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how to start investment in stock market

how to start investment in stock market

 Good morning friends

 Question: what is stock market?

Answer: The Stock market is a place where many buyers & sellers set their buying or selling prices to meet the requirement demand and supply of the market. It is important to keep into your mind that at what price you sell or buy the stock that will be best price for you.

Once understand Stock market then Focus on Strategies, When you have the investment plan set up, you will have clearer picture where are you going to. The following inquiries would be how would you arrive?

See, there are so numerous approaches to bring in cash in stock. So numerous ways that is sufficient for everybody to get the least cash-flow. Consequently, rather than searching for the quickest method to bring in cash, why not focus on which speculation style suit your requirements, specialty and time responsibility. Above all, you need to comprehend the system of every idea. Day exchanging or trading, esteem contributing and swing trading  are probably the most well-known strategies utilized in securities exchange contributing.

In the event that you are new the stock exchanging world, you should attempt to differentiate your portfolio. Doing that way, you will have not so much danger but rather more benefit. You don't have the foggiest idea what will occur later on, just as the stock which you will put resources into. You would prefer not to place every one of your eggs in a bin, and lose them at the same time.

Setting your own exchanging system would be something fundamental to do, before you begin to put resources into the securities exchange. You need to believe the measure of cash to be contributed, the prize and hazard proportion, the danger the board, which stock to pick, which individual venture advisor  to pick, which business organization to pick, which point should you enter and leave the market, and so on Envision the number of forthright attempts to be done before you will put resources into the financial exchange!

Step 2

Question: For how long time period you should invest in the stock market? 

Question: Should you become investor or trader? 

Answer: First make up your mind and decide it.

 Some tips for becoming traders

The effective stock merchant thinks just about what's to come. Stock brokers, stock pickers, are occupied with forecast. The individuals who contribute effectively are not energized that the organization has recently made a major declaration - they need to discover an organization that is going to make a major declaration. Along these lines, the well-known axiom, purchase on the talk, sell on the news. Expect. Foresee. Or then again another old one, purchase straw caps in January. You purchase ahead of the interest on the off chance that you need to exploit the most sizzling stocks. The effective dealer is an expert and he is continually hoping to stay aware of the most recent strategies, to find out additional, and he pulls out all the stops as he continued looking for more information. However he realizes that it is the fundamental rules that are the most remarkable.  He centres around the use of these standards by picking up, getting the hang of, learning. He puts resources into learning, in any event, realizing that a portion of this may be squandered. He is continually searching for the most recent improvement, the mysteries of trading. The effective merchant bargains in real life. He decides. When he has enough to settle on a choice, he acts or not. In the financial exchange, it is activity that makes you cash.

Step 3

Question: How to open account to start investment in stock market?

Answer: There are many brokerage companies in India in which you can open your Demat and trading account. Please find the SEBI registered companies with use use of Google search engine. These days many companies are offering free accounting openings but be sure about the terms & conditions. Please ask from company employee regarding the AMC  i.e annual maintenance charges for your account. These days most of the companies are offering life time AMC but still ask to the company employee about the life time AMC for how many years ? Dont open many accounts just to take tips. Make up your mind, then decide only one company where you are happy to open your account.

The most important thing that you should ask for the brokerage charges for your trade.

Step 4

Question: With how much amount I should start Invest in the stock market ?

Answer: It is very important step. First ask from yourself that how much your pocket allow you to spend or investment into the stock market. I personally recommend that dont start with huge amount of money if you are new in the stock market.

Step 5

Question: In which company I should invest?

Answer: It is the question which is in the mind of every person. The  reply of this question is that if you have no knowledge about the fundamental or technical analysis the you should start your investment under the guidance of expert but also use you own mind. Do not blind trust on anyone in the stock market.

 Step 6 

Question: Which websites are the best  to get information about the companies in which you are going to invest ?

Answer: As per my experience and knowledge. The best websites are BSE, NSE & The economic times. You may check my blog page at the bottom of the page there is tag of Favorite websites.

Step 7

Question: Can I open my account with the bank in which I have Saving Account?

Answer: Yes you can open the account with same bank where you have saving account but the condition is that you have to ask the bank if such bank has this facility. Otherwise top Private and Govt. Banks have such facilities in India.

Disclaimer: The above steps are only for the beginners those want to come into the stock market and start investing or trading. Please check at your end too.


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