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Nifty and Sensex Target Post Lok Sabha Elections 2024

 Will Indian Stock Market Witness Major Decline Post Lok Sabha Elections 2024?

Indian stock has been making new life highs. There is a debate in between many Indian stock market analysts that Indian stock market is overvalued at this time but if we will see the reports of many Domestic as well as international financial brokers then both sides are still bullish on Indian stock market. There are many factors those are giving them confidence for staying bullish on Indian stock market even after such a big bull run in the past 4 years after March 2020. The major factor like Lok sabh elections 2024 will play important role in the next bull run of the Indian stock market. Many Analysts think that Indian stock market has already assumed BJP Party win in the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 but many Analysts think that Impact of Lok Sabha Elections result yet to come in the Indian stock market.

In this Article we will give our website “Multibagger stock Ideas” clear cut view
 on the Indian stock market next move.

Can Sensex reach 80,000 levels before Lok sabha Elections 2024?

Indian stock market is expecting big win from the Modi Government in the Lok Sabha elections 2024 but Can BJP Party meet Indian stock market expectations? The Answer of this question is “It may be possible but not 100% sure”.  As per Our Analysis, Indian stock market investors and traders have been expecting unbelievable win from BJP Government which looks bit tough in the current scenario because in the Opposition Congress party is ready to give good competition by doing alliance with different local parties of many states because Congress party have lose its Vote bank since BJP Party came into the Power.  We can say that 80,000 level in the Sensex is not impossible but expectations are very higher. If Stock market investor’s sentiments hit by any mean then we may see big fall in the Indian stock market after Lok Sabha Election 2024.

Can we see Big Fall in the Indian stock Market after Lok Sabha Elections 2024?

We may see big fall in the Indian stock market after the results of lok Sabha Elections 2024 because If Modi Government could not reach to the mark of 350 to 370 seats then this result can disappoint the Stock market investors. As per Our expectations 290 to 320 seats BJP Party can win in this Lok Sabha elections of 2024 but anything less than this Data will be the big disappointment for the Indian stock market as well as world stocks markets too. In this scenario, we may see 20% to 30% falls in the Nifty and Sensex after Elections results.

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What will be the Targets of Nifty If BJP Party Win the lok Sabha Elections?

If Modi government wins Lok Sabha elections as per their expectations of 350 seats then we will see another upmove in the stock market but that can be limited on upper side. We may see Nifty to reach 23,000 to 23,200 levels in the year 2024 if everything goes in the favor of BJP Government in the lections

What if BJP Government could not Win 350 seats in the Lok sabha Elections 2024?

If BJP Government could not achieve 350 seats in the Lok Sabha elections then we can see Moderate fall in the Indian stock market which can drag Nifty up to 20,000 levels or max 19,000 levels. On the other hand, If BJP Party could win seats above 290 or 320 then we may see big fall into the Indian stock market which can drag Nifty upto 17000 to 16,000 mark.

"The Uncertainty Ahead: Potential Impact of Lok Sabha Elections 2024 on Indian Stock Market"

Upside Target of Sensex and Nifty in 2024:

Sensex Target for 2024

78,000 to 80,500

Nifty Target for 2024

23,000 to 23,200 or 24,000 Max

Downside Target of Sensex & Nifty in 2024:

Nifty Downside Target

19,000 to 18,000 or Max downside in worst scenario 17,000 to 16,000

Sensex Downside Target

62,000 to 60,000 or in the worst scanerio we may see downside in the Sensex upto 55,000 to 52,000

In Conclusion, We can say that Chances of Downside are bit higher than upside. As per our analysis, Indian stock market is trading at higher valuations and any negative news will drag the Nifty toward lower levels. We can also say that Indian stock market have been searching any reason of Big Profit booking since few weeks but that trigger can we the Indian Lok Sabha Election results 2024.

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