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Covid 19 impact on Australian Economy & NSW new Covid restrictions

                                  Covid 19 impact on Australian Economy & NSW  new Covid restrictions

 Today, Article will cover following:

  •   Current Situation of Covid 19 in the all state of Australia & Covid 19 Impact on Australia economy.
  •   Current situation of corona virus in NEW South Wales & new restriction in NEW South Wales due to     Covid 19, 5kms radius in Lockdown
  •   Covid 19 impact on Australia education industry
  • Covid 19 Situation in all countries:

The havoc of covid 19 is going on in every single country in the world. Perhaps there will be such a country which has not imposed restrictions in its country in view of the threat of covid and in other words, a solution is being seen. Corona virus is changing its form, sometimes in the form of alpha variant and sometimes in the form of delta variant; covid 19 is changing its course. But the world's scientists are keeping a close eye on the changing moves of the corona virus. Talking about the data so far, more than 200 million cases have been reported all over the world due to corona virus, more than 4 million deaths have occurred in the whole world, more confirmed in countries like United States, China, India, Brazil Cases are noted. After that, more active cases are being seen in countries like Russia, France, Turkey, and United Kingdom. A country like Indian has fought a lot with the corona virus and right now the situation in India is under control and the vaccination rate is increasing very quickly. Countries like United Kingdom, United States of America, Russia, and China have achieved an increase in the corona vaccination rate.

Total Number of Corona virus Cases in all states of Australia:

On the other hand, vaccination rates are improving in countries like Australia, New Zealand as well. But in Australia these days the corona virus is causing a lot of havoc. If we talk about the latest data, then more than 36,000 total cases have been noted in Australia. Out of which in New South Wales more than 13400 corona cases, Victoria more than 21100 cases, Queensland more than 1955 Corona cases, Western Australia more than 1050 Corona cases, South Australia, SA more than 860 cases, Tasmania  reported 235 cases , 199 corona cases have been noted in the Northern Territory NT, Darwin & Australia capital territory, ACT  reported 133 corona cases.  According to this data, the Northern Territory & Australia capital territory has reported low corona cases. On the other hand, Corona cases have been reported or noticed the most in Victoria & New South Wales, NSW. Australian States Like ACT and SA may extends Lock down in coming day as a precautionary measure because in these states cases are less so these states may close domestic borders too.

Current Covid19 Situation in all states of Australia:

If we talk about the current situation, then corona cases are increasing very much in NSW, New South Wales. Today New South Wales has reported 466 new cases. 4 Corona patients have also died. There have been 21 new cases of corona virus in Victoria today. If seen, only 2 new cases have come in the Australian Capital Territory. This is a good sign that work cases are coming up in states other than Australia, such as Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, or that new cases have not even been reported.


New Lockdown Restrictions in New South Wales, NSW:

In view of the increasing outbreak of the Delta variant, a lockdown has been installed in New South Wales for a few days. NSW,  New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian has announced a 5Kms radius in lock down after seeing the rise in Corona cases. Today Press Conference of New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian issued a statement saying that today 466 new cases of corona have been registered in New South Wales and 4 people have also died due to corona. In view of the situation of Covid 19 of the last few days, people are getting new restrictions and rules today.

New standards for individuals in Greater Sydney mean they can just go inside their nearby government region or 5 kilometres from their home toward any path. The limitations come in the midst of an increment in local area transmission that has specialists stressed. The state detailed 466 new instances of local area transmission today.  The movement limitations permit individuals to exercise shop or participate in sporting exercises in their neighbourhood government region or inside 5km of home. Citizens in the 12 LGAs (Local Government areas) of concern were before limited to the 5km Radius before today. With fines for breaking general wellbeing orders additionally tightening up, realize exactly what is and isn't inside 5km.

From Monday begins from 12:01am, August 16, police will be getting serious much further on resistance. Under the new measures, fines will be fundamentally expanded, the distance permitted to go for exercise will be split (for inhabitants or citizens living outside of the 12 LGAs ( Local Government areas) of concern, new appraise designated spots will set up along key roads and streets and more uproar crew and roadway watch officials will plunge on LGAs of concern.

Local government areas of concern are: (12 LGAs make up areas):

Bayside, Blacktown, Burwood, Campbelltown, Canterbury-Bankstown, Cumberland, Fairfield, Georges River, Liverpool, Parramatta, Strathfield

More fines will be charged on breaking of rules:

Individuals will get a $5000 on-the-spot fine for a quarantine break, up from $1000. A $5000 punishment will likewise apply for lying on a permit, and for misleading a contact tracer. There will be $3000 fines given for breaking the two-man practice rule, and for penetrating the boundary between Greater Sydney and local NSW. A $5000 fine will be forced to those found misleading a contact tracer while a $3000 fine will be given over for breaking rules around section into areas for work, occasion or a home.

The police would get whatever extra powers and assets or resources he expected to protect the local area. From Monday, 500 extra ADF work forces will be supporting NSW Police, while irregular designated spots will be expanded on key streets. Also, Healthcare specialists have cautioned against leaving your home except if totally required. You will require a license or permit to go into local NSW under any condition going from in case you're a specialist or reviewing land or visiting a subsequent home.



Covid 19 Impact on Australian Universities:

Ever since the corona virus has knocked, Australia has closed its international borders. One advantage to Australia by closing the international border was that the cases of corona virus were reduced. But this has greatly affected the Australian economy. According to an estimate, Australian universities have lost more than $2 billion in revenue. International students are leaning towards Australia due to strict international border policies. The education industry plays a huge role in the economy of Australia. It would not be a mistake to say that the education sector alone is the 3rd source of income. Despite this huge revenue loss, no policy has come on the return of international students. According to experts in the Australian education industry, more than 75,000 international students enrolled in the starting of 2021.

This is how in the beginning of 2020, 1,7000 students were enrolled in higher education degrees. An international student pays an average of $45,000 per year for his studies. Accordingly, approximating Australian universities are losing AU$2 billion in income. In this way, a lot of losses are happening in the hospitality sector and skilled workers are also getting scarce in the hotel sector and in the restaurant industry.

This is how in the beginning of 2020, 1,7000 students were enrolled in higher education degrees. An international student pays an average of $45,000 per year for his studies. Accordingly, approximating Australian universities are losing AU$2 billion in income. In this way, a lot of losses are happening in the hospitality sector and skilled workers are also getting scarce in the hotel sector and in the restaurant industry. Simultaneously, the real estate sector is also losing a lot, which has seen a lot in the rental housing. Many experts also attribute this loss to the delayed onset of Corona Vaccine in Australia. According to a data, 19% of the total population of Australia is currently fully vaccinated. Out of these, more than10 million people have got the first dose of covid vaccine. Rather only more than 4 million people have received both doses.

The Australian government is now increasing the vaccination rate in view of the increasing wrath of the delta variant and there is also a lot of confidence among people about the corona vaccine. This will be considered a good sign for the economic recovery of the Australian economy. The Australian government has to be commended for raising the vaccination rate. Full credit for this will go to the Australian Government and the Australian People. I hope that everything becomes normal again in the sari world and people start going to work and roam freely in any country.

In Nutshell, We can say that Australian Economy overall doing well and the future of Australian economy is bright. The impact of Corona has come on some sectors, that too will end very soon because the Australian Government is taking very good steps to end the covid impact. No country has been spared from the negative impact of covid 19. Australia has nonetheless handled covid 19 very well. It should be expected that everything starts again in the normal way.

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