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How Earn money in the volatile stock market

How Earn money in the volatile stock market

Best way to earn profit from Stock market:

Volatility is the nature of the stock market. If there will not be volatility into the stock market then there is less chances for earning money or in Simple language, we can say that ups & downs in the stock market is very common factor. Everyday stock market will not go up & daily market will also not go down. We should expect that one day stock market will come up even if it in down trend but the question is that what is the right time to pick this situation? Try to pick the trend of the stock market is very important step but it is only possible when your experienced or you are under the guidance of professional stock adviser.

Let us discuss some important tips for facing ups & downs of the stock market

Make up of mind

Some traders or investors make up their mind even before the market is open, what they have to do in the market next day. It is not good sign for such traders or investors. You never know what will happen into the market next day. Do not follow this behaviour into the market.

 Event on calendar:

There are many stock market traders those do not follow of watch the upcoming events of the domestic as well as world market. Always remember that stock market decide its trend on the event based especially for short term, Any positive event will take market up & any negative even will drag the market down in short run.

Follow strict stop loss:

Stop loss always give new life to the traders whether they are short term traders or intraday traders. Always follow strict stop losses & never try to time the market. Many people repeat this mistake in to the stock market and at the end of the day they face loss and never come back into the stock market.


Confidence is required into the every field but the over confidence is always bad into the any field in which you are work or running your business. Take stock market as  your business. Do not be very confident in the case when the stock or market is going doing and you are expecting that stock or market to come back to your buying levels. In this situation, stop loss will play vital role.

Profit booking:

In the volatile market always try to book profit at right time, otherwise sometimes you will exit from your trade with the loss. You came into the stock market for earning profit, no one comes into the stock market for paying loss. Always remember these words then you will able to face the volatility of the stock market. book profit on every rise of the market in such kind of volatile market.

Avoid Bottom fishing:

There are many investors & traders those try to do bottom fishing in the volatile stock market which is very bad habit. When there is more ups & downs then never try to buy at lower levels if you have already stuck at higher price levels.  Many stock market traders call it doing Avg of the stock market or into the standing trade position.

Gain Technical knowledge:

If you may take technical knowledge like reading charts, then it will be easy for you to face the  volatility of the stock market. This technique will help you to minimise your loss as well as will help you to do profit booking at right time.


Concentration plays vital role in the stock market. If you are doing any job then never go for intraday trading, especially into the volatile market. Personally, I will never suggest you to do intraday trading when you are o you work, job & business.You never know when the stock market will chose one trend in intraday day trading ups or downs. 

Never regrets on your decision:

Some people feel very bad when they book profit and loss in the early stage of their trades.

For example: If any traders bought one stock at 100rs & same day market is very volatile and his/her placed stoploss hit, after that the stock went up, in this situation he/she should not feel unlucky because you never know again that stock price may go below your stoploss level price.

Never trust on Rumours:

Many people trust on rumours of the stock market but for safe traders it is advisable that never trust on it. If you know that there is much ups and downs into the stock market then why you want to stuck yourself in such volatility ?

Never invest full amount:

If you feel that there is huge volatility into the stock market in short run then never invest full amount into any of the stock because you never know where the stock price will be settle down. Let the market settle down then start you investment in bunches.

Take expert advice:

If you have stock into any of your trade in the volatile market then take the advice of the expert. Never feel shy for taking advice in any situation of the stock market. It will work if you are taking advice from professional adviser of the stock market.

Some people follow the buy and forget strategy in the stock market which is very wrong way. always track your portfolio in any kind of market situation. In volatile market you should track your portfolio on regular basis. Ste your portfolio according to the current market situation, especially this strategy  applies on short term traders.

In nutshell, We can say that volatility is the part of the stock market & before becoming the professional traders you have to understand the stock market tactics. Avoid over confidence, avoid more short sell or buying position in such situation of the stock market. Keep en eye on the domestic news as well world news and set up your trades accordingly. Do not try to be king of the market because you can not beat the market. Avoid the fake tips and fake advice's in the stock market.

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