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Ami organics ltd share should you hold or sell ?

 Ami organics Company Business Profile:

Ami Organics is one such IPO which got a very good response from the investors. The IPO of Amy Organics was open from 1st September to 3rd September 2021. Why did ami organics company, which brought a public issue of 570 cr, get such a good response? Let us also know that Amy Organics is not a very old company, but still this company has 15 years of experience. The ingredients used in the pharma industry are made by this company, which are used in pharma manufacturing industries like active pharmaceutical ingredients & new chemical entities, NCE for Indian as well as overseas companies. If we understand correctly, then this company also deals in manufacturing sector and also deals in import export sector, many medicines are made from the ingredients of this company such as anti-coagulant, anti-retroviral, anti-psychotic, anti- inflammatory, anti-cancer, antidepressant and anti-Parkinson etc. From this, it is understood that Ami Organics has a good hold in the pharma manufacturing industry.

Ami organics Product Portfolio:

Apart from all this ami organic group also has presence in Agrochemicals, Cosmetics & Polymers segment. And in contract manufacturing, the company also has good projects. Started in 2007, the company of Amy Organics has today presence in many countries of the world. Talking about recent developments, Ami Organics has gained two assembling offices of Gujarat Organics Limited arranged at Ankleshwar and Jaghadia to fortify and improve its claim to fame and fine synthetic portfolio to enter Agrochemical, Cosmetics and Polymer Industry. We are situated in the western piece of India in Gujarat state, with a solid market presence in excess of 27 countries. Being an included provider of Global Healthcare Products, Ami Organics Limited cooks both, homegrown and worldwide market covering north and South America, Europe, and Asian Countries.

Now these questions must be coming in the mind of the investors that what should be hold or sell after the listing of Amy Organics IPO?

Why and how did Amy Organics raise money from the market through IPO?

This IPO of 570cr got more than 64 times the subscription rate out of which qualified institutional buyers gave more than 86 times the subscription rate. On the other hand, non-institutional investors have subscribed the IPO of Amy Organics more than 154 times by giving very good response. In this way, both Institutional and Non-Institutional investors have subscribed to the IPO of Amy Organics by showing high response. If institutional investors had such a good response, how could retail investors lag behind, bidding more than 13 times by retail investors too. Amy Organics' company is raising 370cr through Management Offer for Sale, in which 20 shareholders will be involved. On the other hand, the company has come up with a fresh issue of Rs 200 crore. Ami Organics IPO Gray market price:

Ami Organics share price in IPO gray market is running in the range of Rs 120-130 there are reports but if we look at last week then Ami organics IPO gray market price was running in the Rs 105-110 . Prediction of the share price of the IPO Company is done in the gray market before the listing of the IPO. But let us tell you that the gray market price is not 100% sure, this premises can be less or more. The final IPO price of Amy Organics was share at 310rs. If we consider the premium of Grey Market to be correct then there may be a Ami organics share price above 700rs price levels, but something similar was being speculated on the listing of Car Trade IPO, CarTrade Tech share price of  IPO also grey market price higher than 150rs It was being told but the listing was not good.

                          Ami organics ltd share should you hold or sell

Following questions are coming into the mind of every IPO investors of Ami organics:

  • Amy Organics IPO Hold and Sell Is your company?
  • Amy Organics IPO Buy and Sell Is your company?
  • What should I do after listing in Amy Organics?
  • Should I buy Amy Organics share?
  • Should I sell Amy Organics?
  • What is Amy Organics share price?

 Ami organics IPO Share, hold or sell?

One thing is good that in ami organics IPO, the management of Amy Organics has said that the money raised by the market through the IPO will be used to reduce the debit of the company. And the remaining amount will be used for working capital. If we look at this way, no expansion plan of the company has come to the fore yet and the focus of the company management is towards debit reduction, this is a good thing. Expansion Plan Company has already set up by acquiring some small companies and has also collected good revenue from them. Now using IPO capital for debit work is a sign of good management.

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In this way, it can be said that Ami organics IPO share can prove to be a good investment. But if you get the listing gains, then it would be good to book the profit. After Listing of Amy Organics, if anyone wants to buy then buy with strict stop loss. The company has a good product portfolio and good growth can also be seen in the Indian pharma sector in the last few years, hence the demand for Amy Organics company's products will increase and it can prove to be an investor friendly stock.

 Ami Organics IPO Allotment date & how to check ami organics IPO allotment:

Steps to follow:

1)  Open the Website BSE india

2)  Select IPO name “ami organics limited"

3)  Fill IPO Application Number & PAN number in required sections

4)  Tick on “no robot” box

5)  Then press submit icon button

Now you will see the status of you IPO Allotment.

Ami organics IPO allotment date is 8 September 2021 & Ami organics IPO listing date is 14 September 2021. Ami organics shares will be credited on 13 September 2021 into Demat account. If any investor has not got allotment then money will be back into their bank accounts on 9 September 2021.

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Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making any decision after listing of Ami organics share. My view may differ from other analysts of the stock market.


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