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Bf Investment ltd , a Multibagger Stock Idea 2016

 BF Investment company Profile & Kalalyani Group Of Companies:

 BF Investment Ltd could be a Non Deposit that acquires a Core investment firm that owns 90% of its resources in the interests of its shares or obligations in Group Companies. This organization can be a private organization and in addition they are busy with the real estate issue. BF Investment Ltd was formed on May 26 2009 as a public corporation. The organization received its first business authorization on July 20, 2009. As a full-time plan Balchandra Investment Ltd Forge Investment Ltd Mundhwa Investment Ltd Jalakumbhi Investment and Finance Ltd Jalakamal Investment and Finance Ltd and Kalani Utilities Development Ltd merged with BF Utilities Ltd for review results from the selected April date. 1 2009. Investment Business Undertaking of BF Utilities Ltd was transferred to BF Investment Ltd on the basis of concern about the impact of the review from April 1 2009. The plan became effective from February 26 2010 (a stressful day) when the investment business issue operated with all associated services and liabilities as outlined above was deemed to have been removed and forwarded to the entity for review effect from April 1 2009. shares recorded on Bombay stock market Ltd (BSE) and National stock market of In dia Ltd (NSE) as of January 14 2011. the company was incorporated on May 26, 2009 under the Business Act, 1956 in the Maharashtra Kingdom.

 Adjustment of the shares:

 According to the Scheme of Arrangement approved by the Hon'ble of Judicature court in Bombay under sections 391 and 394 of the Business Act, 1956, on February 5, 2010, the Investments Division of BFUL was demoted and transferred to the company, effective from February 26, 2010.

 According to the Scheme, a company released on March 15, 2010, one fully paid Equity Share company Rs.5 (exempted from expense) to BFUL investors for one fully paid share of Rs.5. 5 of BFUL insisted on Record Day for example Hambo 12, 2010.

 The shares are said to have been recorded on Bombay exchange Ltd. (BSE) and the National stock market of India Ltd. (NSE) as of January 14, 2011. The company's pieces include Core invest trust and Automotive Components. the company can be part of the Kalyani Group, and has interests in many Kalalyani Group organizations. Bf Investment Limited could be a Community that joined on 26 May 2009. It is called a Non-Governmental Organization and is registered with the Registrar of Companies, Pune. Its grant amount approved by Rs. 200,000,000 and its capital is set aside for Rs. 188,338,144. included in other financial interventions. This circle includes financial interventions other than those led by financial institutions. The custodians of Bf Investment Limited are Balchandra Shankar Mitkari, Amit Babasaheb Kalyani, Aarti Arun Sathe, Madan Umakant Takale, Sanjeev Gajanan Joglekar, Bhalachandra Basappa Hattarki

  A personal view at stock  price of the company and the company's future growth:

 Bf's investment could be the Kalalyani company's company. how group companies will perform, including Bf’s investment performance. Bf investment can be a friendly share to investors that can provide excellent returns in the years to come. The kalyani business group has provided a good return to shareholders.

Previous price performance of Bf's investment also indicates a higher share of beta. If we are going to see the importance of other listed companies of groups like, Jindal, Vardhman, Pilani etc it has very high prices compared to Bf investments. It seems to be below stock value. There are a few details I have written below.

Group of listed Companies Names, Kalyani Steel, automotive axles, bharat forge, hikal ltd, Bf services.

All the companies in this group do o.k. and their products are also needed. The results of the group companies will play a role in importing into the operations of BF Investment. The share holders of the kalyani group never feel dis satisfied because the management of the company always take care of the company share holders. This kind of the companies depends upon the performance of the group companies. 


 BSE code: 533303

The book value of the business is 190, Face value of the company is 5, EPS is 5.72, P / E is 21, P / B is 0.65, Marketing company company is 450 crore, share Promoter's Holding is 72.71%, Debit is open Zero company, 683 Net worth


It is my opinion on this stock. My opinion may differ from that of others. Please do your own research before making any money. My company profile information may have been taken from the company's website but the company's stock views are yours.


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