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Australia International Borders are reopening in November 2021

Australia International borders are close from last 18 months due to Covid 19 restrictions:

Australia has closed its international borders for the last 18 months. Australia was a country in the world that closed its international borders at the beginning of Covid 19 and has exceeded 18 months Australia is unable to open its international borders. Due to this, International travellers are facing a lot of trouble. International students who are doing online study since last 18 months are also facing mental problems because students who can do campus study cannot understand off campus study. Australia's education and travel experts have also demanded the reopening of international borders  from a long time, but the Australian government was not pursuing this. Earlier the corona vaccine was not being given initiative in Australia. A few months ago, when there was a corona outbreak in Australia, then the vaccination rate in Australia was increased a lot.

485 Visa Holder & international student Visa holders are in deep trouble:

International Student visa holders as well as temporary visa holders are stuck outside Australia, some 485 visa holders Visa holders' visas have also expired and they have not got entry into Australia. Most of these international students and work visa holders are from China, India, Nepal, and Pakistan. If seen, visa holders in other countries are also stuck outside since 18 months. Till now no official statement was coming in the media from the side of the Australian government that when they would open the international borders, past now there has been a statement in the media from Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison that he will open the international borders of Australia till November and December 2021. Because in Australia about 80% of people will get corona vaccination and the Australian government is also considering home quarantine.

Australia International Borders are reopening in November 2021

Confusion on which corona vaccine will be accepted?

According to Australian travel experts, so far there is no clarity from the Australian government that they will accept the Corona vaccine. Vaccine in China will be acceptable? Will the corona vaccine being found in India be acceptable for travel? All these questions are yet to be replied. According to Australian Tourism & Transport Experts, if the Australian government wants to open international borders soon, then they should give clarity on the Corona virus.

Premier of the New South Wales, NSW, Gladys Berejiklian Official statement:

The Premier of the New South Wales, Gladys Berejiklian has already given statements in the media in favour of reopening the International Borders, but due to the Covid outbreak in Sydney, the International Borders plantation was delayed. Premier, Gladys Berejiklian also discussed the situation of covid 19 in the Australian media yesterday, saying that more than 46% have been fully vaccinated in Australia and the target of 80% fully vaccination will be achieved very soon and the international borders will be closed very soon Will be reopened.

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18th December 2021, 1st International flight will be restarted from Australia:

On the other hand, Qantas Airlines officials have also given an statement in the media that Qantas airlines are going to start Australia international flights from 18th December 2021, Few flights are going to start from Sydney and Melbourne to London, Vancouver; Los Angeles, Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison has earlier said in the media that international borders can be reopened by December 2021. So now it seems that the Australian government is seriously thinking about reopening of international borders.  The Australian government should also think about this because more than 18 months have passed since Australian international borders are closed, due to this the careers of students and temporary visa holders 485 are getting spoiled but due to this the education industry in Australia And the hospitality sector is also losing a lot.

Hotel quarantine & Vaccination is mandatory:

Australian authorities will preliminary a home quarantine system for completely vaccinated worldwide voyagers showing up in Sydney, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday, as the nation moves to return its boundaries regardless of steady COVID-19 cases.

Australia shut its worldwide boundary in March 2020 in light of the pandemic, permitting passage only to residents and extremely durable occupants who are needed to go through compulsory fourteen day hotel quarantine at their own cost.  This is the following stage in our arrangement to securely resume, and to remain securely open," Morrison said, adding the preliminary could set the norm for the way "we live with COVID-19.

People's emotions are also getting hurt:

There are so many people who have not been able to go out of Australia for the last 18 months Because they had fear in their mind that they will not be allowed to come back to Australia. Now other countries of the world such as Canada, UK, Germany, Dubai etc  have reopened international travel with even conditions for a long time, but Australia has not reopened the borders even once. It is expected that Australia will also open its international borders for all by October and November 2021.

Ministry of external affairs of India,  S Jaishankar spoke to Marise Payne and Peter Dutton:

Marise Payne and Peter Dutton of Australia visited to Indian last week on September 2021. Even after this meeting, it was told in the media that Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will discuss issues including economic security, cyber, climate, critical technology and supply chains. But after the meeting was over, it was told in the media that Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar spoke to Marise Payne and Peter Dutton to bring back Indian students and temporary visa holders to Australia and there was a positive response from Marise Payne and Peter Dutton. also came. S Jaishankar told that the vaccination rate is highest in India and the corona virus has now reduced a lot in India, so it should be called back temporary visa holders & Indian students. after this conversation  now it  is expected that the Australian government will open the international borders in October and November 2021.

Special Thanks to all corona warriors:

The Australian Government has always welcomed tourists and international students and has also provided a good environment. That is why even today international students want to study in Australia. But who knew that the corona virus would break everyone's dreams. But now the corona virus is under control in the world. Thanks to the world medical researchers and scientists who provided safety to the people by providing corona vaccination in such difficult times of the world and gave back a happy life to the people. Thanks to world media who guided people well during covid-19 time. Also thanks to the governments of all the countries who made good plans to deal with the epidemic like corona and got them implemented. Also special thanks to the doctors, medical staff and all the corona warriors who spent day and night in the treatment of corona patients to save the lives of people.

Disclaimer: Above discussion includes official statements made by government officials of both countries. Please check with your own sources too. 

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