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Why google celebrate birthday on 27th September

 Google- doodle, celebration of google birthday, 27-September-2021

Today, on this special day, Google has made a very beautiful doodle. The cake seen in this doodle has 23 written on it, neither the design of the candle nor the beauty of it has been given bigger.

When was Google born?

Today 27 September- 2021, is the birthday of Google, today the team of Google.com and Google Group is celebrating the 23rd birthday.

How google made a human life very easy:

Google is a name that is on everyone's tongue today. There was a time when mobile, desk top were also with some people. In today's time every member of the house has his own mobile. Everyone has their own laptop and tablet set. With this change of life, Google also changed everyone's world in the Internet world. If it is said that Google has made human life very easy, then it would be more correct to say this. Today is the birthday of Google and Google has become like a member in every family. If the internet is turned off even for a few minutes, it seems that the member of the house Google has become angry somewhere. The less a person knows about Google, the less it will be. Let's know about Google.com in a little brief.

                        Why google celebrate birthday on 27th September

History of  Google.com

Let us know about when Google.com was discovered. Google was discovered in September 1998 at Stanford University in California and Google was discovered by two students named Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Started as a research project, this project will get so much success in the world; it must have been a dream of the students who created the research project which came true. In today's time searching anything without Google.com seems impossible in the world of internet.

If we talk about search engine in the world, then Google is a best search engine at this time. Google's dictionary contains the answer to every question. This Internet search engine started at Google.stanford.edu address was first named "Backrub" by Larry Page and Sergey Brin but later it was renamed as Google.

Why Larry Page and Sergey Brin had chosen the name “Google”

Larry Page and Sergey Brin the students who started Google said in their statement that they named their system Google because it is the common spelling for 10100 or googol and it was used to create their large scale search engine fit the target.

When was Google domain registered?

Today the company that sells the largest web domain in the world is Google. Do you know when Google registered its own web domain?

Let's get the answer of this question too. Google registered its web domain on 15 September 1995 as google.com. But as a company, Google was registered on 4 September 1998. And a record number of pages were searched on September 27, so September 27 is celebrated as Google's birthday. Today more than 100 languages ​​can be searched in Google.

Let us tell you that Google also has other properties and branches, from which the users who do Google get a lot of benefit, out of which Google Search Console and Google Ad sense are the most popular websites, YouTube, Google Domain, Blogger Google Analytics.

What is Google Search Console:  If someone has created their own website, then Google Search Console tells about the performance of that website owner's website and also tells about the errors coming in that website owner's website, from this website owner. It gets a lot of help in removing the error of your website and improving the performance.

What is Google Ad sense: Google Ad sense is such a platform created by Google, on which website and blog owner can earn money on blog posts written by him. For this, the blogger and the website owner have to get approval from Google Ad sense and meet Google's policies. Through Google another branch, the business owner can promote its business by giving its business advertisements.  For this Google has made many promotion packages.

What is YouTube: YouTube is also a part of Google. Today every knowledge of the world is available on YouTube. Anyone can express their views on this platform running in the format of videos, but for this also Google's position has to be followed.

Overall, Google has made everything very easy in the world and we all should thank Google.com which has given every single requirement of a human being to the search engine that is found at one click.


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