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Accumulate Ifb Industries ltd, value buy


Company profile:

 IFB Industries Ltd is a company in India that specializes in the business of fine furniture and household appliances. The functional categories of this group are Engineering, Home Appliances division and others. It receives most of the revenue from the Home Affairs Unit which includes products such as washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, chimneys, refrigerators, modular kitchens, built-in ovens and built-in hobs . Geographically, the group has a business presence in India and other countries, most of which is made within India.

 Personal view:

From the company Good returns expected in coming months . it is an  investment call. this MNC may give very returns in coming years. the IFB industry products like washing machine, microwave, Ac, fridge etc will be more in demand. Indian economy is more depend on consumption theory. IFB industry products are the requirement of the daily routine. 

The income of rural area people will increase, the demand of the products will also increase. The price competition is also into the market in this race MNC companies may offer good product at competitive prices.

Festival session also please vital role in the sale of the company . the demand of its products will also increase. The company use high technology for manufacturing its products. I feel that this company may give multiple returns in coming years. if someone is playing onto India consumption theory then it is the best  stock to keep into the portfolio.

The fundamental of this company is also strong, only company in washing machine segment who is leading. The company brand value in the market is very high. The company brand name is also into the mind of the customer. This is also a rural consumption theme. The company products are in the approach of everyone. If I will talk about the company financials then company is in good on its balance sheet. The awareness about the company product in the coming years will be more in the market. In Indian growth story consumer durable products play vital role. As per my view company is trading at lowest valuations and it may give multiple returns in coming years. One should keep stock into its portfolio for long term point of view. 

The demand for the product of the company will increase. The growth story of the India is good. Especially in consumption sector. Due to the modernization in India will give better opportunities to companies in their expansion plans. The govt has also focus on modernization of the villages  and more focus on the increasing the income  of of people those are living in rural areas by offering them source of income. If the rural income will increase then demand from the rural as well as urban areas will be increased. The electronic consumer durable retail sector will be more in focus in India for coming many years. There is no any question that the competition in the market will increase. In such scenario, The Company having strong products   portfolio and strong management will win the race. Because the strong management know how to set brand positioning of their products into the mind of the customers.

Accumulate IFB industries ltd @60.50rs (closing price)

BSE code- 505726

Targets 65rs , 68rs ,72rs , 75rs  80rs+

Disclaimer: Do your own research before investment. I am holding few shares of this company. The company profile data is sourced from Internet. View is personal.



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  2. IFB INDUSTRY @72RS ( 5-NOV-2013 , TIME = 9:35AM

  3. IFB INDUSTRY @79RS ( 12 DEC- 2013) DAY HIGH

  4. All Targets hv meet . Still Expecting Good Upside in This Cunter


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