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Company profile:

 Technofab Engineering is a medium-sized electro-mechanical Engineering and Construction Company, operating in the electrical, industrial and infrastructure sectors by contracting flexible contracts involving Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) especially Balance of Plant (BOP) and related structures.

 Tasks taken fell into the corresponding textbooks

 Modern, Useable and Low Pressure Systems

 Fuel Fuel, silences, stores and manages systems

 Fire Detection System, Alarm and Security Systems

 Water Systems, Wastewater and Waste Care.


 Raw / Seawater Access Plans

 Plant Installation / Distribution and Distribution / Home Electricity

 Mechanical, Utility and Low Pressure Piping Systems in which our administrative dimensions include precise design, acquisition, creation, construction, testing and investigation, designation of worksheets alongside fully related / primary overland and underground roads, pipe racks and scaffolds. Fuel Fuel, Reduction, Storage and Handling Systems where our management level includes setting up, designing, manufacturing, work-based testing, store painting, transport pressure, stack operation, near-disposal collection, storage, crop removal, location making and assemble, build, ship and inspect. Fire Detection Systems, Alarms and Security Systems where our management level includes system, building structures, availability, purchase, construction, inspection and appointment of fire detection, awareness and insurance structures. Institutions cover hydrants, high-speed and rain-fed structures, gas extinguishing units, monitoring and control structures, etc. Compliance with TAC manuals and NFPA codes and hardware approval according to UL / FM / LPCB / VdS / TAC is guaranteed as required.

 Water, Wastewater and Recycling and Recycling Services where our Company attempts at Water and Liquid Management, Water Purification and Recycling Methods, Planting Waste Collection, treatment and re-use of wastewater and waste disposal. Plants are organized, supplied, developed, raised and selected in a rotating environment, meeting the appropriate standards for pollution control. Tanks where our level of management includes planning and design, acquisition, purchase, construction, testing, and authorization of bulk storage tanks on the Site Fabricated Bulk Storage Tank that removes oil and other liquids, for example, DM water, dehydration, etc. completely turnkey. Crude / Sea Water Intake Systems where our Company captures the framework for plant water infiltration and related crosscountry pipelines from water / sea to plant including related filtering station, standard operations, complete road storage ports. Plant Installation / Transmission and Distribution / Rural Installation where the masses include artistic planning and design, speculation and determination of acquisition, establishment, testing, designation of various electrical and control devices such as HT and LT switchgear, control boards, transformers, meters, installation cable and lighting next to common related functions. The Company’s operations outside India are reminiscent of a few sub-Saharan African countries such as Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Zambia. The organization is ready to enter as many countries in Africa as in the South Asian region. In FY 2011, about 21% of the organisation's revenue came from overseas operations.

   Company profile and story of investment:

 The company management includes avinash c gupta - chairman & managing director, arjun gupta - whole time director, nakul gupta - whole time director, pawan chopra - ind. non-executive director, v s mathur - ind. non-executive director, arun mitter - ind. non-executive director.

 company has very strong management  , who able to perform well even in bad time of economy of india , specially in engineering sector , now indian economy is expecting on right path after election , it does not matter which govt. will come in india , who will be the prime minister of india, narendra modi  / rahul gandhi . but all will do best for this sector when they will come in the power . it is best time to buy this sector companies having strong fundamentals and companies having good track record in front of dividend, profit , order book ,  business model . 

Name of the company:  technofab engineering ltd 

 Current market price is 82rs & in Nse 82.90rs  closing price 

 Bse code    533216 

 Nse code  technofab

 52 weeks high 129.00 / 124.55

52 weeks low   59


 Face value of the company is 10 

 Market cap of the company is 86.02

 P/E ratio is 4.68

 Book value of the company is 193.09

 Dividend is  20.00%

 Total assets of the company is  217.38

 Total debt is  44.30

 Industry p/e is 11.90

 eps is  17.53

 p/c 3.92

 Price/book 0.42

 Div yield.(%)2.44%


Disclaimer:  please do your own research before making investment. My view may differ from others. The data of the company profile may have collected from the company website but the view on the stock is personal.

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