countries but corona vaccine has given confidence to many countries to plant international borders. In view of this, Australia has also decided to plant international borders and it will be a good thing.


Indian Students are attracting Toward Canada:

According to a research, the inclination and interest of students from India, Pakistan, Nepal and China and other countries have increased towards countries like Canada, UK and USA. Australia has not allowed international students to travel to their country for all of the last 18 months. The visas of some 485 visa holders have expired and the visas of some visa holders will expire in the coming few weeks. Seeing the condition of all these visa holders, the inclination of new students has increased towards those countries where international students were welcomed.

We hope the Australian Government will no longer delay and quickly recall International Students and 485 Visa Holders and Skilled Migrants. The Australian government will issue new visas to the visa holders whose visas have expired due to the closure of the international borders, because there was no fault of the visa holders in this.

The Australian government has welcomed international students from the beginning therefore Australia has been the first choice of all international students. Hopefully the Australian government will find a solution to this problem very soon and again International Students, International Travellers and Working Visa Holders will make Australia their first choice

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