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When international students travel is going to start for Australia

 Australia International borders reopened for International students & other visa holders:

The Australian government has opened its international borders to all from 1st December, 221 international students waiting for a long time, 485 visa holders, tourists, skilled migrants and all other visa holders who have supported the opening of Australia's international borders Waited for a long time. We updated on our official Twitter account last week that there may be some good news regarding the reopening of Australia's international borders. Let us tell you that from 1st December 2021, no one will need the travel exemption.  But it is very important for everyone to be fully vaccinated and it is also very important to have a negative report of covid. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave an official statement to the media this morning that we were waiting a lot of international students, skilled migrants; let us tell you that Japanese and Korean citizens who have been fully vaccinated can also visit Australia from the 1st December without requirement of quarantine. If we will check the Australian immigration data then more than 235,000 foreigners, including about 160,000 students, held visas for Australia at the end of October 2021. Please note that Eligible visa holders include skilled workers and student cohorts, as well as refugees, humanitarians, temporary and provisional visa holders etc. Check complete visa holder list on Australian immigration website.

All people travelling to Australia will have to see a negative PCR test report which is within three days of departing for Australia.

All the states in Australia have different rules for international travellers. For example, in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory, travellers will be able to go without quarantine. The Queensland Government has not yet given an official statement on this, but last week it was said in the media by the Queensland Government Officials that it would be difficult to travel without quarantine in Queensland because they do not have so many medical facilities available. But it remains to be seen what the decision of the state of Queensland comes to the fore. But international travel has become open to all the states. Scott Morrison said in his statement that now Australians will also be able to celebrate Christmas in the same way as other countries will celebrate.

Treasurer speaking with Australian media Josh Frydenberg  also said reopening borders to 200,000 visa holders  will be the game changer for Australian economy because many employers were complained that they were running short for skilled migrants from last 18 months due to pandemic .

Australia has reached milestone of 85 per cent double dose vaccination for adults aged over 16, which gave confidence to Australian government for reopening of its international borders for all visa holders. Let you know that there are about 130,000 international students those are stuck outside of Australia

As per Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, international education contributed a whopping $37.6 billion to the Australian economy in 2019.

Last week Australia had started travel bubble with Singapore:

Catriona Jackson who is  chief executive of Universities Australia  said last week Singapore to Australia travel bubble is opening up hopes for all other countries students. Even Australian government welcomed small number of batch from Singapore but it is a good start.

Indian had also started travel bubble with Singapore:

Commercial flights from Indian to Singapore are also going to start from 29th of November 2021. Travellers have to show negative PCR test before and after reaching.


Australia flight tickets prices are touching the sky:

If anyone is travelling from India to Sydney then at this moment ticket price is $1500 per traveller which very expensive. Australian government and other countries governments have to look into this and they should discuss with the international  Airlines companies.

As of now there is no quarantine free travel for Queensland:

As per Queensland government all travellers have to stay under 14 days quarantine at their own expenses of nearly $3500 per person which is very expansive. Rest of the Australian states are allowing fully vaccinated travellers without quarantine. We hope that Queensland government will also rethink on it.

Note that as a moment we are publishing such article there was no further update from Queensland government. We will update if we will find any official statement on it.

We will request to all our website viewers that please check the details regarding this news only on Australian government official website for all travelling to Australia requirements.

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