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why people lose money in the stock market ?

                          why  people lose money in the stock market

In the stock market most the people lose their money and never come back into the market. Everyone is looking for the solution. The people lose their money in the market due to many reasons. 

Social referral:

People come into the stock market with mouth referral of their friends, social circle or some time their relatives guide them to invest in the market. It is good into start investment in the stock market but without knowing the facts of the business how you can make profit from it? First know about the stock market then start investing.

Without planning or research:

Most of the people start investing into the stock market without making plan. Even many people start investing in the stocks which will be recommended by their friends. Stock market give better opportunity for making good profit but it requires deep research before making investment, people do not at the end they face loss.

Trust on tips:

Most of the people start investing into the companies stock which they receive tips on their mobile phones via txt or on whats app. Most the people make huge loss from such free tips. Such people never come back into the stock market. How you can trust on such free tips ? This the question you should ask from yourself.

Can’t Decide Investor or Traders:

Most the people are unable to decide that why they came into the stock market ? Whether they want to become investor or they just want to become traders into the stock market ? The same mistake is also repeated by some experienced people those could not decide that whether they are traders or investors. Such people sometimes earn profit but most of the time lose money into the stock market.

Lack of research:

Many people traders do not check the technical charts and put their trades as per their past experience. This step is completely a gamble. The same thing is with the investors, most of the investors do not research on the company fundamentals they just see the price of the stock and start investing. It is a speculation. If you do not know what company does,?  what is the company product ?  Then how you can invest into that company ? This is the question you should ask from yourself then you will get reply.

 Give more stress on that what will happen next

This will save you a great deal of cash: First, there is no issue with attempting to foresee what will occur straightaway, the genuine issue is the point at which you ACT upon that expectation before it really occurs. In all honesty, this is betting; you are putting your cash on an occasion that could conceivably occur! What you ought to do rather is make an expectation, and follow up on it solely AFTER the market affirms that you are right. Obviously you may pass up a little benefit since you weren't in the stock AS it took an action, however getting it IMMEDIATELY after is sufficient and that modest quantity of missed benefit can go about as "protection" that you were right. How might this set aside you cash? On the off chance that you make an expectation and follow up on it before it occurs, assuming you wind up being off-base, you will lose cash. So which situation sounds better to you: losing cash, or passing up a little benefit yet bringing in cash? Conclusions are frequently off-base; however the market is in every case right. Hang tight for affirmation from the market that your expectation is right. Tolerance is ethicalness.

Attract toward Penny stocks:

Many people attracts toward the lowers price stocks and buy those stocks into the bulk quantity. It is very risky step. Sometime penny stocks may give good return but before making investment in such stocks you should discuss with the experts of the market and take very low risk in such stocks.

Take loan then invest: 

Many people take loans from the bank and invest in the stock market. They want to become rich into the market in few days or weeks but in most of the cases they make loses. Try to invest from your savings. Invest under the guidance of experts. 

Catch falling stock prices

Easy, it is inside our human instinct for us to attempt to get deals. Why pay more for something when we can save money? In the event that your number one sets of shoes go at a bargain, obviously you should get them. In any case, if a stock makes a huge drop in cost - BEWARE! You get what you pay for on the lookout; if a stock drops, it drops which is as it should be. In the event that the stock was truly impressive and sought after, would it be dropping lower and lower? No. That implies your dropping stock doubtlessly isn't extremely amazing and popular. Would you rather have a debilitating stock that is going lower and lower, or would you rather have a solid stock that is going increasingly elevated. Quit slobbering over the idiom "Purchase low and sell high." If it was truly just about as basic as purchasing low and selling high, wouldn't everyone on the planet be rich?

Do not book Profit:

You can be the best stock picker on the planet, and have the best planning; however in the event that you don't have the foggiest idea when to sell, you won't ever prevail on the lookout. In the event that you don't sell out of a losing stock, you will clearly lose a ton of cash; however selling is likewise significant when you are in benefit. In the event that you don't have a clue when to sell and take a benefit, your benefits can undoubtedly transform into a misfortune.

 One advice for all:

Always Come into the stock market with deep research. Stock market is a good platform for making investment. It is not a casino where you can do gambling. Always invest in the good companies. I am not saying that stock market experts do not make losses but they can minimize your loss and maximize your profit. The other solution is that start your own research into the stock market then start investing with your own mind.

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