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Lupin ltd, should you buy or sell lupin share?

 Lupin ltd Business model in Brief:

Lupin Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Company is trading in the Indian Stock Market on the India & NSE Stock Exchanges settled for many years. Lupin Pharmaceutical Company has made a name for itself in the pharma industry by starting its operations from manufacturing vitamins and reach to the manufacture tuberculosis medicine. In 1968, Lupine started the company's operations. Started Lupin Laboratories Pvt Ltd in 1972, followed by a formulation plant with the company's R&D centre at Aurangabad in 1979. . Lupin Pharma Company has focused on development from the beginning. Only a good management can think about the development of the company. Starting production of Ethambutol in 1981 and also started Cephalexin plant in 1987 at Mandideep . Under the leadership of Dr. Desh Bandhu Gupta, Lupine Pharma Company carried forward the operations. And after that in 1989 Lupin Chemical Ltd (Thailand) was established in Thailand and after that in US for Ankleshwar and Mandideep plants. FDA approval was also obtained. After this the companies track started. In 1993, Lupin Laboratories & Lupin Chemicals Ltd. Floated IPO's. In this way the company did a lot of expansion till 2021 and today the company has a different identity in the pharma industry. Lupin Pharmaceutical Company has become a major brand in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and exports to more than 70 countries.

Recent News of Lupin Ltd, 28- September 2021:

on 28 September 2021 , there is a news on lupin ltd company on various business news channels that lupin ltd is planning to enter the diagnostics segment. Lupin  Ltd has also started hiring new staff for the company in the diagnostics segment. 45000sq. The work of starting the Feet Laboratory is going on in Mumbai. The company management is expecting the launch of this project by the month of October. Lupine Diagnostics, which is going to make part of Lupin Healthcare, will be held by Lupin Ltd. So far this news has not been confirmed by the company management and the company management has refused to comment on this news.

If Lupin Laboratories Company enters the diagnostics segment in the market, then the price competition in the market is bound to change because Lupin is an established brand & in this industry,  Lupin Pharma company has a good hold in this industry.

According to sources, Lupin Laboratories has also roped in some staff from companies already established in the market like Dr Lal's Pathlabs, SRL Reliance Life & Apollo Diagnostics in the diagnostics segment.

Lupin ltd, should you buy or sell lupin share

Lupin ltd Financials analysis:

With the face value of 2, Lupin Ltd stock is trading around 953rs to 955rs price range till today morning (11:50am, 29-september-2021) when we had written this article on our website.

If we will compare the company sales on YOY basis then in June 2020, company registered sales of 3527cr which increase in June 2021 and reached at 4270cr. In June 2020, Company EBIT was 316 & in June 2021 Company registered it around 780. We have seen Good numbers in the Net profit front If we will see in the June 2021 company reported more than 545 cr net profit which is a huge jump as compared with last year result o June 2020 where net profit was around 108cr. If we will Talk about the Debt on the company books then it is more than 300cr which is reasonable because company has done some expansions in the past years. Company has reserves of more than 18,000 cr . Promoters of the company are holding more than 46% shareholding.  In last year Company eps was in negative which was nearly (-6 ) & in March 2021 Company reported more than 26 earnings per share which is better as compared to last year. Company also offer dividend to its company shareholders, this year on 27 July 2021 lupin ltd had given 6.50rs dividend. Long time back in Aug 2006 company had also given bonus issue 1:1.

 Should you buy or sell Lupin share? Should you invest in the lupin share today we will discuss this question & also we will check technical levels for lupin ltd share.  

Short term targets of Lupin share:

If you are positional trader and you can keep bit long stop loss from current market price of Lupin ltd which at 955rs to 956rs then 922rs should be your trade stop loss on closing basis and short term targets for lupin should be 980rs , 992rs , 1010rs & 1020rs +. Traders may book profit on any good rise of lupin ltd stock price and try to add at lower levels too. It will be best strategy for traders

Medium Long term targets of Lupin share price:

Medium term Investment is always for Investment point of view. Lupin Ltd has shown good Growth in the past few years, as I mentioned above. My personal view for the Lupin ltd is positive. It is investor friendly stock. There is no doubt that Lupin ltd has not given big upmove  in the past few months but at this point of time we may see some good up side moment in the lupin ltd in the coming weeks or months.

I personally feel that Lupin ltd may show good up move and Lupin share price may reach up to the price levels of 1150rs to 1250rs+ in coming months. These price targets of Lupin ltd are only for long term investors. Indian stock market is in profit book mood. I had also given alert on Indian stock market that we may see correction in the Indian stock market in coming days. You may also read that article in my website.  For long term investors Lupin ltd is Buy and every dip will be buying opportunity but long term investors should also Keep 840rs on closing basis stop loss in lupin ltd stock. 840rs stop loss is very deep stop loss but investors should also follow the stop losses on their investment to protect their capital. It is a stock market & anything may happen in this market so Laos invest or trader with stop losses.

Disclaimer: The discussion on Lupin ltd stock is my personal view. Please do your own research before taking any investment decision in the stock. My view point may differ from other experts of the stock market. 


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