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Vodafone Idea ltd stock Analysis Part 2

Vodafone Idea ltd stock Analysis

Vodafone  Idea company analysis for investors

 On  2 July 2021 Vodafone Idea CEO, mr. Ravinder takkar has made statement on media channels that company is actively in talk with potential investors in regards of fund raising & company has also requested to Indian Govt for extension of Moratorium on spectrum installments.

I personally feel that company management is confident about fund raising plan. It is not an easy task for any company management to raise funds especially when the sector in which they are operating is under deep stress due to pricing competition..

But Vodafone Idea management  has very strong management and share holders are showing good faith into the company management. 

In my previous Post on Analysis on Vodafone idea Post I clearly said that it is the stock with high risk and high returns potential.

Where the company is under huge debt , there is support to the company from strong management and strong brand position in the market. Everyone know the brand  name of Vodafone idea. Yes, there is good competition in the market from the other telecom operators like Airtel & Reliance Jio these two companies have also very strong management. But the brand value of Vodafone Idea give them edge for survival even having huge debt on to the company.

In coming day if we hear any good news from Indian govt in the favor of Vodafone idea then this company may report the turn around story.

Vodafone idea management has not pledged company shares if you will see the shareholding pattern. it is also a good sign.

In the nutshell, I would like to say that if you can trust on strong management like Vodafone idea have then anyone can hold the stock at current price levels but need to have patience and risk taking ability too.

Or I will say that just wait for couple of weeks if any positive news come into the market then start investing in this company. Both above options are into the market. Take your own decision by doing your own analysis on this company.

Company services offering:

Idea Cellular restrictions provide mobile media management in India. The organization offers a completely different paid, back-paid, remote web, Blackberry, and mobile and non-direct travel, whether for entertainment, alerts and updates, and instalment management. The organization additionally provides voice management, such as bound cell terminals, GSM virtual interface, and integration decision-making; business applications containing arrangements to understand the remote power meter and the vehicle following the arrangements; and SMS / GPRS depending on the settings. In addition, the organization provides for the management of important public and international distances; and non-compliant framework management, such as selling mobile phones, data cards, remote phones, and connected flounce. The organization, formerly known as Birla Tata AT&T, had been banned and changed its name to the banned cell phones in 2002. Plan Cellular limited, a Hindu god Birla cluster organization, was formed in 1995 and was renamed the metropolis, India.

 Vodafone plan Ltd may be a provider of media delivery management. The organization offers a wide range of services, broadband and limited base management. It offers 2G, 3G and 4G remote management and fast broadband. The Vodafone system similarly provides diversion management, for example, IVR primarily based support, sports (point referrals) and WAP based based games in particular; voice and SMS management, for example, voice and SMS visits, ringtones, key orientation, speaking stars and membership management; and resource management as expert access if necessary, an unambiguous decision warns and predicts management. The organization offers effort management, computer management, content management, IoT and engagement programs. Vodafone service has been resolved in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India.

As previously discuss on Vodafone:

Vodafone plan isn't a nasty whole however the debt on this company is extremely high nearly one.85 hundred thousand large integer , as per company statement on thirtieth June 2021. The management of the corporate is speech communication that company don't have any funds for compensation. However it's a Hindu deity Birla cluster of company. The value of the whole can ne'er return to associate degree finish or economic condition level. Company have invested with funds for new for whole spanking new for brand new} promotion and brand promotion that is sweet step. The presence of company product is all over in Republic of India. Even Company has immense debt on books however still company management have capability to run this company or compensation of the debt. The whole of the corporate is in demand. There could also be chance if any company can get stake during this company however image isn't clear & certain. The only concern in my mind is that management is giving statement that status of the corporate is extremely unhealthy.  In this scenario, the corporate management can look some release from Indian govt with regard of compensation. If Indian govt can provide release for saving this company then this company management have ability to run it in right approach and shareholders cash also will be saved. Spectrum auction payment is extremely vital for the corporate.I in person feel that this company can embark of the matter however it's terribly terribly high risk for creating investment in Vodafone Idea! If anyone will investment during this company stocks then he/she thinks like that their cash might become Hero or Zero. So keep alert before creating investment or the safest approach is that look ahead to some excellent news to come back into the market then begins investment within the company shares. If you're thinking that that i'm sharing right read on Vodafone plan then you'll share this post together with your friends to assist others.

In nutshell, we can say that if turn around happens in the Vodafone idea company then we may see multibagger returns in the coming months or years, It might be risky to take buying call at this time but the fact is that as company management is doing hard work for reducing the debit of the company it may give big relief to the company share holders.


I shared my analysis on the basis of my own knowledge. This post is not any buying or selling recommendation of company stock. Please do your own analysis before taking any decision. The company profile data may have collected from various resources of internet but the view on the company stock is personal.


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