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Aditya birla AMC share hold or sell after IPO listing

 Should you hold or sell Aditya birla AMC IPO after listing:

The IPO of Aditya Birla AMC will finally get listed on the Indian stock exchanges on October 11. But some questions must be coming in the mind of every investor like should hold and sell the IPO of Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC after listing. And the second question will also be coming whether Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC shares should be bought after IPO listing? Let us answer all these questions in very brief in today's article. By the way, all the IPO's listings we have given advice on our website are correct and our website weavers would have earned money by following the recommendation. Even on Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO, we had told on our website that only long term investors should apply in this IPO. Aditya Birla  AMC IPO will not give this much return to the traders. 

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Aditya birla AMC share hold or sell

The IPO of Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC was open on 29 September. 5. Subscribed more than 2 times Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO didn't get very good response. The company is fundamentally strong and the market hold is also good, but still there must be some reasons for not being oversubscribed and those reasons can be understood as the IPO price of the stock and the more competition in the market of the company's products. Otherwise, despite having such a strong management or strong brand, IPO could not attract traders.

Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO received bids for more than 14.50 crore equity shares against IPO size of 2.77 crore equity shares. It helped the Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO for generating IPO shares bids of more than Rs 10,390 crore at higher price band Rs 712 per share of this IPO.  

6th October 2021 is a IPO shares allotment finalized date. You should not feel unlucky on by October 7th 2021 if you will get refund of your amount into your bank account because Investors may get buy opportunity at the lower price levels. Those investors which got IPO hare allotment of Aditya birla sunlife AMC, their shares will be credited into their demat accounts by October 8 2021.

Aditya Birla AMC IPO hold or sell:

IF we will talk about the grey market price or grey market premium of Aditya birla AMC then It is nearly 20rs to 28rs in between which is nearly 2.5 % higher than the IPO higher price band of Rs 712 per share therefore as per grey market premium Aditya birla sun life AMC IPO should list around price of 732rs to 740rs per share. Grey market premium is not always sure it may increase or decrease before IPO listing. We had given alert on our website when Aditya birla sunlife AMC IPO had opened that it is not for traders. This IPO is only fo long term investors or one may buy this stock after listing of IPO because you may get discount price from IPO share price Aditya birla sunlife AMC. IF investors got Share Allotment of Aditya birla sunlife AMC IPO  then  long term investors should keep stoploss or IPO lower price band of 695rs or 4% to 5% below . Traders should expect 3% to 5% listing gains in Aditya birla sunlife AMC IPO. Therefore we can say that Flat to negative Opening is expected in Aditya birla sunlife AMC IPO. Even Big funds may book profit on higher levels. Stock market Traders should not expect Bumper listing of Aditya birla AMC IPO unless any big fund or any big stock market investor buy this stock after its listing. Aditya birla AMC share price may given reasonable returns in the long term.

 Should you buy Aditya birla AMC share:

Many investors are still confuse that If  Aditya birla AMC IPO list on discount price then should investors buy Aditya birla AMC share ? Let us try to find best answer of this question. As we discussed above that there is no question on brand name & business model of the company but the problem is with the stock price valuation. Also there is lot of competition in the insurance and mutual funds segment. Companies like HDFC life, HDFC AMC , ICICI Pru. These all are the well established brand in the market. Therefore price competition will always be there in the market. It is advisable that if investors want to invest in the AMC segment or insurance segment then HDFC Life & HDFC AMC will be the first choice . After listing of Aditya birla sunlife AMC share into the Indian stock exchanges like bse India & NSE India then investors money will be started divide and many investors will also try to buy Aditya birla sunlife AMC share at lower levels. But for the long term investment point of view 1 or 2 years time horizon then Aditya birla sunlife AMC share is portfolio stock.  But investors should accumulate this stock just like they invest in SIP. UTI AMC &  Aditya birla Capital share , both shares are best examples . These both stock could not perform on its IPO listing even investors got opportunities to buy these stocks at lower price levels now after few years both stocks are giving reasonable returns.

 How to check Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC IPO share Allotment status:

  • Open bse India website
  • Go to IPO section
  • Select type of issue which is "equity"
  • Select name of IPO i.e  "Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited"
  • Enter "Application Number" and "PAN Number"
  • Click on “I'm not a robot" box, and click on "search" button

Finally your IPO share allotment status will be in front of you  . We always recommend bse India website for checking IPO share allotment of any company.

Disclaimer: The above discussion on Aditya birla AMC ipo is my personal view. My view may differ from other experts of the market.



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