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How we can help poor people

How we can help poor people

Today we will discuss one different article on our website. It is not related to financial market. You can say that from our website, it request to all our website viewers that try to help poor people. In today article we will discuss that how we can help the poor people may be living beside your society, your city or anywhere. But it is advisable that never trust on anyone for donation. First analysis the situation of poor person then help from your own hands or at your own instead of trust on others.

From last more than 20 months,It is very tough time is going on due to corona virus. But one day world will come out of this pandemic of corona virus. I would like to make a one request to all of you that If you have earned or will earn  profit in near future from our website recommendations then please try to share some part of your profit into poor People, kids, Beggars live in your society, city or anywhere where you know. Try to offer them  food, clothes or some money. If you will visit to the hospitals then you will find out many poor patients, those are unable to take treatment due to insufficient funds, in this situation, ask hospital management if you could help them as per your donation capacity. 

Try to find out in your surrounding areas, many people are sleeping on roads. Just try to help them. Instead of give money for donation to anyone else try to help poor people at your own by this act you will get peace of mind.

How we can help poor people

Ask from yourself:

Before helping to poor people ask from yourself that you can help them whether with cloths, food, or money? There are many people we see on the road side having no good cloths for wearing, having no food. Help such people.

Donate them cloths:  If you cant donate new cloths then please donate then the cloths which you don’t use and having better condition for wearing it.

Always reserve some money for them: One thing we can do that is we can keep reserve some money from our monthly income to denote some money to poor people those really need it

For example, you may visit to the school and colleges and ask to the college or school management if there is any any student who require any kind of help to pay college fee or school fee & if such students required any study materials like books then try to help them with the support of school or college management.

Donate money in the marriage of poor people: Try to find out if there is any family who is unable to bear the expenses of marriage then you may ask them with polite words if they need help, otherwise there will be many organizations into your areas those are helping such people & you can ask such organizations if you may contribute.

Go to hospital & ask the management or staff if any patient need help:

There are many people those are unable to pay expenses of hospital services. This is best if you visit to the hospitals and ask th hospital if there is any patient admitted into their hospital who can not pay the bill of the hospital or bill of the medicines with the hospital staff guidance you may help such patients.

Food is a basic need: There is no any question on it that food is a basic need of every human. Even govt of any country is doing best on it but sometime we find there are many people those are unable to get benefit of govt policies.

We can help such people by offering them fresh food. Try to cook some extra in to your kitchen and serve that extra food into the poor people. Mind it always offer fresh food.

Contribute to community centres: There are many people having no shelter and such poor people live their lives on the side of the road whether it is rain outside or cold outside. I can understand that is it not easy to build a building for them. Therefore it is the best way to contribute to community centres those is helping such people.

Poor people might have been born poor but they have all rights to live their life i beautiful manner or way. If we all can live our lives in right way then we should help other people too.

Go to the sports club & ask if any player have talent but cannot afford services:  Helping the poor people by food & cloths is good but sometimes we all have heard from our friends or coaches that there is any player who can become good player in the future but he has no money to bear the expenses for such diet which player requires, we should also help such players who knows that your help may give best player to the country.

Hello labour class people: We all are living in big houses but have we asked this question from ourselves that who constructs our buildings? yes, the team lf the people in which all are doing their duties but in this team there are many labour class people those are getting very less wages even sometimes they are unable to survive in such wages but still they do hard work whether there is rain outside or cold outside. We should always such people by offering then right wages and if possible ask them for help if they need it.

Fund raising plan:  Try to set up one team into your colony those have interest to help poor people. It may be the best idea if all team members of that committee will do their work with honesty. Try to raise the fund from your colony for helping poor people. But mind it always raise money from those people who are willing to donate otherwise don’t force anyone for donation.  Donation is the only work which can be done if your heart or mind will allow you to do.

Donate from you profit: In you life if you earn profit from your business or from your job then try to spear some money from your profit, it will surely give you a peace of mind.

In nut shell, we all should come forward to help the poor people. We should take it as our moral responsibility. Your some donation of money, food, cloth  may give smile on the face of others.


 It is my personal view. My view may differ from other people views.


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