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INDSIL HYDRO POWER & MANGANESE , multibagger stock for 2015



Company profile:

 Indsil Hydro Power and Mn Ltd. were compiled in 1990. Its current assignment is twenty-two. Its current market value stands at Rs seventy-seven. within the last quarter, the company is rumored to be earning Rs. 1456.2 steel and total gain of Rs.1356.62 Cr. Company executives include P Krishnaveni, SK Viswanathan, Manju Sharma, S Varadarajan, K Annamalai, K Ramakrishnan, Vinod Narsima. Indsil has come out with a public issue involving Rs worth 85 cents in Jul. '93 to combine Rs 12-cr unit to make 7800 tpa of ferro element, its main product. in addition to the ferro element, Indsil also produces aluminum ferro element. signed MOUs with 71-MW state power generation power boards that come with the use of hostages to ensure full capacity. The government of Kerala has freed the Indsil unit from power cuts and electricity tariffs for five years from the date of economic production.  Power growth with the installation of a 10/15 15 MVA chamber was completed on Mar.9.

 During 1996-97, community work on the 21st power project in Kuthugal was completed and completed in June'99. The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development thorugh Indian Agency Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA) has approved Rs. 3500 lakhs as a term loan to finance half of the project. During 1998-99, the company was awarded the "KSIDC'S AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE-99" in recognition of its outstanding performance in employment practices, sound labor relations, economic contribution and profitability. The project was completed within 28 months. The Hydro Power Project was launched in 2000 and the full industrial operation was in August, 2000.

Manganese square measure is mainly employed in metallurgy and craftsmanship. Half an hour Mn is used these days in metal building to market the formation of sulphides as a deoxidant. during this final case it is mixed with sulfur which prevents the formation of iron sulphides. These sulphides square measure low-temperature phases that form liquids at shifting hot temperatures and, as a result, produce ground cracks. Seventy parts of the metal {element | metal} is used extensively as an Anloying element. Metals sometimes contain from zero, 2% to metallic {element | metal} by calculating in marks such as Mn that that is a feature of the least expensive among those that develop other mechanical properties with strength and power. within a certain form of stainless steel will replace high-value nickel in some grades of solid solution known as two hundred series. There are an average of 2 families of Mn alloys known as ferro-manganese (FeMn) and silico-manganese (SiMn). Silicomanganese adds another potent deoxidant. Nitrogen, boron, titanium, phosphorus square measure components can be controlled by calculating the specified specifications. a terrific limited application of Mn alloys can be part of the coating of electrode reinforcement.

FerroChrome was created by an affiliate company in the Asian country and chrome functions will be able to access the chrome-plated hardware, making it the most effective price for chrome smelting. Exports to various regions of the world include eighty group portfolio market. More than eighty ferrochrome is used worldwide in the production of stainless steel. Stainless steel depends on the metal material in its appearance and resistance to corrosion. it is further used when required to insert a metal object. there are many commonly used in technical systems such as metallurgy wherever high-grade iron has many affiliates with low levels of various components such as sulfur, phosphorus and atomic number 22 square the critical scale and production of finished metals. Ferrosilicon is used as a supply material to cut back metals from their oxides and to replace iron and various ferric alloys. This prevents the loss of carbon from the molten metal (known as block the heat); ferro Mn, spiegel, Ca silicides, and many different square-scale materials used for the same purpose. [3] It is common to create different ferroalloys. Ferrosilicon is used in the manufacture of elements, alloys that resist corrosion and extreme heat, as well as stainless steel electromotors and metals. in the manufacture of counterfeit metal, ferrosilicon is used to inject the metal to speed up graphitization. In arc binding, ferrosilicon is found in other conductors.

The Indsil collection includes a wide range within the ferro chrome and low carbon silico Mn industries. Both sales measure the ingredients needed to build stainless steel. Indsil operates seventy-five, 000 tpy ferro chrome operating within the Asian nation and impaired chrome mine equipment.

The Indsil power of low silico Mn carbon of forty-five, 000 tpy is set across three melting points within the Republic of India. The collection also uses captured power plants, namely, the 21st Rajakkad hydropower station, Idukki Dist., Kerala and the 12 MW Coal hydroelectric plant in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The collection stands out worldwide for its product quality and pioneering efforts in specialized alloys. This sequence has helped the position of the collection itself as a low priority value, a high quality supplier within the carbon low silico business Mn. The collection has swelled its foot around the world with a little varsity and the Muscat Overseas installation of ferro chrome works within the Sohar Freezone region. Solvent facilities in the Republic of India are also connected to the captured power stations, 21 hydroelectric power station in Rajakkad, Kerala and 12 MW.


Personal view on the company stock price and future growth of the company:

 Indsil hydro ltd is best company for making investment for longer run. I am expecting good returns in this company in coming years. Personally, I am very bullish on this counter. Management of this company has very good track record and regular dividend payer. Debit on company is very much favourable in which sector it is operating. In the past company has also given Bonus. I have thousand of shares of this company and in my personal view this stock will become big multibagger stock. Company management also doing expansion in OMAN and operations of this project has been started and revenues will be generated. Results on 2 Nov 2015 and i am expecting big up move in this stock on next week. so, right time to buy this stock on Monday and hold it for short to medium term to also for long term. 


 Total share capital of the company is  115.89 crore,  net worth of the company is  84.32 crore, Total debit on the company is 19.54crore, net block company has 35.94, investment by the company is  21.92cr, Total assets of the company is  104.08 crore

 Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making any investment. It is my personal view. My view may differ from others. The company profile data may have collected from the company official website but the view on the company stock price is personal.


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  1. Very helpful. I am interested in learning more. Thanks for the post. Keep updating ..!!Free Stock Market Tips

  2. Indsil hydro@46rs ,hit , After call given in my blog

  3. #Niveza #Review on Hydro Power Mangenese:

    Indsil Hydro Power and Mangenese could be good multibagger stock with reasonable price range which can be suited to majority of the investors. But the patter looks like the stock is not going to help investors with the vision more than 12-18 months. Considering two years high and low price could give clear picture regarding the range of the stock. Against the peers like Tata Steel, it is having better profit margins which could lead among the peers. As far as the management is concerned, topline is expected to grow with better than the industry rate while the bottomline could give more than expected returns.


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