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Maslow hierarchy needs motivational Theory


Maslow hierarchy needs  motivational Theory

There are many motivational theories which we have read during our study courses but out of all motivational theories, there is one famous theory of motivation is “Maslow’s need hierarchy theory”.  Need or desire is a very important element in motivation. Employee gets motivated only for their needs. If their needs have fulfilled then it will be easy to motivate the employee of an organization. It is possible to achieve the goals of your life but it is possible only when you follow simple steps in your life. Many people want to achieve everything within few days or months which is not possible for every person. To become a successful person into your life you have to follow the hierarchy of your needs. It will give motivation. The organizations should also take step forward for achieving the goals of their employees by helping them. A individual cannot run a organization if there will be a good or strong motivated team then it is possible for achieving the organization targets. Today we will discuss this motivational theory in very easy way.

Maslow hierarchy needs  motivational Theory

Maslow  Hierarchy Need motivational Theory:

Basic concept: 

Maslow’s need hierarchy theory is developed by A.H Maslow. Basically in this theory, Maslow discussed the need of the Human which is very much requiring in the human life. A.H Maslow discussed this theory in different steps in hierarchy which means that a person will full fill one need then he/she will try to reach on another need or requirement. Maslow divided the human need into the different five parts or steps

Basic physiological need:

In this step, Maslow covered the basic and primary need of human. These needs relates to the survival & maintenance of human life. These basic needs include Clothing, shelter, water and other things which is very much required for living a human life.

For an Example:  Once a college student finishes his/her study then what he will look next? It is very obvious he/she will look for a job. He will look to make his career. This career making need will full fill his first basic desire which is food, clothing and Shelter.

Safety & security needs:

One person will look for the protection from biological danger, Natural environment, economic & emotional threats from other beings & animals. Once human basic needs will be fulfilled then He requires a security which is very obvious. Every man requires a protection from the natural deserters; He/she wants to protect himself/herself in the economic front for good survival in the society. For meeting economic needs, a person requires a regular source of income. These all things will motivate a person for reaching next level of the need. Let us discuss it in a easy example.

Example: If a person joins a job with any organization where he/she is feeling security for the long term. It means that person is full filling his one need which is a regular source of income for survival but it is not enough for him because he/she will expect the pension scheme when he/she will reach in the old age that is called his retirement from the job.

Social Needs:

Every person like a social life. It is very good platform for exchanging views with each others. It is also helpful in removing a stress from the human life. Therefore a person will be interested in conversation with others, exchange of feelings, sorrow & happiness. In this stage an organization will play a vital role by making a group of the employees which will participate into the different activities.

Example: In one organization, there are many employees are working and after finishing their works they are going back to home, Is it enough for them? Answer is “NO”. In any organization employees should work in a team. Once they will start work as a team then they will be able to exchange their views for achieving the goals of the organization.

Self Esteem needs:  In this step Maslow said that after being socialized, a person needs his/her recognition. He wants his own status in the society or in the organization which is very obvious. As per Maslow’s, a person needs a growth. Person has natural desire that he identified by every person.

Example: If an employee works in an organization, He starts from Executive level job designation. After joining his/her job that person will look for promotion then he requires a motivation to fulfil his/her need. If a senior manager will give him/her a motivation that after achieving this year target of the company he/she will get promotion then this motivation will push a employee to reach at his/her goal.

Self Actualization:  This is the final step of Maslow’s theory. In this step Maslow said that after fulfilling all the basic needs, safety needs’ social needs & esteem needs, Now a person  has need for self fulfilment or  to fulfil the need what a person thinks about to be his/her goal in life. Let discuss this hierarchy in a easy language.

Example: Suppose you are working into the tractor manufacturing unit. You joined that company when you completed your diploma in mechanical, electrical or in any field of study. After joining a job or understanding the job responsibilities you feel like that you should do further qualification of Bachelor degree of engineering (B tech). Why you will think to do this? Because you are thinking that you have good future in this company and you may get higher rank if you will complete your bachelor degree. In this case if your organization is offering a study courses side by your job then it will defiantly give you motivation to get or to grab this opportunity. This is called self actualization when your organization is also supporting you to achieve your study goal.

In the nutshell, We can say that Maslow theory of motivation is very useful in the human life. It required the understanding. If a person really wants to motivate himself then he/she has to follow the needs of hierarchy.

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