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what is minimum amount of money is required to start Investment in the Stock market ?

what is minimum amount of money is required to start Investment in the Stock market

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Today I have chosen one topic which is in the mind of every beginner who wants to start investment in the stock market.


  If we will check past data then we will find out that there was lack of awareness about the stock market in many people because there was not electronic medium for buying or selling the stocks I am talking about the 90's era. It came into the more focus when trading had started by internet then with the passage of the time mobile internet changed everything. Nowadays stock market has become the choice of youngsters. You can buy or sell stock with one click from your mobile with the use of mobile app. 

Common Strategy

Achievement in securities exchange exchanging requires discipline and the capacity to continually screen your portfolio, changing your situation in the market as vital. Openness to outer factors and changes inside the organizations in which you have contributed will impact your speculations and their presentation

Moreover, Note that for every one of the venture choices the measure of hazard changes with the sum contributed. The explanation is that bigger sums take into account more noteworthy broadening.  Putting implies facing extra challenge to get extra prize - pay. While an investment account conveys little danger of the record balance declining, the measure of pay got is really insufficient to stay aware of expansion. Over a time of years your record equilibrium will really be declining. Land will fundamentally stay aware of swelling, despite the fact that putting resources into the perfect business sectors at the perfect time can create returns above expansion. Leasing properties, particularly if the house is altogether paid for with the goal that the sum lost to expansion is adjusted by the ascent in the worth of the house and the rents got, less upkeep and assessments, is a decent method to get pay above swelling.

The trouble in contributing with limited quantities is that there isn't sufficient cash to purchase positions in a few organizations straight forwardly. To acquire generous broadening in singular stocks would require 60,000- 200,000. Thus, numerous individuals who have modest quantities to contribute purchase common assets - which are courses of action in which gatherings of financial backers, pool their funds together to purchase a gathering of stocks. Most shared asset organizations have least introductory interests in the 2000 to 6000. Some will likewise permit financial backers to contribute less gave that they join to robotized buy to such an extent that a fixed sum is contributed every month.

On the off chance that putting resources into common assets, those assets could be added straightforwardly to purchase more portions of the shared asset with every check since common assets ordinarily acknowledge more modest sums after the record least is met. Regardless of whether beginning with an unobtrusive sum, by routinely contributing and limiting exchanging to decrease exchange costs and assessments, one can fabricate a significant portfolio.

Minimum amount Requirement: 

First and foremost you need to set up the measure of capital that you need to exchange with to decide the sort shares that you will actually want to buy and their amounts.  At the point when you begin exchanging, it is significant that you can serenely deal with your speculations, it is along these lines suggested that you pick at least five stocks and not in excess of ten stocks to make up your portfolio.

In the stock market, there is not fixed amount is required to start an investment into the stock market but yes minimum one (1) share of the company is required to buy or sell & the amount will be depend on the stock price.

Here the question arise that why have we entered into the stock market? The answer is very simple i.e to earn money but you may face loss, its take an example. 


If a person invest only 1000rs for 1 year of point of view in the company having stock price is 10rs then total number of shares will be credit into his/her account  is 100 shares. if stock price will jump up the price level of 20rs in coming years then total profit he/she will be earned is 1000rs. If the same company stock price will come down to 2rs then that person will face 800rs loss.


If you are small investor and you are going to invest first time in the market then you have to check your bank balance i.e how much your bank saving is giving permission to you for making investment. For beginners 10% of saving amount is good to start investment into the stock market because it covers minimum risk.

Example:  If you have 1,0000rs into your saving bank account then you should start your investment with 10,000rs and start investing into the strong companies only.

Stock Purchase Plan

A few bosses offer their employees the opportunity to buy portions of organization stock through finance allowance. Organizations frequently establishment such designs to cultivate a possession culture among their labour force and to permit those devoted workers to take part in the achievement of the firm. Representatives can contribute just 1% of their compensation to the plans, making it a reasonable way for the lowest pay permitted by law employees to gather portions of stock.

Profit Reinvestment Programs

Profit reinvestment plans permit people to purchase portions of stock straight by contributing a set measure of cash each month or week. Those plans permit financial backers without a great deal of cash to partake in the securities exchange and amass portions of stock, all without paying a business commission. The lowest pay permitted by law employees can begin by reaching organizations whose stocks they need to purchase and inquiring as to whether those organizations support a profit reinvestment plan.

In nutshell,  The more money you invest, the more profit you will take. But always start with the amount in which you can bear a loss too. Every person come into the market for becoming rich but Rich people dont become millionaire in few days or months. It takes few years or some times many years but if business will not perform well then they may face loss. Always start with minimum amount, once understand the business then you may increase the principle amount of investment.

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