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Company offering and brief about the company:

 Aurionpro Solutions Ltd is busy with business corporate planning, savings, anticipation, risk management, web banking, management, and compliance. The organization works with information development and consultation management and marketing of hardware components including cyber security, planning and implementing network security and management systems; Digital Innovation, which sets out cycles to improve risk by eliminating the risk of execution, new risk, and time risk; Banking Industry Solutions, which offers different financial arrangements Sends support to the United States of America, Middle East, Singapore and various other locations. Data development and consultation management generates excess revenue for the organization.

 Organizations have worked hard to gain momentum in the Future Perfect Digital World run by Digital Consumer. A computer consumer has passed on your ability to advertise and manage them on a regular basis. How can you embrace the power of advanced understanding, wrap up the client, and face their computer future? How can you get your engagement and incorporate trust in your image when your client’s advanced vision passes from your firewalls to the cloud and portable?

 Aurionpro can help you increase revenue, increase credibility and improve your efficiency.

 In the finance category:

 Globalization is one of the driving forces behind the rise of exchange banks but this is also its basic test. The rise of new co-operative freedoms in co-operation and the use of borders is a result of globalization. Indeed, even in this context, exchange banks strive to keep pace with the rapid and radical changes in international and economic affairs rather than in the usual way.

 However, the standard financial model strives to stay abreast of the speed of the line transition that has grown as a result of established management and new stage design. From now on co-operation becomes a problem with land expansion. Given the situation, bank exchanges are a rising star in the financial business with steady returns in an unstable economy.

 Commercial exchanges need to make sure they have the right hand to help support their development. An innovative program that helps save money by segmenting custom stores, empowering them to deliver customized and customized items to multiple channels, through these lines that make corporate clients more effective.

 Industrial planning:

 In the industrial segment company has strong grip and offering the best services in this sector. Our Transactional Banking, Borrowing and Procurement Management solutions have contributed 60% efficiency and performance improvement. Influence Our Industrial Solutions Strengthen the cycles of your institutions and structures.

 In PSU sector:

 The Digital India program has begun to develop an outrage in the country. Aurionpro means assisting Government in its vision for designing and supporting Digital India. The Aurionpro turnkey arrangements combined with the size of the distribution and reflect internationally accepted procedures that allow government agencies to assist in the process of ensuring that the benefits of government programs reach the average person.

 Financial management planning:

 Advances in innovation and digitalization around the world have been transforming the financial management industry as of late. Revenue improvement and customer improvement alongside managing and accessing big data are major challenges for banks and financial institutions. Aurionpro is a global innovator in the space of new innovations and is faithfully placed among the top 100 providers of innovative financial management solutions around the world. We provide feedback to strengthen the steps and structures of the 'institution' as well as the effectiveness of some of the 'additional' sub-issues.

 Forex Management:

 The company is offering best services in the forex segment. Today the trading business and the uncommon banking business feel compelled to quickly adjust to meet the emerging customer ideas. Banks need to accelerate transaction time, improve understanding and provide the flexibility needed to deal with the growing number of FX trades. By overcoming any barrier between the bank and the bank, the banks can make cycles computerized in order to further develop the customer interface and thereafter identify new and productive customer segments. This enables management based on the value led by high-yielding channels while opening goods, making it a critical component of the entire industry and customer resilience. To solve these problems banks should seek continuous planning that empowers banks and their customers to see and plan FX standards on an ongoing basis in all areas.

 Board treatment:

 Banks can make a profit and produce high yields over a long period of time from many perspectives where flexible monetary policy can make money work more efficiently, so banks can reap the rewards in its own way. To meet the evolving needs of the customers and keep them in this critical market is the first test of the bank.

 Personal view on the stock with high risk and high profit point of view:

 All blog readers, today I will discuss one it sector stock. The Name of the company is Aurion Pro Solution.  Two Day Back, When I was trying to find out hidden gem stock then I came to know about these company fundamentals. The company has very strong fundamentals This Purely Digitization theme. Indian Govt. will focus more on this concept. Digitalization is the theme of coming years. if this company management will work strong on their products then this company may give very handsome returns to their share holders. It is hidden gem stock as per my research. The coming era is going to be of cloud computing and digital marketing, SEO. If any of my blog reader wants to take a risk then it is the stock with high risk and high returns in coming year. I have discussed little about the financials of the company. Please check into your own data base sources.


BSE Code is  532668, NSE Code is  AURIONPRO, Face Value of the company is  10, EPS of the company is  24rs, P/E ratio of the company is 4.98

Industry P/E is 18.7,Book Value of the company is  267, Debit on the company is  Reasonable

 Disclaimer: Please do your own research before making investment. My view may differ from others. The company profile data may have taken from company official website but the view on the stock is personal


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  1. Aurion Pro Solution @135rs , Rocking After Buy Call Given in my Blog.

  2. Aurion pro Solution @143rs, Today, 23-march-2017, This Stock is Again 8% Up .. Any New Investors or Trader can buy this Stock for good returns in coming Days


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