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Bajaj Auto ltd, Should you buy or sell Bajaj Auto share?

 Brief Introduction about Bajaj autos Company:

Bajaj Autos is a trusted name in the motorcycles, scooters and three-wheeler segment in India. There was a time when Bajaj used to make advance booking to get the favourite scooter and today is the time when Bajaj Autos Company has so many models of motorcycles, scooters and three-wheeler that it becomes difficult for people to make a choice. The head of Bajaj Group of Companies, Mr. We all have heard about Rahul Bajaj. Apart from the auto sector, Bajaj Group's business is also in the general and life insurance and investment and consumer finance, home appliances, electric lamps, wind energy, special alloy, equipment and travel, stainless steel, material handling segments. Today we will talk about Bajaj Autos. Bajaj Group is one of the top 10 business houses in India. Bajaj Autos was started in 1926 and Jamnalal Bajaj is the founder of Bajaj Group. Bajaj Auto's manufacturing company comes at the 4th ranking in the world. If we talk about the business of Bajaj Autos, apart from India, Bajaj Auto's hold is also in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South and South East Asia like other countries. Success story of Bajaj Autos company is very high but today we will discuss in this article. In 1965, Rahul Bajaj took over the business of Bajaj Group. In 2005, Rahul Bajaj's son Rajiv Bajaj became the Managing Director of Bajaj Auto. After that, only a few years later, Rajiv Bajaj took a big decision in 2007 and Bajaj Auto acquired a 14% stake in KTM which till date has seen more than 47% growth. In today's time Bajaj Autos exports its products to more than 70 countries.

Bajaj Auto ltd, Should you buy or sell Bajaj Auto share

Fundamental analysis of Bajaj Autos:

Coming to Bajaj Autos Financials, the Bajaj Autos share of Face Value 10, as of the writing of this article, as of today 30-Sept 2021 is trading in the price range of 3856 Rs to 3896 Rs. The book value of Bajaj Autos is 942.52 and the Earnings per share of Bajaj Autos is running at Rs 194 per share. The market cap of Bajaj Autos company is more than 111,000 cr. Industry P/E 25 against which Bajaj Autos share is trading at near 20. Calculating Price to Book then Nearly 4 Price to Book Value is the share of Bajaj Autos trading at.

Let us tell you that in September 2010, Bajaj Autos also gave share bonus to the shareholders on the basis of 1:1.

BSE: 532977

NSE: Bajaj-auto

If we talk about the company's results and financial performance, then in June 2020 Bajaj Autos sales were reported more than 3000 tax then the covid 19 pandemic shook the whole economy. If we look at the results of June 2021, the sales of Bajaj Autos were registered more than double and in June 2021 the company's sales figure was more than 7300 cr. Bajaj Autos Shows Net Profit In June 2020 Around 520 Cr Which Has Almost Doubled In June 2021. Big Upside movement was also noted in the Bajaj Autos stock after its arrival and from April 2021 to June 2021, the share price of Bajaj Autos rose from a price of 3500rs to a price level of 4293. If we note last 1.8 years, then the share price of Bajaj Autos has more than doubled, in March 2020 the share price of Bajaj Autos was trading around 1890rs to 1900 rupees per share and in June 2021 the share price of Bajaj Autos was 4361 rupees. per share was reached. Profit booking was seen in the share of Bajaj Autos after posting 52 weeks high and today the share price of Bajaj Autos has reached 3835rs per share.

Bajaj Autos has given the final dividend 140rs per share in July 2021 to its company shareholders. If we talk about Past March 2020, then Bajaj Autos had given 120rs per share dividend. In this way, when it comes to the management of the company, it thinks well about the shareholders and has also given good returns to the shareholders.  In this way we can say that Bajaj autos share is best stock for investors. Also we can say that Bajaj autos share is portfolio stock.  For long term investors, Bajaj autos is a best stock to keep into the portfolio & its proved in the past by offering best stock price performance. But Still, Long term Investors should stay alert in Indian stock market because nifty has already given multibagger returns and nifty stocks has already give huge upside price movement. It is better to buy stocks like Bajaj autos at lower levels. Bajaj autos share is best to accumulate because profit booking is part of any stock and it may come into any stock.

Technical analysis of Bajaj Autos share: Bajaj auto share buy or sell?

IF we will talk about the price movement in Bajaj autos share on charts then bajaj autos share is in profit booking mood. We may see more profit booking in the Bajaj autos share in coming days too. We will discuss both side price movement targets of Bajaj autos.

Short term Trading strategy in Bajaj autos share:

IF Stock price of Bajaj Autos goes above 3870rs and give closing above given price level then it will be buy signal on technical charts in Bajaj autos share. In this case stop loss should be 3825rs for short term trading. In this case, Short term targets for Bajaj Auto share, 3910, 3930, 3950, 3980, 4000, 4020. Mind it these levels is only valid if stock gives closing above 3870 or 3875rs price levels. Otherwise We may see more selling pressure in the stock.

Lower levels in Bajaj Autos share: Should we short sell Bajaj Auto share?

 If Bajaj autos share price trade below the level of of 3865 or 3850 and gives closing below these levels then w may see lower levels of 3820rs , 3800, 3790, 370, 3750, 3730, 3700 to 3680rs. Profit should stop around these price levels and we may see some bounce back but if stock break these levels 3680 and close below this price levels for few trading session then stock structure will be changed and we may see more down fall in the Bajaj autos share price up the levels of 3550.

 Disclaimer: The above discussion on Bajaj Auto share price is my personal view. My view point may differ from other experts of the market. 

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