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Navin Fluorine stock price targets for coming months

 Analyzing Navin Fluorine International's Performance amidst Market Volatility:

The stock of Navin Fluorine International has not perform as per the expectations in 2024 but still many people are holding this company stock and waiting for the higher price levels but it is taking long term even in this bull run of the Indian stock market from last 4 years. Now, Question is that why people are expecting higher price levels in Navin Fluorine International stock ? Lets understand the business model and fundamentals of the company then we will give reasonable price targets for Navin Fluorine International stock for the year 2024. But mind it one thing in your mind that Indian stock market is trading at very higher valuation if profit booking comes in the stock market on the higher levels then all stocks may come down from the current price levels & Navin Fluorine International stock will not remain separate from them.

Fundamental check of Navin Fluorine International:

Navin Fluorine International established in 1967 & it is a part of the Padmanabh Mafatlal group.

 Product portfolio of Navin Fluorine:

Company has more than 50 fluorinated compounds.

Industries in which Products use:




Challenges faced by Navin Fluorine International Company:

Company has been experiencing lot of challenges from last few years like

 Cost pressures due to higher prices of steel,  cement, and metal But company is remain optimism about the refrigerants segment and the introduced the  HFOs.

Financial Performance of Navin Fluorine International:

Currently, Navin Fluorine International stock price is trading at 3429.25rs which is not much expensive but we can’t say that it is not expensive but as per the Indian stock market bull run 90% stocks are trading at its higher valuations.  If we will check the P/E ratio of Navin Fluorine International then it is trading at 47.87 multiple & market capitalization is nearly Rs 17000 crores.

In term of Revenues growth rate, Navin Fluorine International Limited is nearly 15% & Chemicals industry has show growth rate near to 16% annually.  Navin Fluorine International stock is trading at 8 times its book value, which is Rs 372. The dividend yield is 0.4% with ROE of 11.30%. Debt on Navin Fluorine International has increased the past few years & Debit to equity ratio reached at 0.55. There is also a fluctuation in the Net profit from FY20 to FY24, where Net profit in FY20 was nearly 400 crores and in FY24, Net profit reached at some lower levels of 270 crores. There was a slightly jump in the Net profit of Navin Fluorine in FY23, it was nearly 375 crores.

What are the Price Targets of Navin Fluorine international stock?

We can say that overall fundamentals of Navin Fluorine is not much cheaper & this is the reason stock could not perform in the past few years as per the expectations of retail investors but if you are invested in Navin Fluorine stock then you should remain invested and one should expect price targets of 3700rs in Navin Fluorine stock in the coming months. In any case if fundamentals of the company change in the coming quarters & Company perform well then we may expect Rs 3900rs to Rs 4000 in the coming months. 

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