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Sansera engineering ltd share should you hold or sell ?

 What should you do after Sansera Engineering IPO after listing

Ever since the Sansera Engineering IPO has opened, the stock market experts are getting different views regarding the Sansera Engineering IPO, someone was saying that this IPO should be subscribed, but some were saying whether it should be subscribed or not. Every expert has his own view in the market, it is not necessary that all the market experts have the same view. We have cleared our view on the first day regarding Sansera Engineering IPO on our website that IPO of Sansera Engineering can be a risky IPO especially for traders. We also wrote on our website that the IPO price of Sansera Engineering is very high. But the fundamentals of the company are good, so there is no fault in the company. Sansera Engineering is an auto ancillary company and the demand for auto parts is always there in automobile manufacturing companies. Sansera Engineering also has a very large client portfolio such as big brands like Maruti, Hero, Bajaj Autos, Fiat Motors also the company has cleats for many years. But the Sansera Engineering IPO price as per the correct valuation of the company was looking a bit on the higher side. For long term investors, it was told on our website that only after listing of IPO, think of investing in the stock of Sansera Engineering, otherwise there are more lucrative companies available in the market at better valuations.

Sansera Engineering, Hold or sell:

Now the investors who have applied and got allotment then that Sansera Engineering IPO, Hold and Sell? What to do? Applying for IPO or not can be a personal decision, but it is very important to research whether IPO is getting or not getting it at the right price, we had told that there is no Gray market. Prior to the opening of Sansera Engineering IPO, premium IPO price band of Rs 734-744 per share was running at 12% and 13% near Grey market i.e. 100rs to 125rs we can assume but Sansera Engineering IPO After the close of the issue, the premium price in the Grey market has come down to near 6.5%. Now the investors and traders who had applied for Sansera Engineering IPO after seeing the premium of Grey market, they must be thinking that they will get less profit. But it would not be right to even think so, do you know if the Sansera Engineering IPO list is at a premium, the retail investors should not get the chance to exit and the Sansera Engineering share should be given at a discount price? No one can tell for sure about this.

Sansera engineering ltd share should you hold or sell

Long terms invest view in Sansera Engineering: 

But it can be said that the company is for a long term investor but the current price valuations look very expensive. If Sansera Engineering share price is found at discount price then investment can be done from long term point of view at lower levels. Hurry up should not be done. After listing of Sansera Engineering IPO, price should be allowed to settle after few trading sessions, after that he should view investment.  One can start investing in Sansera Engineering share price from long term point of view but at lower price levels around 50rs then 70rs if market correction meets this discounted price. The fundamentals of the company are good. But the competition in Automotive & Non Automotive Sector is very high. The focus of the company is also towards exporting the products. The company exports products to Europe, USA & other countries. Endurance Technologies is currently trading at a ratio of approximately 33 p/e. Hence, Endurance Technologies can prove to be a good investment bet if the price is found at lower levels in the market correction. Sansera Engineering revenues was more than 1530 cr in financial year 2021 & in financial year 2020 revenues of the Sansera Engineering was more than 1450cr also compared with Fy19 revenues of  nearly 1620cr. If we will discuss about Sansera Engineering Net profit then in financial year 2021 then it was more than 108 crore & in the financial year 2020 it was nearly 80 crore. EBIDTA margin above 14%. Company has main revenue source is Automotive segment from which more than 85% business comes & rest of the business comes from Non Automotive segment like agriculture equipment's, & others.

Hope all of you have got the answer to your question that Sansera Engineering Share Buy and Sell? Sansera Engineering hold or sell ?

Sansera Engineering IPO subscription, allotment status & Refund date:

The allotment settlement of Sansera Engineering IPO shares will take place on 21st September 2021. Refund will be initiate one day before of allotment. The issue of 1283cr from the company was brought in the market through offer for sale. Sansera Engineering IPO was also fully subscribed across all segments. Retail investor’s portion subscribes more than 3 times. The portion of the non-institution was subscribed more than 11%. QIB portion 26.47 times subscribed. Overall  Sansera Engineering IPO more than 11.45 times subscribed.  Sansera Engineering IPO listing date is 24th September 2021   on NSE & BSE both exchanges.

How to check Sansera Engineering IPO shares allotment:

Steps to follow:

1)  Open the Website BSE india

2)  Select IPO name “Sansera Engineering ltd"

3)  Fill IPO Application Number &  PAN number in required sections

4)  Tick on “no robot” box

5)  Then press submit icon button

Now you will see the status of your IPO Allotment.

Disclaimer: Above discussion on Sansera engineering Ipo listing is my personal view. Please do your own research before taking any decision on this stock. My view may differ from other experts of the market.



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